Venezuelan Supreme Court Torched as Jailed Opposition Leader Urges Coup

by Lucas Koerner, from Venezuelan Analysis

Venezuela’s Housing Ministry and Supreme Court executive office were attacked Monday as jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez called on the country’s armed forces to “rebel” against the Maduro government.

Opposition leaders rallied their supporters to once again take to the streets in nationwide marches on Supreme Court offices, which ended in renewed violence.

The focus of the unrest was the wealthy eastern Caracas municipality of Chacao, where over 150 masked militants besieged Venezuela’s Housing Ministry with Molotov cocktails and blunt objects.

Opposition supporters destroyed the front gate and reportedly caused damage to the public attention offices in the first two levels of the building, leading the ministry’s employees to flee to higher floors. Ultimately 973 workers were evacuated from the building by firefighters, including 45 children from the ministry’s nursery. Twenty-five children received medical attention, Justice Minister Nestor Reverol has indicated.

According to Minister Manuel Quevedo, the attack is the 15th instance of opposition violence against Housing Ministry facilities nationwide, which have been frequently targeted for their role in building 1.6 million affordable homes for Venezuela’s poor.

The Supreme Court’s Executive Magistracy (DEM) in Chacao was also attacked for the fourth time in 70 days on Monday, leading to the evacuation of the office’s 2500 workers.

Hundreds of opposition supporters surrounded the building, which they proceeded to set on fire with Molotovs and homemade explosive devices in an act photographed by international journalists. Protesters broke into the high court office and carried out pieces of furniture that they subsequently burnt in the streets…

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3 Responses

  1. The terrorist attack on the housing ministry was irresponsible and cowardly. Once they saw that the premises were on fire and inside were children, the opponents (mostly young hooded delinquents) fled. This news was not given in Europe. You can see why. Meanwhile, the Bolivarian National Guard has arrested many of these delinquents who confess to practicing terrorism in favor of money and food by opposition leaders such as Julio Borges, Maria Corina Machado and Freddy Guevara.

  2. Just like in the other regime change targets, these ‘opposing democrats” are terrorists, plain and simple. Washington, London, Riyadh and Jerusalem would definitely NOT tolerate it if similar tactics were used for attacks against their authorities. The Saudi police would order their heads chopped off the following day, in particular. If Wes Craven directed a “Venezuelan Opposition Versus Israeli Defense Force” movie, the former would probably be on the losing end of the battle, too. But what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander, right? If you aren’t part of their club, then they allow you no right to defend yourself.

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