Neoliberal Corporate Dems Defend Trump from Their Own Impeachment Bill

by Scott Creighton

The corporate Democrats are not “progressive”, they are not “leftist”, they are not “liberal”

The unDemocratic Party was hijacked long ago by a guy named William Jefferson Clinton who was a Republican at heart who pretended to be liberal so he could collude with the right to take over the opposition party and “move it further to the right” time and time again.

THAT is why the unDemocratic Party would rather lose with Hillary Clinton in 2016 than win with Bernie Sanders. Because in the end, they will still continue to move the country further and further to the right of Reagan by attacking to social safety net and imposing brutal austerity and other domestic neoliberal economic ideologies.

The Dem rage against all things Trump isn’t real. They aren’t raging against his neoliberal executive orders. They are raging against a fictitious Russian “hacking and collusion” narrative that serves as cover for the regressive economic and social changes taking place, kind of like when the economic brick was dropped on the people of Chile by the Chicago Boys back in 1973.

That’s why they all voted for his cabinet picks. That’s why they have staged no real opposition efforts to his agenda, which is moving along at a good pace by accounts.

Trump serves a purpose. He may not be serving all of the interests of the masters of the universe overseas and thus, there is a real conflict between his administration and the Deep State, but removing him from office at this early stage while he is provided a form of “left cover” from the right, would be unacceptable to many elites with a vested interest in letting him make his progress with his regressive agenda.

So when Brad Sherman came along day before yesterday with his grandstanding “Impeach Trump” bill, the leaders of the corporate left had to yank on his leash a little to yank him back into line.

Donald Trump is actually the second best thing that could have happened to the corporate Dems back in November and they certainly don’t want to screw that up. I mean, think about it. If Mike Pence was doing all of this, liberals might start focusing on his neoliberal economic agenda instead of Russia Russia Russia… and then what?

“Democrats in Congress almost always unite when it comes to opposing President Donald Trump, but strategy sessions are reportedly blowing up over California Representative Brad Sherman’s controversial plan to bring articles of impeachment.

During a weekly meeting of House Democrats, many of Sherman’s colleagues protested his decision, according to The Hill. Sherman’s articles of impeachment were circulated through the House of Representatives on Monday.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) urged her party to steer their energy toward issues such as the economy. Others took issue with other possible consequences of focusing on impeachment.

Representative Michael Capuano (D-Massachusetts) argued that there had to be “a discussion within the caucus, in a public forum, before we do something that would position our colleagues or our future colleagues.”

Capuano went on to say that “emotions are high,” referring to the recent controversy with Comey’s high-profile testimony before members of congress.

Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) went even further in his objection to Sherman’s impeachment plans.” RT

The grounds for the impeachment deal exclusively with the bunk I debunked yesterday: basically Trump firing Comey to derail the investigation into Russia “hacking” of the election and Trump campaign officials “colluding” with the enemy of our “democracy”

In short, it’s completely bogus.

But that’s not why the unDemocratic Party leaders poo-pooed the idea right off the bat. They did that because the Trump administration is doing what they need him to do… moving the country, at least in terms of domestic economic ideology, further and further to the right of Reagan… right where the Clintons and the corporate Dems want it to go.

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5 Responses

  1. If they can impeach bill clinton and make richard nixon resign, they can impeach donald trump.

  2. In response to Insanity123: Well, actually they didn’t impeach Bill Clinton. That effort failed. But Nixon resigned before he was actually impeached. And Nixon’s domestic economic policies were actually to the left of what we have today. I think, this was Scott’s point, if I’m not mistaken.

    • To be accurate, Clinton was impeached as was Andrew Jackson, if I am not mistaken. The House passed a resolution of impeachment in late 1998. The Senate then held hearings to convict and remove the president from office based on the charges from the House’s impeachment proceedings. They needed a super majority to remove him from office and they fell short of that mark so he remained in office through the duration of his second term. And you are correct about Nixon. But, to be factual, Clinton was only the second president to be impeached, the other… has often been compared to Trump in terms of his populist appeal…

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