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  1. Bernie bro dead…?

    Unlikely; Gladios don’t usually eat their own… he’ll probably be on a beach in Costa Rica slurping a mai tai by this weekend…

    • the shooter will be. was he actually the shooter in this event or was he picked to serve as the patsy and picked up earlier and offed later while the real shooter was in the ambulance? it could be either.

  2. No Russian wife? Bummer. Perhaps they’ll find ACLU, BLM, or IS pamphlets in his hotel room?

    Almost like zee deep state is encouraging the Brownshorts to get fired up enough for a Krystalnacht style event…

  3. Looking at the photo of the implausible perp it’s impossible to believe they could not neutralize such a poor shot and bring him to “justice” alive. Impossible to believe they had to ace him …
    FF … FF … FF

  4. I totally agree with the opinion of this video.

  5. Bernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s relationships with the powers-that-be have more twists than a crime thriller. Their followers ae showcased as threats to social order by some parts of the establishment, yet they themselves cozy up to their buddies in the government or big business, and help with particular agendas. First unwanted competition against the anointed queen, now more acceptable faces for the mainstream political press (as long as they say and do the right things).

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