Reality Winner “Leak” DOES NOT Prove Russian Hacking: it’s COVER for DNC Purging of Voter Rolls/Promotes Omidyar’s Turbo Vote Project

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: All of the following detail situations involving the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY… NOT the general election of 2016. And ALL of them involve Sanders supporters being purged from voter rolls… not Clinton.

(For a good assessment of how trustworthy The Intercept is regarding their handling of this “leak”, go over to Moon of Alabama blog. The way they claim the leaker, Reality Winner, was exposed is remarkably contrived. Either that or they are idiots over at The Intercept.)

Three days before James Comey is set to testify before congress and in all likelihood dispel a good deal of the bogus “Russia Owns Donald Trump” story, four writers at The Intercept decided to publish a new 5-page “leak” from something called “Reality Leigh Winner” which purports to show Russia not only interfered with the election, but “hacked” it as well, “stealing” the election from Queen Hillary.

Or at least, that’s how the corporate media destabilization campaign is presenting the story.

“Somebody who leaks documents against laws has got to suffer the consequences” (Tim) Kaine said. “But the American public is also entitled to know the degree to which Russia invaded the election to take the election away from American voters.”

Kaine noted he knew of no evidence that showed Russia affected machine voting totals and said he was referring to intelligence assessments that Russia had acted to influence the election.” CNN

The “leaked” document itself is devoid of any hard evidence. There are no files, no documents, no hard evidence of any kind to support the claims made in the document and by those looking to promote the “Hillary didn’t really lose” subplot to the 2016 election. It comes from Reality Leigh Winner, a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation in Georgia who now stands accused of “removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet,”

The “leak” is an assessment complete with Power Point slides, created by someone in the NSA… supposedly. Though the first source The Intercept approached for verification of the document concluded it was fake, reportedly they found some other “government official” who says it’s real. That, at least, according to The Intercept and other such Trump-bashing outlets like CNN for example.


Clearly, The Intercept went out of their way to “accidentally” expose the leaker.

Though the document itself concludes “It is unknown whether the aforementioned spear-phishing deployment successfully compromised the intended victims, and what potential data could have been accessed by the cyber actor,” that has not stopped folks like Tim Kaine from leaping to vastly different conclusions about Russia “invading” our precious elections.

The relative truth of the claims made in this assessment and those of the regime change activists working within the US right now is evident in the first foundational slide from the leak published by The Intercept. Remarkably (or maybe not since it’s owned by globalist Pierre Omidyar who set up The Intercept to profit from the other fake leaks from “Edward Snowden”) none of the four intrepid “reporters” working on this article seems to have noticed the one glaring weakness which the slide exposes:

IF the rest of the report’s conclusions (which as you see, are inconclusive at best) are accurate, if someone did attempt to gain information and access to various privately maintained voter registration systems (which we CLEARLY shouldn’t be using in the first place) the ENTIRE CONNECTION to Russia is a “judgement” or “probable”


In fact, as pointed out over at Moon of Alabama, the report also points out this effort doesn’t LOOK like previous work associated with the Russia government which begs the question “Why then say it’s “probably” from the Russians in their “judgement”?”

“The document notes explicitly (p.5) that the operation used some techniques that distinguish it from other known Russian military intelligence operations. It might have been done by someone else.” Moon of Alabama

Therefore the political aspect of this report is hard to ignore as is the timing of it’s “leaking” and publication by The Intercept. Not only do we have the crumbling “Russia owns Trump” narrative about to take a nose-dive when Comey takes the stand in two days, but there is also a little thing happening down here in Flordia involving the DNC rigging the primary to ensure globalist Clinton stole the nomination from the (slightly) more progressive Bernie Sanders.

And interestingly enough, the folks filing that lawsuit are trying to get data surrounding the purging of millions of Sanders voters in a dozen key states throughout the primary. An act which essentially stole the nomination from his supporters, the people who filed the lawsuit. Sanders supporters went to the polls to cast their vote for the man and many found they had been kicked off the DNC voter registration rolls and were forced to cast provisional ballots. It had been reported in California that trucks belonging to a shredding company were seen outside polling stations the day after the primary election. Whether or not that is true (and there are photographs) the fact is, forcing people to use provisional ballots is a good way to make sure their vote is never counted and it happened a lot during the unDemocrat Party primary contest in 2016 almost ALWAYS effecting Sanders voters as opposed to Clinton’s.

The Purge, as it was called, was exposed in real time and websites were flooded with people trying to explain to Sanders voters how to get a provisional ballot and how to say JUST THE RIGHT THING to poll workers in California to MAKE them give them even that opportunity to vote (head of elections in Cali is a Clintonite and they left specific instructions for poll workers that there were NOT to TELL disenfranchised Sanders supporters exactly what to ask for in terms of getting a provisional ballot that could be later ignored or shredded in one of those trucks)

They were told not to inform the public JUST WHAT HOOPS THEY HAD TO JUMP THOUGH in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

All of that is well documented on this website and many others focused on election integrity.

Now, keeping that in mind, as it JUST SO HAPPENS… The Intercept took the time to lay out the REAL issue with this NSA “judgement” which reads as follows…

“Pamela Smith, president of election integrity watchdog Verified Voting, agreed that even if VR Systems doesn’t facilitate the actual casting of votes, it could make an alluring target for anyone hoping to disrupt the vote.

“If someone has access to a state voter database, they can take malicious action by modifying or removing information,” she said. “This could affect whether someone has the ability to cast a regular ballot, or be required to cast a ‘provisional’ ballot — which would mean it has to be checked for their eligibility before it is included in the vote, and it may mean the voter has to jump through certain hoops such as proving their information to the election official before their eligibility is affirmed.”

Mark Graff, a digital security consultant and former chief cybersecurity officer at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, described such a hypothetical tactic as “effectively a denial of service attack” against would-be voters” The Intercept

Man o man, these guys can multi-task, can’t they?

This one “leak” serves their interests in three major ways:

  1. Continue the regime destabilization plan via the “Russia Did It” meme with no evidence at all
  2. Sends a powerful message to future whistle-blowers via the arrest and detention of “Reality Winner”
  3. Potentially provides a future fail-safe for the unDemocratic Party of America when it comes out someone deliberately purged Sanders voters from voter registration prior to the primary (i.e. “The Russians Did It”)

Frankly I am not surprised The Intercept would take part in this obvious disinformation campaign. Their owner over there, Pierre Omidyar, is currently taking aim at President Trump, aiding and abetting the ongoing Deep State destabilization program:

We should also remember:

  • “Billlionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar is donating $100,000 to NeverTrump PAC,April 24, 2016
  • “Pierre Omidyar and his wife, Pamela, gave $1 million to the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS drug distribution program.” Sept 27, 2016


“Pierre Omidyar created the Democracy Fund out of deep respect for the U.S. Constitution and our nation’s core democratic values. While no democracy is perfect, the American system has endured through times of severe stress and dramatic social change…” Democracy Fund

Paper-based voter registration can be complicated and confusing for voters and the election officials who administer elections. TurboVote uses technology to make the registration and voting process easier. By working with universities and civic organizations to support an easy, nonpartisan platform for registering voters, TurboVote looks for low-cost ways to increase civic engagement and voting. ” Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund website

That’s right folks.. the writers at The Intercept failed to disclose the fact that their owner, the guy who signs their fat paychecks, just HAPPENS to be heavily invested in a new and better unverifiable election rigging system he promotes through his not-for-profit NGO called the “Democracy Fund”

You would think with an article that seriously condemns the current model of election rigging we use today here in the US (most other civilized nations use plexiglass boxes and slips of paper FOR A REASON PEOPLE), an article which reports conclusions based on nothing at all, then those four writers might figure they should disclose Sugar Daddy’s financial interests to the matter. But they didn’t.

Not only that, they also didn’t mention all the money Pierre gave the Clinton Foundation or that Never Trump PAC which he funded to help keep Trump from the White House.

Nor did they bother to mention he seems to be currently supporting the demonization of Donald Trump via his personal Twitter account.

Man, they left a lot out, huh?

I guess I have to modify their multi-tasking list:

  1. Continue the regime destabilization plan via the “Russia Did It” meme with no evidence at all
  2. Sends a powerful message to future whistle-blowers via the arrest and detention of “Reality Winner”
  3. Potentially provides a future fail-safe for the unDemocratic Party of America when it comes out someone deliberately purged Sanders voters from voter registration prior to the primary (i.e. “The Russians Did It”)
  4. Help promote Pierre’s Turbo Vote project by discrediting current voter registration system

Gee, it’s as if the writers at The Intercept sat down with their owner and devised a press release custom tailored to fit his personal ambitions.

But they wouldn’t do that, would they? After all, the public needs to know about Russia “hacking” the election, right?

Except… this “leak” doesn’t actually say that, now does it. Of course, how could I argue with the manufactured hero Julian Assange?

Yeah, just trying to “help us know”….

UPDATE: The four “journalists” at The Intercept who wrote the article exposing Russia’s “hacking” into our voter registration systems include their email addresses at the end of their articles. Perhaps you might like to zap em an email and ask them why there are no disclosures about all of this stuff involving their billionaire globalist owner’s actions, agendas and investments.

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10 Responses

  1. Nice review, thank you Scott. It certainly shreds light on Julian Assange. My only question is why you are sure that Comey’s testimony will dispel the Russia hacked the election meme. It would seem that he’s being positioned to try to disseminate it rather then dispel it.

    • the corporate media outlets like CNN are starting to walk back their claims about what he is going to say. They are even talking about how he might still be under some kind of Trump/Russia influence making ready for what they expect him too say. I say it mainly because we know it’s lies. We know, for instance, the whole Comey Memo thing was a complete fabrication. Whatever happens, even if he just goes in there and takes the fifth all day long, it’s not going to add to their regime change effort and in fact, it could very easily put out a few of the fires they have been setting in the past few weeks. if that happens, I am sure they want a back-up propaganda plan. Like this one for instance.

  2. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Putin shows up at the court hearing an demands to be allowed to voice his feelings about being slandered,,,, and then he would hand out slander suit papers to all concerned?

    • He wouldn’t be the only leader needing to address such grievances.
      Yeah, if paper ballots are so opaque (according to Omidyar and company), why implement even MORE complex computer-driven mechanisms, that if connected to the Internet, will always be vulnerable to intrusion? Or how about computers with disc drives or USB slots through which you could insert data with malware? Judging from personal experience (teaching), paper, pencils and books are always better than poorly implemented technology.

  3. Are they going to say anything about Hillary and the DNC setting up fake polling spots where the votes for Bernie were destroyed and the ones for the Killer Queen counted?
    Trying to expose that is what got Seth Rich killed.

    Maybe they’ll sic that blonde bimbo from NBC onto Putin again, she did such a great job of getting out truth!

  4. Caitlin Johnstone just published a thorough debunking of the Russian “hacking” claims at

    Well worth reading.

  5. Great report, no one has touched all the bases of this farce and tied them together as you have. The greatest trick of these clever criminals is to make all the angles of their deception seem disparate and complicated.
    One thing I’ve learned that’s true is whenever you wonder in Life why would those bastards do that? You just rub your first two fingers and thumb together. That’s it….for the money, and the reason you didn’t understand at first is because your not getting any of it.
    Will the shit never end, Sherlock? Oh yeah, one other thing I’ve learned is they are clever and mean-spirited magicians but though they got the wands, the bunnies, the smoke and the mirrors….they’ve got no heart.

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