The Significance of the Kathy Griffin Head-chopper Photo

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: CNN has fired her. 

Not being an expert in such matters I can only imagine that when you run an unconventional warfare campaign like the one being conducted against the current president of the United States by the Deep State, various mileposts signify the relative success or failure of the tactics you are employing to demonize said target. You evaluate these achievements as they occur in real time and structure the direction of the project accordingly.

That is my guess as to how the manipulators of psychological warfare campaigns operate. It is only a guess but one based on years of research into the outward projections of their craft.

Such a milepost was reached yesterday when Kathy Griffin, a former mediocre comedian turned reality TV star and perpetual host of various D-list network events, published this photo:

Image result for kathy griffin photo

Needless too say, the image stirred up controversy which is exactly what Ms. Griffin wanted.

For those of you who don’t know, she won some award a couple years ago and took advantage of the network face-time to make disparaging comments about Jesus and religion knowing full well how offensive it would be, but being the eternal self-promoter and as vain-glorious as they come, Kathy understood bad press is better than no press. So she did it for the attention.

And let’s just make this clear as well: Kathy Griffin released this photo of her holding the severed head of the seated president for the same reason.

Unfortunately for Kathy, it was the wrong kind of attention and she’s already been fired from one company that used her in their advertising and I am sure more will follow. CNN is apparently thinking of terminating her contract with them for the New Year’s Eve coverage she does with the CIA’s guy, Anderson Cooper. She had several more years on that contract certainly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per.

True to form, the tireless self-promoter Griffin has come out with a video apologizing profusely for the image saying she went “way” over the line.

Ms. Griffin should be made aware that nothing says vapid Mammon worshiper like someone making a bold, offensive political statement and then retracting it because it hits you in the wallet.

It’s hard too tell what’s more pathetic about Kathy’s little publicity stunt. Is it the fact that she’s such a follower that she thought this picture was appropriate or how quickly she buckled to save herself a few fucking dollars?

I guess in the end she saw her contracts drying up and realized she was about to become an ex-celebrity and that was just too much for her soulless psyche to take. I suppose saving the republic from the evils of President Cheeto is a secondary consideration to Ms. Griffin. Remaining famous at any cost obviously comes first.

Watching this worm trying to wiggle herself out of this PR stunt’s predictable backlash, though amusing, isn’t the real significance of this short-lived act of self-promoting “defiance”.

What is significant is the fact that she (and apparently her photographer and publicist?) thought it was a reasonable move in the first place.

We are something like 140 days into the Trump presidency and already the Deep State has convinced about half of the country it might be a good idea to lop off the head of the current ruler of these United States.

Not because he’s taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Kathy Griffin is rich. She will benefit tremendously when Trump’s tax plan kicks in. And her stock portfolio is certainly benefiting from the salad days Wall Street is currently enjoying because they know they have a ruthless, pragmatic neoliberal ideologue and his Goldman Sachs crew running things in the White House on their behalf.

No, Kathy isn’t standing up for the poor and downtrodden with this “off with their heads” image of hers. She’s certainly not promoting the idea of a new French Revolution…or Russian Revolution… or even American Revolution.

Nothing like that.

Because if that were the case… she wouldn’t apologize.

Instead she is simply reacting to the endless barrage of Deep State propaganda that has infected the corporate media across the board since Inauguration Day 2017.

Oh, well, sorry. My fault.

Since Election Day 2016 to be more specific.

Oh, wait, my bad.

Since candidate Trump won the Republican Party nomination and Queen Hillary stole her party’s nomination.

There, that’s better.

Right now, thanks to a YouGov poll we know that well over half of the Democrats in this country think da ebil Roooskies “hacked” the election results and that is why Queen Hillary is not our current beloved leader in spite of the fact that her coronation was per-ordained by the Gods of the Deep State, whom she serves willingly.

Now notice: that question isn’t about them thinking the Russians “influenced” the election. That question is about them thinking the Russians hacked into our systems and changed vote totals, something that there is absolutely zero evidence of. None. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

Not only that, but aside from RT putting 3rd party candidates on their network so they could get some face-time during the campaign season, there is also no evidence of Russia “influencing” our elections either. None. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

Fascinating isn’t it? With absolutely no evidence what-so-ever, over half of the people polled who self-identify with the Democratic Party believe a complete and utter fabrication… and of course the main stream media knows full well about this poll and about this erroneous belief held by so many Americans… and yet they do nothing to correct it.

That’s probably because the Mockingbird press helped create the misinformation in the first place… just like they did so many years ago:

“In late 2003, half a year after US and coalition forces invaded Iraq, a poll by USA Today found that 70 percent of Americans still believed that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. They didn’t believe this because the mass media was directly saying “Saddam did 9/11”; they would have lost the public’s trust if they’d directly promulgated such an outrageous falsehood. The public subscribed to this false belief because corporate media reporters consistently mentioned the September 11 terrorist attacks in the same breath as they mentioned the falsified intelligence reports stating that the Iraqi government had weapons of mass destruction and intended to facilitate their use on American soil. This misperception successfully manufactured public support for a regime change invasion that claimed the lives of a million innocent Iraqis.” Medium

As this quote shows us, propaganda has consequences. That’s why the Deep State invests so much of your money in it’s practice.

In the case of Iraq we have a war that is still raging in a country that did nothing to us and never posed the slightest threat to our way of life in the first place. Billions if not trillions in profits have been collected by various Military Industrial Complex aligned companies as well as by various others in the oil, banking and infrastructure rebuilding industries. In fact, all kinds of corporations have profited from the illegal invasion of Iraq and that was all due, not “in part”, but wholly due to the propaganda that linked Saddam Hussian to 9/11 and WMDs he didn’t have.

A million people died as a result and millions more were displaced, made into refugees who are currently being bartered and traded by global interests as cheap labor like the old slave trading posts of days gone by. All of that generating still more profits for those who move the Deep State to action.

Propaganda has consequences. Just ask that young disabled man in Chicago who was tortured by those 4 African American kids who had been fed a daily diet of “whitey all voted for racist Trump” propaganda. Ask that young man what he thinks of the corporate media’s constant barrage of “Ebil Trump” campaigns.

And now you can ask Kathy Griffin right along with him. Better yet, ask her accountant and agent. They’ll tell you.

If you aren’t willing to learn from history, from the mistakes of the past, you are damn sure condemned to repeat them. And that’s more than a cliche… it’s a fact.

In 1933 then president Franklin D. Roosevelt kicked off the start of the New Deal. He started with banking reform since the banksters had been the ones who collapsed the economy causing the Great Depression. In that reform package (the Banking Act of 1933 was a four part piece of legislation) was the Glass-Steagall Act or a modification of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932. This was tremendously unpopular with the super wealthy elite, even more so than the creation of Social Security. They also instituted the Securities Act of 1933 which put regulations on securities for the first time. Very unpopular with the rabid Wall Street types.

Needless too say, the corporate press at the time did all they could to demonize Roosevelt, but he was still immensely popular with a good part of the population because it had gotten so bad with the elites just ripping off everything they could in the country prior to his election, the people demanded real change and he represented that for them.

Kind of like Trump fans feel right now actually.

In the end, the Deep State, as it was back then, got together and came up with a plan to hire Smedley Butler to run an army of former soldiers to overthrow President Roosevelt and take charge in a bloody coup on their behalf, setting up what would have been a fascist dictatorship. It was called the Business Plot of 1933 for a reason.

Butler, being a true patriot, declined their offer by going along with it for a time and then turning them in. The corporate press denies to this day it ever happened, but it did… and it could again.

All they need is the right atmosphere created where it would be viewed as a necessity rather than a corporate power grab.

And what do we see today? What is today’s milestone?

Image result for kathy griffin photo

Propaganda has consequences. Just ask Moammar Gadhafi or Bashar al-Assad.

Or better yet, ask the people of Libya and Syria who’s once beautiful independent nations have been reduced to rubble by our needless, profit-driven corporate Deep State greed.

I am not here too say Donald Trump should be compared to the likes of Roosevelt or Gadhafi or Assad in any way, shape or form. In fact it’s a disservice to mention his name among theirs in any given sentence. They at least stood for something. He doesn’t.

But we can make at least one comparison, like it or not: Trump is the target of the Deep State at the moment, just like they once were

And as such we should be very careful who’s side we choose to take.

The Deep State is not your friend. They do not represent your best interests nor do share your concerns about the world and how this country is run.

The Deep State manufactures grief and they do so with a malice of purpose unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Nothing is “off the table”, nothing is “out of bounds”

When you internalize their propaganda to the point that Ms. Griffin has, anything is possible. That’s how the Wahhabist head-choppers from Saudi Arabia were made. That’s how death squads have been fabricated by Deep State professionals all across the world for decades.

We have a choice before us. Oppose the neoliberal elements of the current administration with civility and respect for the institutions that we have sworn allegiance to since our first days in kindergarten, or embrace the viler angels of our nature like so many “freedom fighters” have in service to the Deep State.

That is where we are and that is the significance of this moment.

We have a choice to make, neither of them good. But it has to be made right now, right here.

Say you are being forced to chose between the lesser of two evils if it makes it any easier. Say you are simply being a responsible adult if you want.

Say whatever you have to but the bottom line is, to quote the Decider of all people, “You are either with us, or with the enemy”… the terrorists.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves at this dire milepost and as such, we must choose a path. Though painful, I suggest we choose wisely.

I for one want no part of the Business Plot of 2017 and I think deep down, you don’t either.


32 Responses

  1. She should be put in jail. or hung.
    I choose the lessor evil…..

    • that’s easy for you too say, you chose the lesser of two evils when you voted for Trump in November. Now we just have to convince about 59% of the Democratic Party to do the same.

  2. Reblogged this on icareviews.

  3. Griffin is a foul-mouthed, barely mediocre comedian who should of never been on CNN’s New Year broadcast. She made a fool of herself on that, again with her x-rated antics passing for ‘humor.’

    Just think what CNN and FOX would say and do if someone did this with PM Netenyahu’s head.

  4. The entire “deep state” does not oppose Trump, in fact it was the hard right element of said “deep state” (represented by people closely associated with the Council for National Policy and by media outlets such as Breitbart) which got Trump elected. Trump himself is pretty much a made man, connected his entire life to some of the most powerful mob and business elements, both in New York and globally. The majority of Trump’s business empire came from his acquisition of Resorts International, which was nothing more than a front group for Meyer Lansky as well as elements within the CIA. Trump was bailed out on more than one occasion after bankruptcy by Rothschild employee Wilbur Ross, now his Commerce Secretary. I won’t assert this as fact because I can’t prove it, but I think a case could be made that Israel might have helped Trump win and not Russia. It is easy to believe the narrative that Trump is simply a target of the entire “deep state” and that they all hate him, but I don’t believe this is the case. Trump in my view represents the faction within that is pushing hardest for the “Clash of Civilizations” and for a literal religious war against Islam, which I refer to as a New Crusade. I despise the Clintons and the machine behind her as much as anyone does, but let’s stop fooling ourselves into believing that everyone who’s opinion matters marches in lockstep when it comes to hating Trump, because I just don’t think It’s true.

  5. If Hillary were President and someone like Ted Nugent was to make some ridiculous over the top statement and/or gesture towards her, and Breitbart and Drudge and the Gateway Pundit and Infowhores (probably Fox as well to an extent) were all to promote it as if he were some type of hero, would that be a sign that the “Deep State” is out to get Clinton? Of course not.

  6. Just one vain-glorious, washed up actor playing with a corn syrup and latex version of another vain-glorious, washed up actor. Tropic Thunder style.

    I’m still waiting to see evidence that the deep state is against Tronald. Seems like these propaganda “attacks” are about the only thing keeping his supporters on board the proverbial bandwagon. If the deep state was really against big Blonde they would not have put him on top of the Republican primary.

    • are you kidding? the Mockingbird press gave him billions in free airtime after darling Jeb dropped out because even they, with all their powers, couldn’t get that idiot elected. Guess they planned on Queen Hillary and the ONLY one who stood a CHANCE at losing to her… was the guy they had a recording of saying he like grabbing women by the pussy. so that’s why

      • Right, Jeb! just wasn’t feeling the mockingbird love. Of course they had Teddy Mongoose-son and Uncle Ben in the pipeline as well.

        Anyhow, as Greg M pointed out, Tronald is as an asset of the deep state and I haven’t seen any evidence that he’s gone off the reservation.

  7. “The Deep State manufactures grief and they do so with a malice of purpose unlike anything the world has ever seen.”
    Thank you for that fantastic comment, it really sums them up.

  8. In the morning. Funny thing is that the Seth Rich investigation is getting further from our minds. First the concert ‘bomb/bomber’ and now this. Distract…distract…distract…Don’t look over here.

  9. Except for Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Chicago….won’t someone think about the children?
    “….sources close to the Trump family said the photo traumatized Barron Trump — as he didn’t realize it was fake when he first saw it. The 11-year-old first son was apparently watching television alongside his mother when a photo of Griffin’s video appeared on the screen, allegedly panicking and screaming, “Mommy, Mommy!”
    “He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding
    resembled his dad,” the source revealed, saying his initial reaction to the
    image was that something horrible had happened to his dad.
    Can we finally stop asking how stupid they think we are?

    • wow. that’s pretty stupid. can you imagine how that kid feels right now? all his friends are going “Mommy Mommy!!” at him all day long. of course, he’s filthy rich so I’m sure he’ll get over it. But it is pretty stupid.

  10. Scott, are we to assume the DS is a monolith? It does seem that something intestinal is behind all the flatulence …

    • something is certainly rumbling around down in the bowels of the Dark State but I don’t know what it is. Maybe an insurgency of sorts perhaps. Maybe it’s bigger than that. Some billionaire rats looking to jump ship before it goes down the toilet. I don’t know.

      • Faction A: Conquer the whole world and then rule it from Greater Israel

        Faction B: Create the Greater Israel and conquer the whole world.

        The tensions are between those who concentrate on the Whole World and those concentrate more on Israel. Among the former are some who would like to defer the issue of Greater Israel ad infinitum hoping that the issue might get away. Perhaps Brzezinski was one of them. Under Obama the Faction A dominated. Under Obama they started to pay attention back to South America, Russia and China, the parts of the world that were neglected by neocons of Faction B during GW Bush. It seems to me that Trump rode to power thanks to the extreme elements from Faction B.

        • From Chabad website:

          …one day there will arise a dynamic Jewish leader, a direct descendant of the Davidic dynasty, who will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, and gather Jews from all over the world and bring them back to the Land of Israel.

          All the nations of the world will recognize Moshiach to be a world leader, and will accept his dominion. In the messianic era there will be world peace, no more wars nor famine, and, in general, a high standard of living.

          All mankind will worship one G‑d, and live a more spiritual and moral way of life. The Jewish nation will be preoccupied with learning Torah and fathoming its secrets.

          • sounds a lot like the anti-christ.

          • @utu: Chabad is insane. This organization is the Jewish equivalent of Wahhabis or Falangists. In true Orwellian fashion, they disguise the destructive actions of the Israeli state with honeyed language. “World peace, no more wars nor famine, and, in general, a high standard of living?” They are definitely NOT contributing to these goals, nor their paymasters in Israel and among American Zionists. “All mankind will worship one God”- atheists, agnostics and pagans would like a word with them.
            @Carter Times: Is your time so devoid of value that you must “come find” someone whose point of view you misrepresented?
            @Edgar Eugene Bradley: This is what passes for “comedy” in the American media today. It’s got to be vulgar, recklessly provocative, denigrating, and intimidating. Who knows if this might be part of a social agenda, or just the conglomerates and paid celebrities pandering to the lowest common denominator.
            @willyloman: To this day, libertarian think tanks/foundations smear FDR as “statist” and “socialist”, or that “he prolonged the Depression”. Ignore his upper-class background, or that stabilizing regulations saved capitalism from being discredited, and possibly succumbing to revolution.
            Another fallacious, irrational belief in American politics (possibly in other countries too, as Penny called the privatizing, deregulating, financializing and globalizing EU this) is to label anyone or anything a person dislikes “communist” or “socialist”. I’ve read libertarians and paleoconservatives identifying diverse characters, no matter how right-of-center, aristocratic or favorable to capitalism, as these epithets (e.g. George Bush- seriously), no matter how inapplicable in reality. They risk stripping these words of meaning, including the negative connotations they so love.

      • Scott I’m not certain if you are familiar with the great work of the late John Judge, in some of his work he well explains the clashes in the various divisions of the deep state – internationalist vs nationalist, old money vs new, NewEngland/east vs west/south. Fascinating stuff.
        Yeah, John a man who is sorely missed these days.
        Im glad to a great degree you have stepped up to fill the void he left.

  11. She must have copied it from the “I Claudius” series scene, when Caligula cures his nephew’s cough. Horrible.

  12. With absolutely no evidence what-so-ever, over half of the people polled who self-identify with the Republican Party believe a complete and utter fabrication…that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.

    And a good portion of them also believe that Obama is “secretly” a Muslim.

    Partisans on both sides are equally ridiculous. It is silly of you to act as if they are not, to act as if only one side is silly. And ignorant of you.

    Do better. Or I’ll have to come find you.

    • you ain’t got to worry about “finding” me. I’ll give you my address and directions. Hell, if I had money, I’d pay for your bus fare. And what is ignorant on your behalf is the fact that you seem to have skimmed over the fact that I also mentioned in the article that a study found 70% of Americans believed Saddam was linked with 9/11 nearly a year after the illegal invasion. Most of them were CERTAINLY of the republican ilk, so that totally negates your bullshit theory that I “act as if only one side is silly”.. now doesn’t it?

      and again, you got an open invitation. stop on by. I got something for you. come on…

  13. Bro another HOME RUN!

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