Will the “Herding People Like Sheep” Summit and Other Projects Halt the unDemocratic Party Exodus?

by Scott Creighton

Hillary Clinton! Let my people go, you soulless neocon bitch!” not Bernie Sanders

The “Justice Dems“, the establishment-backed “People’s Summit” (featuring Bernie Sanders), the “Draft Bernie for a People’s Party” movement, the “DNC Unity Tour” (featuring Bernie Sanders), “Our Revolution” (featuring the ghost of the Bernie Sanders “movement”)… they are all astro-turfed controlled-opposition efforts to do the same thing: provide Pharaoh the gimmick she needs to keep the slaves from flooding out the gates of Rome, parting the Red Sea of Forbidden Knowledge and resettling in the Promised Land where their representatives care about their wishes… and respect the real results of primary elections.

In the Promised Land, the Party doesn’t CORONATE a career criminal, war-mongering neocon as their candidate because it’s “her turn” and demand their follows swear a loyalty pledge as a campaign slogan (“I’M WITH HER!”)

In the Promised Land, the Party doesn’t DEPEND ON on using an aging front-man who’s already proven himself to be a duplicitous back-stabbing sheep-herder who stands with Israel, hates BDS (calls it “antisemitism“), regurgitates every regime change lie about elected leaders in other countries, hugs Tom Perez, backs Chuck Schumer and basically pissed on the millions of idealists who gave him a quarter of a billion dollars to win the nomination and the Presidency of the United States of America when after having the nomination stolen from him, refused to run with Jill Stein and the Green Party and instead started campaigning for Killary Clinton.

In the Promised Land, the Party doesn’t NEED to wrap themselves in the warm cozy cognitive dissidence that says “Russia stole the election from Hillary!” as they hold 2017 versions of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee hearings in congress.

The unDemocratic Party (still run by Pharaoh from behind the scenes) is desperate to keep the slaves on the plantation. They are throwing TONS of money at all of these sheep-herding operations in hopes that they can remain the most successful means by which the establishment keeps people with populist ideologies from actually having any effect in the political process of America and screwing Big Business out of Big Profits with poisonous ideas like 1. real universal healthcare 2. free education 3. ending endless wars of aggression 4. mandated living wages for workers 5. protecting Social Security and other safety net programs from privatization 6. strengthening unions and providing safer work environments 7. keeping Big Business from trashing the environment for fun and profit 8. re-regulating Big Banking and keeping them from crashing the economy for fun and profit… you know, that kind of crazy, commie, unAmerican stuff.

The Exodus is real. As the great philosopher and theologian Kurt Angle would have said… it’s DAMN real.

According to a recent Suffolk poll, the unDemocratic Party polls lower than Mike Pence, The Duke of Orange, the whole of the GOP AND EVEN… the horrible corporate media which everybody hates.

The unDems only beat Pharaoh herself and congress, which is pretty much… them.

Check out this Washington Post/ABC poll from April 20th 2017 which shows if the election were to be held then, among voters who participated in the 2016 election, 43% would vote for Trump while only 40% for Hillary. And that was taken after months and months of accusing him of being evil Putin’s hand-puppet.

With numbers like that is it any wonder the establishment has pumped so much money and ink into these sheep-herding projects? And is it any wonder, with the current exception of one of them, they ALL feature the sellout Bernie Sanders?

Why? Because Bernie Sanders is still the only candidate they have to offer who hasn’t yet been tainted with the stink of corruption. He is the last Great White Hope of the party’s sinking ship and all the rats are clinging to the man like fleas on a homeless guy living under a bridge.

Like that Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter who pretended to be nurse and sold congress a string of lies about “incubator babies” being tossed on the floor to sell the first Iraqi invasion under Bush the First, Bernie Sanders has become the go-to lying spokesperson to save the shambles of the unDemocratic Party. Like an aging worn-out whore, Bernie travels the conference tour telling anyone with a buck and a dream he loves them as he services the monied elite operating as his pimps.

Could you imagine the unDemocratic Party’s poll numbers if they didn’t have the fake socialist shepherd shamelessly prostituting himself across the country? They would be gone already and the New McCarthyism they are peddling would be gone with em.

Progressive thinking young people in this country need to stop lying to themselves. For the most part, they already know the truth about the unDemocratic Party and the gaggle of controlled opposition groups listed above. They know they’re being herded back under the Big Tent by all the sellouts looking to cash in on this cottage industry going on right now.

And they know Bernie is the flavor of day when it comes to breathing life back into the corpse of the corporate dem party.

Sure, Bernie went to the mountain and heard “I AM THAT I AM” booming from the lords of the Chamber of Commerce who chose Hillary to be Pharaoh last year. He heard and he obeyed just as he serves them to this very day.

But he is not leading you out of bondage boys and girls as his version of the parting of the Red Sea involves invoking the ghost of Joseph McCarthy on behalf of another Scoop Jackson democrat and all those military industrial complex contractors who can’t wait for a new Cold War.

He is no Moses. He’s no messiah.

Bernie is nothing more than a salesman, a pitchman who just happens to be polling favorably with the public and the establishment’s online focus groups like Think Progress and the Daily Kos.

Few are telling the truth about this. The Sane Progressive, Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report and maybe me. There’s not much more.

In the end, you don’t need Moses, a mountain, the word of God whispering in your ear some commandments and orders to lead your people out of bondage. It’s all a dog and pony show to keep progressive thinking people from listening to that little voice in their backs of their heads saying “this smells like shit and it probably is shit so don’t buy into it”

This bondage is a choice. Many have apparently already headed for the hills and many more are to follow in the days and weeks to come. You can part your own Red Sea by cutting through the fog of blissful ignorance and facing your fear. If you want to.

Bernie ain’t no Moses and you don’t need one anyway. Not anymore. Those days are finished. A thing of our inglorious past.

We don’t need to cling to the robes of charlatans to lead us to the Promised Land. And perhaps making us think we do is the most pernicious agenda these astro-turf programs serve. Tell them all to go to hell.

Bernie ain’t no Moses. He’s the golden calf secretly offered up by Pharaoh as your new god but he is an apostasy to what you believe, to God’s word whispered to you on your own mountain every day.

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11 Responses

  1. woW ! There’s nutthin like the Everyman morning Slap-in-the-face!
    Every sentence is write-ON !

  2. Bet the June sunset on Lake Champlain looks swell from the porch of that lake front cottage he earned last year sheepdoggin’. He’s a bit of a fool not to just retire and enjoy the view. But … Woof! Woof!

    • hey, there’s money in dem dare hills apparently. Sides, the feds opened up an FBI investigation into his wife back before the end of the primary right? I wonder if that’s still hanging over his head.

  3. Powerful words, Scott!

  4. Scott- I do hate to be off topic, but, you just gotta know Iran has named the PKK affiliated Iranian Kurds as the terrorists in Tehran


    I’m not surprised because I predicted this- have a read, please
    KurdIShIS can be denied no more

  5. […] via Will the “Herding People Like Sheep” Summit and Other Projects Halt the unDemocratic Party Exodu… […]

  6. I’d argue that people DO need leaders. Why do you think George Washington, Charles de Gaulle or Benito Juarez are held in such high regard, no matter their flaws?
    Very few are highly educated or experienced in political affairs. Not someone infallible, but someone who generally gets the job done. To say otherwise is to fall into the same trap as who would call the likes of Gaddhafi “tyrants!” Much of the alt-media is also prone to corruption, or ignorance, prejudice and extremism- e.g. “The Greanville Post” shamelessly, nakedly guilt-tripping its readers into vegetarianism with that infographic of the pig, or “Soul of the East” and Jay Dyer talking smack about anyone who isn’t a Russian Orthodox Christian with rigid conservative beliefs.

  7. The thing is the information is out there about bernie and all people really have to do is use a thing called google. That’s it. It amazes me really. Sometimes I think people get what they ask for.

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