Has Theresa May Deliberately Thrown the Election?

by Max Mussan, Western Spring  (this was published on May 31, 2017)

On the 22nd April I wrote an article questioning the Prime Minister’s motives for holding a snap general election at this time…

At the time of my article various pundits were suggesting that Theresa May had called the snap general election in order to cynically exploit the public desire for Brexit and with the expectation that she would emerge with a massively increased majority, however in my article I stated:

“My suspicions are that the Conservatives’ apparent commitment to Brexit is insincere and largely tactical.

“They know they cannot be seen to blatantly override the will of the people by disregarding the outcome of the referendum and believe they must be seen by the public to be doing their best to deliver on their promise that “[t]he government will implement what [we] decide”.

Furthermore, the Conservatives know that Mrs May cannot be seen to willingly give in to Remainer demands that we hold another referendum, but she could delay implementing Article 50 for as long as possible, in the hope that some thing – some event – might provide the pretext for shelving Brexit.”

My suspicions are that establishment Remainers view this snap general election as the means by which the Conservative government can create a desperate, last minute pretext for shelving Brexit…

Now we can see why Theresa May might have been pressured to introduce disastrously unpopular policies into the Conservative manifesto for this snap general election. Why the Conservatives announced the scrapping of the £72,000 cap on charging for long-term care; why they announced that care in the home would also be charge against an individual’s estate; the scrapping of the ‘triple lock’ on retirement pensions; the means testing for the Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners; why the Conservatives failed to provide reassurances about future investment in the NHS; why they announced the scrapping of free school lunches. All of these measures have predictably undermined support for the Conservatives from among their core supporters, the elderly and their middle aged relatives with families…

[read more here]

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