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  1. Let’s make it a drinking game… Every time they mention that the assailant was 66...

  2. I get really upset when my Redlegs don’t win but seldom do I put my weapon on full auto to express my displeasure…taking it off safety is usually sufficient for them to get the message from this fanatic…

    too soon…?

  3. really strange that so many people were taking videos of ball game area and yet no one seems to have taken a video of the shooter.

  4. Odd that there weren’t more casualties. From 3rd base it would be tough to miss targets around the infield and dugouts. Particularly when they’re fenced in like lil Randy apparently was. Guessing this guy either wasn’t well-trained like the Dallas team we saw last year, or wasn’t interested in doing much damage.

  5. How is it possible for someone with an AR-15 to get that close to congress people no matter where they are gathered? I’m amazed at the money they’ve confiscated from us to provide “security” and they can’t even provide security for congress people? Makes absolutely no sense to me.

    As usual, I don’t believe a word of the official story. There’s always an agenda behind these things, and it’s not likely to be another “lone wolf” type thing.

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