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Neoliberal Corporate Dems Defend Trump from Their Own Impeachment Bill

by Scott Creighton

The corporate Democrats are not “progressive”, they are not “leftist”, they are not “liberal”

The unDemocratic Party was hijacked long ago by a guy named William Jefferson Clinton who was a Republican at heart who pretended to be liberal so he could collude with the right to take over the opposition party and “move it further to the right” time and time again.

THAT is why the unDemocratic Party would rather lose with Hillary Clinton in 2016 than win with Bernie Sanders. Because in the end, they will still continue to move the country further and further to the right of Reagan by attacking to social safety net and imposing brutal austerity and other domestic neoliberal economic ideologies.

The Dem rage against all things Trump isn’t real. They aren’t raging against his neoliberal executive orders. They are raging against a fictitious Russian “hacking and collusion” narrative that serves as cover for the regressive economic and social changes taking place, kind of like when the economic brick was dropped on the people of Chile by the Chicago Boys back in 1973.

That’s why they all voted for his cabinet picks. That’s why they have staged no real opposition efforts to his agenda, which is moving along at a good pace by accounts.

Trump serves a purpose. He may not be serving all of the interests of the masters of the universe overseas and thus, there is a real conflict between his administration and the Deep State, but removing him from office at this early stage while he is provided a form of “left cover” from the right, would be unacceptable to many elites with a vested interest in letting him make his progress with his regressive agenda.

So when Brad Sherman came along day before yesterday with his grandstanding “Impeach Trump” bill, the leaders of the corporate left had to yank on his leash a little to yank him back into line.

Donald Trump is actually the second best thing that could have happened to the corporate Dems back in November and they certainly don’t want to screw that up. I mean, think about it. If Mike Pence was doing all of this, liberals might start focusing on his neoliberal economic agenda instead of Russia Russia Russia… and then what?

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Putin, Ukraine and What Americans Know

by Robert Parry, Consortium News

A prime example of how today’s mainstream media paradigm works in the U.S. is the case of Ukraine, where Americans have been shielded from evidence that the 2014 ouster of democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych was a U.S.-supported coup d’etat spearheaded by violent neo-Nazi extremists.

As The New York Times has instructed us, there was no coup in Ukraine; there was no U.S. interference; and there weren’t even that many neo-Nazis. And, the ensuing civil conflict wasn’t a resistance among Yanukovych’s supporters to his illegal ouster; no, it was “Russian aggression” or a “Russian invasion.”

If you deviate from this groupthink – if you point out how U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland talked about the U.S. spending $5 billion on Ukraine; if you mention her pre-coup intercepted phone call with U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt discussing who the new leaders would be and how “to glue” or how “to “midwife this thing”; if you note how Nuland and Sen. John McCain urged on the violent anti-Yanukovych protesters; if you recognize that snipers firing from far-right-controlled buildings killed both police and protesters to provoke the climactic ouster of Yanukovych; and if you think all that indeed looks like a coup – you obviously are the victim of “Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

But most Americans probably haven’t heard any of that evidence revealing a coup, thanks to the mainstream U.S. media, which has essentially banned those deviant facts from the public discourse. If they are mentioned at all, they are lumped together with “fake news” amid the reassuring hope that soon there will be algorithms to purge such troublesome information from the Internet.

So, if Americans tune in to Part Three of Oliver Stone’s “The Putin Interviews” on “Showtime” and hear Russian President Vladimir Putin explain his perspective on the Ukraine crisis, they may become alarmed that Putin, leader of a nuclear-armed country, is delusional…

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