Anti-Sharia Law Protests – What’s it all about? (AE video)

by Scott Creighton

Yep. Another American Everyman video. This one focuses on this past weekend’s anti-Sharia Law “protests”.

I figured out a new way to do videos which doesn’t involve you guys staring at me for 20 minutes while I read or rant about this subject or that one. Eventually I will become skilled enough at the editing process to be able to insert brief shots of myself talking about the topic while sharing what I have researched with the screen capture program I’m now using. But for right now, this is how I am going to be processing my videos and I will be doing them probably more than you care to watch.

It’s been a while since I have done a video. I hope you like it.

15 Responses

  1. It’s about filling American minds with BS, lies and propaganda so we’ll be turned into carbon-clones of Israel, seething with hatred for the Muslim world and go on killing and destroying Israel’s ‘existential’ enemies for the glory of Eretz Israel, while our nation’s infrastructure falls apart because we get told there’s no money for silly things like that.

  2. I like it…………….. so people who now have social security and or pensions are socialists … and they are saying we are evil?
    they are crazy.

    • it’s so screwy anymore. the right has been trying to confuse their audience & convince people that nazis were leftists — because they were “national SOCIALISTS” after all — never mind the difference between labels & substance.

      it seems many on the right can’t conceive of their side being extreme in any way & simply want to identify all previous dictatorships, etc, as having come from the left.

      • you notice, that’s who they always talk about. Mao, Chavez, Stalin… THAT”S what they talk about when they list dictators in the past. Never The Shah, Pinochet, Suharto…

  3. Nicely done. I particularly enjoy your Bob Ross-style, southern gentleman accent.

    I’m curious how many people are actually buying into this street theatre stuff? Questionable grammar/syntax aside, the interviewees’ are laughably bad. They might as well be handing out Fair Play for Cuba Committee and JBS flyers. I would think even some Priszn planut subscribers would see it as staged?

    Makes me wonder if whoever is paying these guys per diem is seriously overestimating their propaganda effectiveness. So, what if they threw a big destabilization party and nobody came?

  4. Sharia Law has NOTHING to do with genital mutilation. That is a cultural practice and there is NO mention of that in Islamic text. It is fine to protest a harmful cultural practice, that ain’t going on here. And we all know idiots are useful for darker, hidden-hand purposes. Thus the term, “useful idiot”. This is nothing more than the stirring up of emotions so we can all be divided and conquered.

    • I agree 100%

    • It’s very easy and convenient for the human mind to stereotype groups of people. We haven’t evolved to the point where we can define a healthy sense of identity without negating, discriminating and fighting others. “This demographic is bad. I am not that demographic, so it makes me a good person. I must protect myself from those bad ones who are different from me. If you say otherwise, you are against MY identity.”
      Gearoid O’Colmain, the Welsh journo I mentioned in a previous comment, although I like much of his work, he occasionally slips in his rationality and burst into ugly, pernicious yet childish anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual tirades through his editorials. I could only find the first one:
      Pat Buchanan has published real pieces of work on blacks, and the Saker has done the same with Roman Catholics (the Orthodox Church seems to attract the most militant and intolerant people in Christianity- just my observation).

    • “This is nothing more than the stirring up of emotions so we can all be divided and conquered.”

      Which of course is the whole point/objective of the Trump regime. It’s a shame the sheeple never catch on …

  5. Muslims have already taken over the USA! Just look at how many are on the FED. And the US Treasury. And how the Congress bends over and supplies the Muslim world with weapons and free money anytime the ask!

    And just look at all those Muzzies from Goldman Sachs that are now in the Trump administration and how many own those Too Big to Fail Wall Street banks!

    Yes, before long, we’ll hear the call to prayer blasting from their synagogues, Oops, I mean mosques.

    Let’s not forget that Muslim messaging service that got forewarned on 9/11 to get the Hell out of the WTC!

  6. You beat me to the economic dimension. Kudos.

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