The Trumpening: State Dept. lifts limit on refugee admissions

(More cheap labor for Big Business and a new life for the CIA’s “moderates” in Syria)

by Olivia Beavers, from the Hill

The State Department quietly lifted its restriction this week on how many refugees are allowed to enter the U.S. despite efforts by the Trump administration to scale back refugee resettlements, The New York Times reported Friday.

Jennifer Smith, a department official, reportedly notified refugee groups of the decision Thursday in an email stating that they could begin bringing refugees to the U.S. “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”

Many of the organizations that received the email are private agencies that help guide individuals hoping to enter the country through the two-year U.S. application process.

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2 Responses

  1. Commentators such as Kevin Barrett called it out successfully on the Donald’s administration betraying its promises like Obama. Honestly, if you can’t achieve ballot representation of third parties or nonpartisan anti-Washington-Consensus candidates, the “democratic process” is 110 percent broken, dead. The next logical choices are boycotts and protest.

  2. I have some sympathy for the refugees. Coalition-of-the-willing/NATO razed their societies to the ground, so surely NATO countries should take them in now that we’ve devastated their regions? (At least the ones who are actually from countries we’ve attacked and sponsored proxy wars in).

    I mean I know that as individuals we were against those invasions and noone asked us for our permission to carry them out. We didn’t exactly throw our bodies onto the meat grinder of the machine tools of the MIC in desperate acts of direct-action/civil-disobedience in solidarity with our brothers either, so maybe we bear some collective responsibility?

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