Is Theresa May actually TRYING TO LOSE this election? Is something “weird” going on? (May 22, 2017)

by Alex McNamara, Evolve Politics

… millions of us are simply gobsmacked by the Tory manifesto. Even some Tories. It’s just so callous and so persecuting of the lesser fortunate, so shamelessly playing for the benefits of the upper classes and elites, it really does beggar beliefeven by typical Conservative standards. They’ve also become UKIP, making Cameron and Osborne seem like liberal freedom fighters of yesteryear.

The disabled, unemployed, doctors and nurses, teachers etc, they’ve all already been shafted, but in the past few days/weeks alone, May has deliberately targeted:

  • pensioners, their triple-lock pensions and fuel allowance,
  • anyone requiring nursing/social care who owns a home, forcing them to pay equity to the government (instead of passing on to next of kin),
  • increases to income tax and/or VAT,
  • increases to interest rates on student loans,
  • refusal to increase the minimum wage,
  • reductions to corporation tax,
  • cuts to the NHS (won’t rule out privatisation),
  • no guarantee of rights for EU citizens living in the UK,
  • fines for employers who do employ foreign nationals,
  • reneged promises regarding the Levenson Enquiry, dropping all proposed restrictions on the Murdoch/Rothermere/Barclay tabloid press,
  • an entirely volunteered repeat-vote on fox-hunting, openly supporting the hugely unpopular blood-sport,
  • effectively re-legalising the immoral ivory trade for wealthy British antique dealers,
  • refusing another referendum for either Scotland or the Brexit deal,
  • refusal to debate publicly with the leader of the opposition, to speak openly with the press (locking them in cupboards, and staging her own publicity),
  • restrictions to what British citizens can see on the internet, introducing North Korea-style censorship and state propaganda,
  • gloating she would “absolutely” initiate a first-strike nuclear attack,
  • sweeping all Tory campaign ‘mis-spending’ under the carpet, on account of recent legal vindication (ignoring there was nonetheless gross and unresolved over-spending).

Probably a whole load more I’ve forgotten too. ‘Policies’ more at home in a Dickensian novel or dictator handbook than 21st century Britain.

It’s just hideous. And it begs the question – who could possibly vote for this??

Meanwhile, we’ve got Boris on the loose, humiliating us all over the world like a complete and utter f**k-nugget. Some are saying, it’s actually like the Conservatives want to lose this election

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14 Responses

  1. Something dodgy is going on if you ask me… making sure brexit doesn’t happen

  2. My friend tells me that it is because they want to destroy all other political parties so that Labour/Tory can continue to govern the country just taking it in turns.

  3. But it sounds much like the US Republican party. The Overton window has clearly moved right in the West since at least the 1970s.

    • That time-frame not-so-coincidentaly matches the writing and dissemination of the notorious Powell Memo – a true declaration of class war against the uppity workers, peaceniks, enviros, etc. Until this key bit of US history is known and understood, much will never make much sense. It is the soil from which ALEC and the Koch organizations arose.

  4. Yep, something going on alright. It’s probably been orchestrated this way from last year, May’s so-called-advisors (who no one really knows, they are not MPs and they are not elected. But one of them works for SKY news) have quit now, under duress to leave. These people ‘persuaded’ May to hold the election, make it all about her, not mention the word ‘conservative’ much etc. All manipulation. Probably wanting to destablize the UK from its core and stop Brexit etc….Something definitely going on.

    • Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy. Hill was kicked out of government that last time she served May and then went to work for a neoliberal lobbyist firm. Nick I know less about other than the fact that he and another advisor wrote the Conservative’s manifesto which was CLEARLY designed to LOSE their older supporters and motivate the young people, working class etc, to get out and vote in large numbers against it. Yeah, they were canned but you can bet your bottom dollar they are both going to be richly rewarded for doing their part to set this new referendum in motion.

  5. I suspect it was hubris and an overconfident reading of the polling. May and her advisors saw an opportunity to crush Labour for good.
    The Tories do tend to believe their own rhetoric in that they think their economic message is logical and unassailable. Not least because much of the PLP has been agreeing with them.
    They just do even when it clearly isn’t.
    Corbyn showed them all up for the disconnected fools that they are.
    socialism ain’t dead by a long shot.

  6. Alex McNamara started out good, but he descended into condescension towards Brexiters, plus the demonization of them.
    Britain cannot promulgate long-lasting socialprograms as long as the Troika, the bankers and multi-national corporations boss the nation around. Corbyn might be sued by international investors’ tribunals if he were to actually follow on his proposals.
    “Tyrants worse than the ones in Bussels?” Why do I get the feeling that he is talking about non-aligned or alter-globalist states targeted for neoliberal revolutions? Hmm.
    “Leaving the single market would be catastrophic.” Because of Brussels’ PARASITIC SYMBIOSIS. If true, then the choice is to either take the pain now, or decay in the long term as the United Kingdom further devolves into a coro\orate neofeudal plantation.
    McNamara is apparently unable to connect the dots- the Tories present a heartless social Darwinism, yes, but the IMF will be perfectly happy to strong-arm the government if it doesn’t comply (add the U.S. state department). He also conveniently ignores the pro-brexit left editorials or advocacy campaigns you can easily find online, at least in the alternative media.
    Sweet Jesus, the mainstream left has gone “full retard”. Sorry, but it must be said.

  7. Why is the mainstream left so enamored with the European Union? It boggles the mind.

  8. “…and put us in the pocket of tyrants far worse than those we apparently despise so much in Brussels. It’s divided families and friends, and cast the future of millions of people into jeopardy. And perhaps worse than anything else, it could well deliver Brits into the hands of an irremovable far-right/one-party Tory state. ”
    Lemme address two points one by one:
    *Families arguing over political differences? In other news, the sky is blue during the day.
    *I wonder if McNamara’s idea of “tyrants” just happens to align with Washington’s rivals in various spheres, especially the least neoliberal states (Venezuela? Belarus?), regardless of those governments’ real workings.
    “The whole ‘Leave’ campaign was based on fairytales, and soon the chickens are gonna come home to roost. They know full well leaving the EU and single market under current circumstances is economic suicide, that the EU won’t play ball, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility it could collapse the whole sodding country. Even more likely is it could break up the United Kingdom itself. “Britain could either choose to confront the economic problems head-on, or remain tethered to the Euro Commission, the IMF, Wall Street, ECB, Zurich and MNCs such as Nestle or Apple, completely devolving into a banana monarchy in the long term. His sweet Corbyn will have his hands tied under the yoke of the euro club.

  9. Theresa May did not lose the election per say, she would have delivered the neo liberal manifesto what they did not take into consideration was the upsurge of young voters 18-24 who voted in huge numbers. They got complacent thinking the young were dumbed down enough. Majority of the elderly who would have been effected the most voted for the conservatives and this manifesto, stupid but true.

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