Reluctant Remainer Theresa May Loses… Or Did She? Lord Buckethead Aside, the Biggest Loser May Be… Brexit

by Scott Creighton

“Theresa May publicly stated her support for the UK remaining in the EU during the 2016 referendum campaign” Telegraph April 2016

Lord Buckethead pictured in back row. See if you can figure out which one he is

Aside from Lord Buckethead’s poor performance, the big news out of the UK today is after a contentious, terrorism-filled 4 month campaign season, the results are in, and Theresa May’s Conservative party lost a total of 12 seats in yesterday’s snap election.

The Prime Minister called for an early election because she wanted to strengthen her hand for the Brexit negotiations scheduled to start in the next 10 days. So Labor voters and Corbyn fans are saying Theresa May lost big time in her efforts with this election.

But did she? I’m not so sure she did.

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