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  1. […] Check Out Sane Progressive’s Take on The Intercept’s Reality Winner Psyop […]

  2. The fishiest aspect of this stunt is the awful OPSEC. It’s plausible that a grunt from Texas is dumb enough to do what Winner did. They don’t recruit them for their brains. But is it remotely conceivable that Intercept editors are unfamiliar with GIMP filters and docucolor? Never has a source been been so painstakingly burned.

    • and the thing is, in the last few months, The Intercept has been going out of their way to ASK for Whistle-blowers to send them their leaks. Now they get some, they burn the phony leaker. I guess all of that was for the set-up for this maybe?

  3. Is it possible the whole russia thing is a psyop to keep trump the support he needs for the deep state military endeavors? Americans got sick of Bush jr. And gave Obama passes for his continuses administrations military agressions because in truth he was not “white” to the US. Trump is a neocon and a neoliberal in truth. If Trump does not get impeached, I think there might be bigger reason why he did not. I think Trump sold out long ago just like Obama. Donald duck loves to hate isis but who is isis to him? The choice was Hillary or Donald.. Not much of a choice to me I think.

    We wish to back Trump so much cause of all the “heat” against him. So I wonder… They do like to play mind games no matter how long or how long it takes.

  4. Donald giving too much leeway to the military. His excuse he trying to be strong in view of the people or and the deep state. But before “Isis” we where tired of war. Isis came out of nowhere (really al quaida ). His whole “thing” is destroy Isis when it comes to the middle east. Like in your other post so is Russia “supposedly” with Syria, (making deals with the kurds). It’s not good vs evil to me. It is evil vs evil. Despite the russians wanting to side with Russia and not Nazi western Ukraine. It is all a great game to me, leading to somewhere. Like WW2.

  5. The USA have like nine plus a few official enemy states or i mean “terrorist states”. But that is out of 200 or so countries. Imagine what they can do to it’s home country. I guess the US need China as much China needs the US. But there is Russia, where was the US for Georgia, world police? What the world would be like if they got their way? That is what I wonder, but probably not good for most. (Obviously).

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