London Attack Suspect Identified as Abz, Former “Scary Muslim” Extra for Hearts and Minds Piece “The Jihadis Next Door”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Confirmed: Abz, the Extra in the 2016 Propaganda Film “The Jihadis Next Door”, Named as London Bridge Attacker

UPDATE: Noted Islamaphobe, propaganda manufacturer and Israel-firster Rita Katz says “ISIS” has claimed responsibility for the attack. Another Israeli Intelligence asset, Paul Joseph Watson blames the whole of Islam for the event on Di$info Jone$’ website. He says things like this don’t happen in countries that have little or no Muslims. Hmm. Gee. I wonder what he’s getting at.

UPDATE: The latest effort put out by this film-maker deals with pushing the open borders policy for refugees using a little orphan boy who speaks perfect English as his vehicle. One minute he’s saying Britain has scary Muslims from places like Libya and Syria hiding under your bed and the next he seems to suggest you guys throw open your borders and bring in more. Years ago Channel 4 was fined a good deal of money for faking scenes in a documentary about.. well, about little boys.

Reports are out that one of the three suspected attackers from Saturday night’s London Bridge mass casualty event is someone called ‘Abz’. Authorities are supposedly going to release the names of all three of them today.

And as it turns out, ‘Abz’ wasn’t only well known to authorities in London as being an “extremist” but he was also well known to the viewers of the BBC’s Channel 4 documentary series. Yep, ‘Abz’ was one of London’s long list of pretend scary Muslims.

“It emerged that the 27-year-old Muslim extremist known to friends as ‘Abz’ appeared in a TV documentary last year about British jihadists – and was involved in a filmed altercation (staged for the cameras no doubt) with police after an ISIS-style flag was unfurled in Regent’s park, London…

Amid a series of revelations last night, it was claimed that a friend of the suspect had reported him to the anti-terror hotline after he became radicalised by watching extremist videos onYouTube.” Daily Mail

Isn’t that interesting. Journalists and investigators who produce news videos for Youtube are quickly becoming more popular than the complicit media and after Google tried shutting them down by pulling their advertising and that didn’t work, now we have this guy “radicalized by Youtube” and Fascist May screeching on the tele about getting Big Business to “regulate the internet” on a global scale… for “national security” of course.

What’s also interesting is the larger picture surrounding not only Saturday’s ‘8-minutes of Terror’ event, but also Abz’ involvement with this and the propaganda documentary film The Jihadis Next Door which was broadcast on Jan. 19th 2016 (full video found at the end of this article)

Britain has a long history of producing terrorists for export. Back in 1998 they produced a guy named Anjem Choudary who has since become the go-to poster-child for Islamaphobes across the world. Anjem nurtures that role. He does whatever he can to play the role of “da ebil Moooslim” whenever it suits the needs of the establishment over there.

Choudary got his start back in ’98 recruiting poor, ignorant local youth to head overseas and fight with groups like the “International Islamic Front for Jihad” which was the bin Laden precursor to his attacks on U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and the attack on the USS Cole and of course, 9/11.

Chourdary had an apprentice learning the art of being a “scary boogyman” for the establishment. His name was Siddhartha Dhar who was a Hindu but converted, supposedly, when he figured he could make more pretending to be the monster under everyone’s bed. Dhar’s character name is Abu Rumaysah al-Britani and he is supposedly the “new” Jihadi John.

Funny isn’t it, how all of the “ISIS” spokespeople are British. Ever wonder about that?

Rumaysah helped the BBC make their “be afraid” movie back in 2015 for release in Jan. of 2016.

Know what else was going on in 2015 in the UK? They were getting accustomed to their new fascist counter-terrorism bill… crafted and pushed by Fascist May no less… and the public needed some convincing that they had to surrender STILL MORE liberty and privacy for the protection it offered from…

The Jihadis Next Door. See how that works? Pretty straight forward when you think about it. The establishment (Deep State) has a problem with a policy of their’s being unpopular so the complicit press produces just the right hearts and minds piece to help them sell it at just the right moment in history.

If you’re still in the “coincident theorist” camp and you think the two things couldn’t possibly be connected, let me show you this real quick.

Throughout 2015, the debate about the draconian aspects of the law was hot and heavy. In Feb. of 2016, the Guardian published an article which gave voice to the reasonable concerns that had been developing over the past year.

The government’s anti-terrorism laws aimed at universities risk having a “chilling effect” on academic debate and a “deadening impact” on research, according to a former director of public prosecutions…

“The Prevent duty goes far beyond [existing] constraints. It requires a university to do much more than to report a terrorist in the nest if we can possibly find one.

“Read literally, it envisages a future in which people might be constrained from arguing, in a university of all places, that democracy is wrong in principle – goodbye Plato,” Macdonald told a seminar in Oxford last week.” The Guardian

They weren’t arguing that Britain should ditch democracy for Sharia law or some other such nonsense. They were saying it is frightening that they wouldn’t be allowed to simply debate various forms of government, one against the other and that, more specifically, people wouldn’t be allowed to question Britain’s “democracy building” programs abroad. That’s the real issue with the law. Silencing dissidents of the UK’s regime change operations.

Now, the documentary featured a rather apt still image in it’s opening segment, in fact, it appears less than a minute into the propaganda piece:

That is Abu Rumaysah al-Britani holding up a placard which serves to promote one of the most contentious aspects of the brand new counter-terrorism bill. Coincidence?

Now I mention Rumaysah and his association with his mentor, the establishment’s boogeyman Anjem Choudary for a reason.

Here is a photo, from the video, of Abz doing his “scary Muslim” act right alongside Abu Rumaysah.

The story with that photo is, Channel 4 got this ridiculous gaggle of idiots (Abz supposedly worked for KFC and the “new Jihadi John” ran a bouncy house company… real scholars there) to go out to a park and quickly stage this stupid scene with them supposedly “unfurling” an “ISIS” flag for some stupid reason. As you can see, they didn’t really unfurl it. That would have caused a scene that Channel 4 apparently didn’t want to be on the hook for, so they pretended to unfurl it, bowed to it once or twice, and headed for safety of their limos just as fast as they could go.

Notice they blurred the image of that one guy standing to the right of Abz? I wonder which psyop event he was involved with.

These guys are all losers paid like day-players on a movie set. They probably get $150 a day and a free lunch. I bet half of em are thinking about how much crack they can get and whether or not the local 7/11 will cash their paychecks.

It’s ridiculous propaganda and supposedly this London Bridge attacker was part of it.


Sorry for the caps-lock but… goddamn… aren’t you just getting sick of how stupid and obvious all this shit is?

I know I am.

11 Responses

  1. The very idea of Arabs attacking innocent people at night seems to come from some film script of the twenties or thirties (20th century). Normally, terrorism is more objective in its targets (be they state banks or buildings). All this fear around radical Arabs who attack people with knives serves a purpose, which is to get the most ignorant and terrified to vote in Theresa May next Thursday.

    • “attack people with knives” – It seems that this new method was developed in Israel few years ago.

    • The American style “shootings” which bolstered the operation-gun-control in the US, were not a suitable narrative for the practically gun-free Euroland. Although there were previous incidents that involved knives, the 2013 Woolwich Painted hands Machete Attack feels like the official launch of this knife-script.

  2. They are laughing at the British people…. but those who laugh last, laugh best.
    the Brits are not stupid……

  3. When extras attack…I guess it means their talent pool is drying up? Or maybe they’re being intentionally obvious ala Omar Mateen the Dancing Machine?

  4. let’s re-view the ‘evidence’…
    white van? no blood or dents after “mowing down” a dozen or two.
    Remember the white truck in the Paris hoax…pristine.

    And the alleged perp lying prostrate, bloodless after being ‘shot’ numerous times.

    Have you all seen the video of the police changing clothes on site?
    Check out the photos at the websites ‘nodisinfo’. And “Burning Blogger of Bedlam”.

    This like the Manchester Hoax is an embarrassment for England.
    It’s despicable murderous Tory Oligarchy must be dealt Justice.
    (as must U.S. nazi h.q.)

    Please English voters, don’t be stupid on Thursday.
    Refuse! Vote for Corbyn…at the very least

    • What can we call a system where there is no trust in government and the police? The British police themselves make fun of people, changing clothes and showing clearly to be involved in this huge hoax. A great shame for England.

  5. Labour have found a nice angle, namely that Tory cuts have undermined community policing, intelligence gathering and armed police capabilities – i.e. the line that Austerity us undermining national security, and seem in this way to have contained or even flipped the electoral damage from these events, which is rather hilarious 😀

    • I know – nice save by labour! I think they could push the most obvious fact more though – i.e. who’s watch are these ‘attacks’ happening on?! If anyone is falling for the Tory Regime’s finger pointing at Corbyn for these attacks whilst failing to ask themselves this simple question, they need their heads looking at.

  6. Gratify, bear in mind, bear in mind! Can easily a friend or relative let me
    that includes London Attack Suspect Identified as Abz, Former “Scary Muslim”
    Extra for Hearts and Minds Piece “The Jihadis Next Door” approach??
    Our new mentor in college made an operation to
    jot down 2k terms regarding. Nonetheless I do not know anything!


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