Yemen descending into total collapse as world watches: UN

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia…

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from Press TV

The United Nations says impoverished Yemen is on the brink of total collapse, as the country is facing an ongoing bloody military aggression by Saudi Arabia, an emerging famine, and an outbreak of cholera.

“Crisis is not coming, it is not looming, it is here today, on our watch and ordinary people are paying the price,” said UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien in a speech on Tuesday, addressing the UN Security Council.

“The people of Yemen are being subjected to deprivation, disease and death as the world watches,” he said, adding that the crisis is triggering “total social, economic and institutional collapse” in the Arab country…

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Syrian government had no role in Idlib chemical attack: Putin

from Press TV

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed confidence that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces had no role in the April chemical attack in Idlib Province, describing the incident as the West’s pretext to continue its pressure against Damascus.

“According to our information, there is no proof that chemical weapons were used by Assad. We are convinced that he did not do it,” Putin said in a Tuesday interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro.

The allegation was a way of “explaining to the international community why it was necessary to continue to impose measures to pressure Assad, including militarily,” Putin added.

The remarks came a day after new French President Emmanuel Macron, whose country blames Assad for the attack, slammed the use of chemical weapons in Syria as a red line for Paris which would result in reprisals…

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The Manchester Bombing Story is Becoming Absolutely Ridiculous – The Redacted Photos Prove… He Wasn’t There

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Salman’s body is now the property of the local coroner’s office, says local authorities. They will determine what happens to it. Gee, I wonder if he’ll be given a burial at sea like bin Laden. The justification for this is his family is in Libya. Somehow or another that means local authorities get to do whatever they want with his remains.

UPDATE: Please see important update at end of article

UPDATE: Check out Shawn Helton’s work on the subject of the Manchester attack. He published it right as they released the images.

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away..

Hughes Mearns

I took a close look at the photos released by authorities that claim to show Abedi in the elevator on his way up to bomb the arena. What I found was amazing.

But first…

Jonathan Turley, who used to be the kind of journalist who didn’t simply regurgitate ridiculous propaganda without question, reports suspected bomber Salman Abedi’s sister, Jomana Abedi, says her brother attacked random people in Manchester because he wanted “revenge” for all the folks the U.S. and Britain have bombed in the Middle East. He concludes that Salman is akin to al Qaeda and probably wanted 72 virgins in the afterlife or something. He never ONCE mentions the FACT that Abedi and his brothers and his father have been sent to places like Libya and Syria to terrorize civilian populations for the regime change the U.S. and Britain desperately wanted. It never once occurs to Turley to ask why this contractor would suddenly turn on his paymasters and demonize the entire Libyan community in his hometown while his daddy is reaping the benefits of Britain’s regime change operation in Libya.

I guess “they hate us for our freedom” is good enough for Mr. Turley’s “journalism” these days. It’s a shame isn’t it?

British authorities are quickly rounding up people associated with Salman Abedi. They justify this act by saying they are a “cell” and probably planned the attack along with him. More likely, they are also contractors who came back from Libya after terrorizing the people of that country into regime change and since they have first-hand knowledge of Salman’s previous work experience (including details like WHO he was working for), knowledge that would ultimately confuse the general population were it to get out, they decided to round them up and keep they away from prying media types.

“We are following up on the network, rolling it up, trying to contain it. As you’ve seen from the number of arrests, we are on the right track to try to contain it,” UK Security Minister Ben Wallace told CNN in Manchester on Friday. “In the end, you get to the bottom of a network.” CNN

Salman’s brothers and his father, who all worked for the regime change project in Libya, have been arrested. At first his father was allowed to appear on TV interviews until he said in one of them that his son did not do it. Then he was immediately arrested by our puppet regime in Libya along with Salman’s brothers. Gotta make sure they get their minds right before letting them walk the streets I guess. Ironically, it was the same puppet government in Libya that daddy helped install via his support of violent terrorist regime change.

Looks like Salman’s sister figured it out pretty quickly and got with the program before daddy did.

In the past few days, three photographs have emerged supposedly proving Salman Abedi was the Manchester bomber. One shows him on the side of the road with blue suitcase. The other two, heavily redacted, supposedly show him in an elevator going up to the scene of the attack but it does not. In fact, it shows him still on the side of the road apparently waiting for something, maybe a ride to the airport with his suitcase, on his way to see his brother whom he spoke with the day before.

I will show them to you now. They are amazing in what they inadvertently tell us about the Manchester bombing.

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