Salman Abedi Wasn’t a “Radicalized” Muslim: He Was Part of Britain’s Version of Brigade 2506

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: H/T Polly Ticker

‘Sorted’ by MI5: How UK government sent British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi

By all accounts, 22-year-old Salman Ramadan Abedi, fingered as the suicide bomber at the Manchester Arena who supposedly killed 22 attendees of a concert Monday night, was a normal, well adjusted Libyan kid living in England. But that doesn’t mean he was a normal kid in Great Britain. He was a normal Libyan kid from Manchester, which is something entirely different.

Apparently Manchester is something like Miami here in the United States.

In Miami there is a large population of Cuban exiles who want nothing more than a complete, bloody overthrow of the socialist Castro government in that country and many of them would do whatever it takes to see that happen. Cuban exiles have been used by the U.S. government for various guerilla warfare operations for decades. Operations that attempted to destabilize the government of Cuba making it ready for regime change.

The most well known of these actions was to be known as the Bay of Pigs, April 1961.

“(Bay of Pigs) was a failed military invasion of Cuba undertaken by the CIA-sponsored paramilitary group Brigade 2506 on 17 April 1961. A counter-revolutionary military (made up of Cuban exiles who traveled to the United States after Castro’s takeover), trained and funded by the United States government’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Brigade 2506 fronted the armed wing of the Democratic Revolutionary Front (DRF) and intended to overthrow the increasingly communist government of Fidel Castro. Launched from Guatemala and Nicaragua, the invading force was defeated within three days by the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, under the direct command of Prime Minister Fidel Castro.”

Brigade 2506 was made up of about 1,300 Cuban exiles, mostly from Miami. They were exiles themselves or children of exiles. They were shipped to Guatemala, trained to be terrorists by the CIA for a year and eventually they were unleashed on the Cuban people on April 17th, 1961.

There was absolutely no way 1,300 rag-tag “freedom fighters” was going to overthrow the legitimate government of Cuba. That was never the intention. They were bait designed to be horribly outnumbered and over-matched so that the new president, John F. Kennedy, would be forced to launch airstrikes and a ground invasion against Cuba in order to save them.

It didn’t work out that way and most of them were captured by the Castro government and eventually released about a year later to go back home to Miami where they were treated as heroes and had a party thrown for them at the Orange Bowl by President Kennedy.

The Cuban exiles are primarily Cuban fascists who thrived during the glory days of Cuba’s Batista regime. After the revolution and the subsequent nationalizations that followed, Cuba’s Business-firsters were sent packing because Castro knew they would always plot and plan his demise from within hoping to once again turn the country into the fascist profit center it once was. That’s who sent their young men and kids over to the waiting arms of the CIA to be trained as terrorists so they could help “liberate” their home country from the evils of national healthcare, universal education and land reform.

In much the same way the Libyans of Manchester longed for the day Moammar Gadhafi was removed from power. So when the Brits and Hillary Clinton kicked off the color revolution in Libya in 2011, Libyan families were more than happy to offer-up their children to the cause… in hopes they could parley their efforts (and lives?) into a glorious return to their home country and a return to business as it used to be in Libya.

Salman Ramadan Abedi’s father Ramadan Abedi, also known by Abu Ismail, fled Libya just after the revolution that brought the Green Revolution to power. He was found to be tipping off future terrorists before they could be rounded up and kept from destabilizing the country, so he high-tailed it to Britain where he ended up living in Manchester, which, like Maimi, became a mecca for angry exiles who were pissed off because their profitable country had suddenly been turned over to the peasants.

In the 1990s, Ramadan worked as a security officer in Libya under Moammar Gadhafi‘s dictatorship. But he was accused of tipping off Islamists before police raids and fled to Saudi Arabia in 1993. He spent less than one year in the country before packing up and fleeing to the U.K. He and his family sought political asylum and resided there for about 25 years.

In 2011, the father returned to Libya after the uprising, overthrow and death of Gadhafi. ” Chris Bucher

Back in 2011 when the Libyan color revolution kicked into high gear, the press in Britain had a very different take on Libyan kids heading over to the country to train to be terrorists and fight against the legitimate government. A very different take (H/T Resident)…

When the people of the eastern city of Benghazi rose up against Colonel Gaddafi’s rule, his son Saif was straight on Libyan state television, warning viewers that the uprising was the work of Libyans in the west who wanted to invade and steal the country’s oil.

And when he spoke of “Libyans in the west”, Saif Gaddafi included Manchester in his list.

He’s right that there are thousands of Libyans in Manchester who hate the Gaddafi regime. The city is home to Britain’s largest Libyan community. Almost every elder you meet fled Libya in the last 20 years, warned that they would be arrested or killed if they stayed, simply for calling for change.

They fled west in terror. But now they sense Gaddafi could finally be beaten; they’re not afraid any more. And they are daring to go back – some to find family, others to help the rebels. Some to fight alongside them.” Channel 4 News, June 2011

The Libyan exiles living in Manchester became Britain’s version of Brigade 2506 They were recruited, trained and shipped to Libya to overthrow the legitimate left-wing government of that once beautiful country so the technocrats could move in and chop up the nation as fast as they could once Moammar was out of the way. And many opportunistic Libyans from Manchester figured they would get in on the ground floor by sending their offspring to train as and become the terrorists who started the collapse.

Salman Ramadan Abedi’s father was one such exile.

Ultimately Ramadan would eventually send three of his children to fight and terrorize Libyan people, the ones who are struggling to take back their country from Britain and the U.S.

Unfortunately for the people of Libya, John F. Kennedy wasn’t the president in 2011… Barack Obama was. A man who by all accounts lacks a moral center of any kind. The British appealed to Hillary Clinton’s greed and naked opportunism and they got her on board and she eventually sold the regime change operation to President Obama (according to Clinton)

Unlike Cuba, when the rag-tag band of exile terrorists got in trouble and it looked like Libya was going to wipe them out… Hillary and Barack did what Kennedy would not… sent in the airstrikes and killed thousands of Libyans so the British exile terrorists would prevail.

Since then Ramadan Abedi has been living in Libya and working for the puppet government we set up after Gadhafi’s murder. His sons went over to live with him and eventually to train with the CIA terrorist groups that destabilized the country in the first place. It is unclear whether or not they all ended up traveling to Syria to take part in that destabilization campaign but they did go back and forth to Britain regularly with no travel restrictions.

Today, Abedi the father is under arrest by the same puppet regime he went to work for. Masked arrested him yesterday as he tried to tell the press his son did not attack British civilians in Manchester.

Salman’s brothers have also been arrested. Looks like someone is trying to silence a number of folks who know him and know what he REALLY was and who REALLY radicalized him.

A number of other Libyans living in Manchester were also arrested. They were living in a house that one of the brothers lived in. In all likelihood, they were also arrested because of what the KNEW about Salman and his history as opposed to what they planned to do.

That’s what they have to do folks. When the cash in an asset like they did with Salman, they have to make sure anyone who knows he was part of a British program similar to Brigade 2506 is arrested and kept from opening their mouths to the press.

But if you look at the history of this family, if you understand the history of the Libyan exiles in Manchester, you can figure it out without their testimony.

The statement of the father before he was whisked away makes it very clear and even though he is gone now the truth is still out there, if but only a few will ever have the chance to see it and understand it for what it really is.

Last night on Tucker Carlson, he had two guests on, one was Nigel Farge.

They were pondering the question of why there are 400 known terrorist trained British citizens living in the UK without being arrested, without being kept from returning from places like Syria and Libya.

Of course, the screeching Islamaphobes blamed this trend on “politically correct” politicians who are unwilling to do what they said needs to be done, meaning crack down on “radical Islam”

It never once occurred to them that the 400 or so CIA-trained terrorists living among the British population are there and allowed to move about freely because they had served the British wing of the Deep State as members of al Qaeda, al-Nusra, Libya Shield Force , 17 February Martyrs’ Brigade and even “ISIS”

In the United States there have been dozens of terrorist attacks carried out by Cuban exiles living here in complete freedom. Exiles who were trained to be terrorists in other countries. Hell, Kennedy threw them a damn party when they got back.

Some of these terrorists killed placed bombs on planes, they killed the Chilean ambassador to the U.S., they’ve bombed ships in the Miami harbor.

In one 24-hour period in December, 1975, a Cuban exile terrorist placed 8 bombs in the Miami, Florida area.  Most of these bombs were placed in Government buildings such as Post Offices, Social Security Offices, the State Attorney’s office in Miami, and even in the Miami FBI Office.

There have also been several political shootings attributed to Cuban exile terrorists. Summary of Dawson talks 6/18. 19/79

Sometimes the exile communities take matters into their own hands. Sometimes they are the perfect candidates for various Deep State actions because they are trained and experienced killers with a fanatical devotion to their “cause”

One of them was even linked to a grassy knoll back in ’63. We may never know if that is true, but it does make one wonder, does it not?

Ramadan Abedi was a Libyan exile living in Manchester surrounded by scores of other Libyan exiles all waiting for the day they could return home and profit from the fire sale that would follow the regime change of Libya. He got his wish.

Whether or not his son Salman went off the rails is a question for another day.

We know the timing of the event couldn’t have served the establishment Conservative party any better as it shut down the campaign that Theresa May was in the process of losing. That’s a fact that is completely undeniable.

We also know his father (and brother?) said Salman didn’t do it… right before they were all arrested and whisked away for a couple “re-education” sessions in some dark hole somewhere.

Was Salman and his family “radicalized”? Yes. But not by Islam and certainly not by the internet.

They were radicalized by a lifetime of dreams of returning to their home country so they could get in there on the ground floor and turn a profit like all the other vultures who flock to the carcass of a regime changed country to pick the bones clean and make their fortunes off the scraps left by British and U.S. “national interests”

Let this be a lesson to all those who think their Deep State handlers have your best interests at heart. They don’t. They will turn you out like the whores your are and never miss one night’s sleep over it. Just like most exiles feel the suffering of the people from their home countries is worth them getting back to business and making profits, the Deep State will gladly offer you and your’s up to the Greater Good. Whether they do it over there as a “freedom fighter” or back home as a “radicalized terrorist” it doesn’t matter. You are fodder to them, pawns in a great game you know nothing about except for your personal greed and ambition.

Did Salman do it? Doubtful.

Is he the patsy? Definitely.

Did he and his family get what they deserved? …

Not all Libyans living in Manchester are fascist terrorists working for the Deep State by becoming terrorists in places like Syria and Libya. And not all Cubans living in exile in Miami are the kinds that conducted so many terrorists acts over the past couple of decades in Cuba and the U.S. I do not mean to give that impression with this article. But the fact is, some are. There are thousands of Libyans living in the U.K. who have not become “freedom fighters” overseas just as there are hundreds of thousands of Cubans living here in America who would like to see a political change in Cuba brought about by peaceful means. In fact, the vast majority of these people living in exile are decent people just trying to get by like everyone else. Extremists of any group should never be held as representatives of the whole.

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  1. Your article is interesting, and ties into another little-talked about effort which took place during the early 1960’s apparently to brainwash Cuban children on a large scale. This effort appears to have been jointly run by the Catholic Church and CIA, and was dubbed “Operation Peter Pan.” It involved taking 14,000 Cuban children away from their parents and shipping them to the U.S., achieved by CIA false propaganda which instilled fear in Cuban parents that the new communist government in Cuba was going to remove their children and indoctrinate them. The requirement of passports and visas was waived for these children. The person who coordinated this effort was one Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh in Miami. The Wikipedia article about him has been scrubbed.

    I have linked two sisters who came in 1962 as unaccompanied minors to the U.S. during Operation Peter Pan (also called “Operation Pedro Pan”) to the psy op involving my niece Brittany Maynard, who has been used as the poster child for the Soros-sponsored effort to push physician-assisted suicide. Legalized “assisted suicide” is probably the biggest social change this country has ever seen, immunizing doctors for murder–it is eugenics–yet it has gone almost completely unheralded as such. The sisters are the mother and aunt of Dan Diaz, who poses as Brittany’s widower while stumping for the assisted suicide measure state by state. Brittany’s uncle David Q. Ziegler (her mother’s brother) is in military intelligence.

    I have investigated Brittany’s “suicide” and uncovered substantial evidence it was a hoax, and my niece is off enjoying a pile of cash somewhere, as are her mother and faux husband. My blog post about it is at:

    I have not yet added this information about the Operation Pedro Pan sisters to the above blog post, but will be doing so shortly.

    • that is a fascinating story and I think it happens all too often in this country and perhaps others. thanks for the comment

    • Dino? Is that you? How ya been – it’s me granite from back in the old days at mhb

    • Very interesting Alison.

      If it helps, I recommend posting recent photos of your niece with a non-smiling resting face because with her ‘posed’ smile in the authentic photos comparison with the ‘fake’ pudgy ones where she never smiles is not really fruitful.

      One does notice that her bottom teeth always show prominently and her top teeth not at all and her mouth shape is distinctly downturned in the ‘fake’ pudgy photos and videos, whereas it appears to be exactly the opposite in the authentic photos. But the posed smile in the authentic photos makes good evaluation impossible.

      I tried posting this on the page you linked above but it dumped the post twice, which seems to confirm the problems you mention with that site.

  2. This is very very good, Scott. It puts so many aspects of the games being played into perspective. Thank you.

  3. So Scott, do you think that the Manchester attack was a real bombing? What about the Boston Bombing? Are you not troubled by the lack of cctv footage of any real carnage?

    • did something go off that terrified those kids and others at the venue? Yes. You heard it on the videos and watched the reaction. Hard too get that many people signed up as crisis actors, don’t you think?

      did 22 die as a result? probably not. exaggerated with names and identities of either real or fictitious people.

      where people injured and maybe one or two killed? yes.

      In my opinion, what they do sometimes (not all events are staged. some are in fact mass casualty events) is set off a small event that is made larger by complicit authorities in the area. In this case, I believe they set off something like a backpack bomb (just like Boston) sitting on the ground near that wall. The bomb is small and rigged with something less than a high explosive. It is loaded with small caliber shrapnel like BBs or brad nails (thats EXACTLY what they used in Boston) which, when it goes off, does damage and hurts people and could actually kill (in Boston I believe that young woman actually died) but the bomb is designed so the shrapnel will spread and stay low at leg level (for instance, the images of the two people injured showed them both with leg injuries) which will beef up the numbers of casualties but not fatalities.

      They lock down the scene and secure the people involved and tell the story later, exaggerating the numbers. Even first responders would have a hard time contradicting the official results because no one is everywhere when something like that happens and it’s easy to say later the confusion made you misremember the carnage.

      So… in short… my answer is … both. Yes, it was a real false flag attack and yes there were some injuries, probably a lot. But no, it wasn’t what they claimed it was in either design or body count. The footage, if shown, would back up my conclusion which is why it isn’t shown.

      I believe Sandy Hook was a case like this. As was the Orlando attack, the Paris attacks, the Boston Bombing and several others. Again, not all of them are and not all of the victims, living or dead, were staged. It’s a mix.

      • On the money, Scott!

      • Scott- thanks for answering my question about whether you think the Manchester Arena bombing ( or the Boston Bombing) was a real bomb that actually injured people. I’m still a little confused though by the logistics of your theory. You suggest that these bombings and shootings are a mix of real and fake. So you think that some low explosive device went off and injured some unwitting victims? That the injuries were mostly minor because only BBs and small shrapnel were used? Then, after this nasty surprise, the victims agree to play along with the story of a much bigger bomb for money and a moment of fame perhaps?

        The problem is that even if the trajectory of the shrapnel is kept at a low angle, so as to only injure people’s legs, that doesn’t prevent a piece of it from hitting a shorter person or child in the eyes. This would be a very difficult matter to control. I have a hard time believing that people who are seriously injured are going to agree to follow a script and lie about the circumstances of such an event. Watch the videos of plasmaburns on youtube and you will see that all of the victims of the Boston Bombing are making provably false claims about their injuries.

        It seems much more likely to me that the victims of such events are chosen in advance, promised large amounts of money, and perhaps further persuaded by having some pending criminal matter dropped by the authorities. They are then forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement, given their script, and the show goes on. Harmless flash powder devices are used in very confined areas where nonparticipants are excluded.

        This would have been possible in the Manchester Arena, because the site of the “explosion” was apparently a narrow hallway, which may well not have been accessible to the general public. Similarly, in the case of the Boston Bombing, the bomb sites could easily have been cordoned off from the rest of the uninitiated spectators. Indeed, if you look at the Tang and Thorndyke photos of the event, you can see crowd handlers blocking certain onlookers while letting other ordinary looking people stand and gawk right in the epicenter of the “carnage”. There was even one such ordinary looking guy who can later be found wearing an FBI jacket.

        I am belaboring this point because I think that it is confusing to suggest that these events could be somehow controlled in a limited fashion by using patsies with real devices that could inflict real harm. If someone can be induced to commit what he thinks is a real act of terror, then the government is partly off the hook for both the consequences of the bombing, and for the resulting response. If this bomber was really willing to detonate something in a crowd that he thought was going kill people, then we potentially do have a real problem with terrorism, even if in his case he was egged on by intelligence assets.

        If, on the other hand, the government has created these events out of whole cloth, so as to be able to use them at specific moments to cause panic, and to influence public debate about current events, then what we have is a much more serious crime against democracy. These entirely synthetic events have been used, in my opinion, to cause terror in millions of people worldwide, and have permanently disfigured our legal code. They have caused the American public to endorse outrageous and illegal behavior by its government, both at home and abroad. Terrorism always benefits the State, and the State is almost always the unequivocal perpetrator.

        • ” You suggest that these bombings and shootings are a mix of real and fake.”


          ” So you think that some low explosive device went off and injured some unwitting victims?”

          Yes. And you can actually see it in one of the videos. The one from the finish line looking back at that old man running the race. When the thing goes off, you can see the concussion wave hit the banners on the protective barricade and blow through it. It’s not even a question. There was something in that device when it went off.

          ” That the injuries were mostly minor because only BBs and small shrapnel were used?”

          Sort of. That’s in the forensic reports by the way. BBs and brad nails. Small caliber shrapnel packed in the bomb. It’s official record.

          ” Then, after this nasty surprise, the victims agree to play along with the story of a much bigger bomb for money and a moment of fame perhaps?”

          NO. Don’t be silly. What are they going to know about the other victims? Nothing. They were injured for real… others were brought in to play roles. ONLY THEY knew what was really going on, the ones REALLY injured did not

  4. I don’t think anyone died in Boston. The videos by Peekay are very revealing about the Boston Marathon, as are those by Betsy McGee about Carlos Arredondo. And yes, I do believe the stagers can come up with great numbers of crisis actors. They advertise for them on Craigslist. I saw such an ad in Gainesville, FL.

    • coming up with crisis actors for a drill is one thing. coming up with a large number of them, randomly picked from Craigslist, who will keep their mouths shut when a drill they take part in is suddenly being reported as real on the news is quite another.

      I mean, take Sandy Hook for instance. You had almost the entire town in on that one, afterwards that is. But it’s a company town. That’s a different thing than a group of kids looking for a day’s pay in Orlando or Manchester.

      Like I said, you don’t need that many of them. In that one pic from Manchester of the scene of the explosion, you had about maybe 10 vics lying on the ground wounded, but you could have had that with NO crisis actors and just a low explosive device designed to do what I wrote before… wound, not kill. No crisis actor needed… at the scene. Then all you need are the specialists they bring in to act as family members and so forth, but that stuff is with folks picked to do the job, folks who know the score. See what I am saying?

      • Yes, I agree; it varies. But they do get these people to sign confidentiality agreements, and if they then change the background or give other misinformation to the participants, the actors themselves may never realize they appear in any particular scene, even if they happen to catch the TV report of it.

      • You may have touched on something without understanding it fully regardling CL. The CL casual encounters, wfm section has become a haven for spammers, sex workers and, almost more and more certainly, a massive blackmail operation to line up our next generation of controlled “leaders.” Proof? Those groups in every major city runs the SAME posts, each group using their own formatting which becomes like a signature for the group behind the post. The trick in one case is the blackmail format uses a brief catchy come-on to prompt a quick horny reply to an apparently semi-normal ad. Yet formatted far below (well off the screen on a smartphone presumably) is massive amounts of additional text that can only be described as a gay ‘dirt pig’ word salad (NSFW for those inclined to google the phrase). Point being, if our private businesses and fifty eyes allies can read these messages, young men everywhere now have a nice little control file beginning with the first time they reached out to tranny bear for some kinky and dirty manlove. Imagine that following some 20 year old through life. Go ahead and confirm this by following CL’s CE/wfm section in various cities for a week. It’s bizarre. It could be some anti-social hetero-hating boy-genuis messing with CL and its horny users. Someone or something playing with crude AI programs for nefarious purposes is another reasonable theory.

        • Very interesting. Never thought of CL before in this context – functioning somewhat like another 4chan.

        • The word salad you describe is used as search optimization – so, any of those words when plugged into CL search will put the ad in the results, thus increasing exposure. That’s it.

      • Hoax event do not make sense. If they really exist it means our rulers really do not want too kill that many of us thus are willing to go through great lengths and lost of trouble for themselves to reduce real casualty number.

        Killing people is the simples and easiest to pull off. Why to make all preparations, creating fake victims, fake witnesses, fake families, and then many people from local police, hospitals, etc. who may begin to suspect that something is not right with the story.

        Real bomb and real victims and real witnesses is the full proof method. The hardest part is patsy creation which is still relatively easy. Unit A independent of local authorities does the deed. Unit B in connection with some liaison officers among local police and authorities arrange for patsy narrative. The local police with a bit of supervision by the liaison officers who are not know to them does the investigation.

        • I agree to some degree. Some of the mass casualty events, IMO, are real. Well, real events, real assets pulling them off, fake patsies to take the fall.

          However. Some were staged. And I think they do that because, yes, in a way, it is easier to get away with real events… to a point. You don’t have all the possible leakers to tell the story, you don’t have to get so many agencies on board… so yeah, real events are easier. You just have to have a small number of people in key positions willing to help out, and of course, some mercenary brought in for the job.

          However, there is one big difference. Take Sandy Hook for instance. Killing a bunch of kids in a school is pretty monstrous. And if that got out that they did that for whatever their ultimate goal was, the blowback wouldn’t just put a lot of people in the electric chair, it would cripple their plans for whatever agenda it was they were working on.

          So I think it’s a kind of business equation for them. They want huge events with victims that generate the most sympathy and anger, but they actually don’t want to be that guy in the room who suggests unleashing some Wahhabist merc from Saudi Arabia on a school full of little children… nor do they want to risk an entire “progressive” administration being removed from power and sent to the gas chamber.

          So, they come up with a PR stunt of sorts.

          In other cases, like I said, IMO, they do stage a bombing like in Boston, with a real device, but one that isn’t designed to kill, only maim. Look at when they set that off. Not when the leaders of the race finished, when the casualty count would have been higher and it was being broadcast on TV, but rather 2 hours later when nothing but straglers were coming in and fewer fans were there… and no live TV coverage. Why do that if they didn’t care about fatalities? In fact, why use small caliber shrapnel like they did? If the whole thing was to make it as terrifying as possible, why not use nuts and bolts and high explosive?

          In some cases, you are correct. It is easier to just send in a jackal and make sure he (they) get out (Aurora, the ambush in New York, San Bernadino and others) but in other cases (some listed above) I think it’s easier IN THE LONG RUN to stage part of it inserting some crisis actors to play grieving family members, stuff like that.

          It’s hard to ignore the crisis actors involved in SOME of these events. It’s hard to ignore how some real family members keep giggling and laughing all the way to the podium. Nerves may account for one or two of them, but not that many. Plus, like with the case of the reporter in VA, it’s hard to ignore the performance backgrounds of many of these so-called “grieving family members”

          But it’s an interesting discussion, isn’t it.

          • Yes, it could be an interesting discussion. Actually I would not mind reading a book where all possible variants are analyzed and some taxonomy of auto-terror events is constructed.

            I wonder whether the movie Wag the Dog was not some form of foreshadowing of future hoax events just like Manchurian Candidate of John Frankenheimer was foreshadowing of RFK assassination. BTW, Frankenheimer drove RFK in his car from a fund raising event to the hotel where RFK got killed.

            If hoax events were actually tried successfully this would imply that they can do pretty much anything. They must feel very confident. Their techniques will only get better. It will be all virtual in the end. All victims and witnesses will be CGA.

            Actors are needed in drills. Drills are the perfect environments for injecting your team A to carry out the terror act and to extract them safely. I can imagine that some of the footage from the drill might be used as part of the real event but that is all. I still have a problem with the so-called victims and victims’ families as being actors. These actors have their families, friends and communities. They can’t get away by performing a weeping, say mother or father of non existent child in from of the whole nation.

            There must be another reason why some events seem to appear as hoax events. Could it be intentionally? So people who particularly are at odds with the government will not get really angry. Why should you be angry about Sandy Hood? Nobody died there. It is just a show for the stupid people but not for me who see through it and knows it was a hoax.

            Is it possible that all the hoax rumors are there to take the edge off the event. Few minutes after any terror attack Youtube if full of videos with “hoax” in the title. These youtube yahoos know nothing but they know it is a hoax.

            • When you think about it… the Cold War and the New Cold War, they’re manufactured conflicts, aren’t they? So too is the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

              How do you know everyone who knew some of these folks (and remember, I am not saying ALL of the victims were hoaxes) went along with the program and said nothing? Because you don’t see their stories in the press? CNN gonna cover them? MSNBC? Fox? New York Times maybe?

              Look at 9/11. Was it 15 of them found alive after the attack? And the press actually covered that… for about a second and then POOF.. gone. Never mentioned again.

              In the case of the shooting of the reporter at Smith Mountain Lake… my guess is she was chosen for the job because she shares an ideology with the people who created the event. She was willing to start over again, in some kind of project similar to the witness relocation program. Her father happened to be a community theater actor who feels the same way. So, he was allowed to be in on it and do all those press interviews. Sometimes it’s helpful when you have family members willing to take part and their backgrounds come into play if they have training. Other times, you never hear a peep from their families. Right?

              The hoax line is definitely manipulated. There is no doubt about that. I even had a guy approach me online who started up a new line of so-called “investigation” into 9/11 by trying too say there were no victims, that it was all a hoax. He even went so far as to add the bullshit narrative that the Twin Towers were empty shells at the time of the demolition. So yes, that happens. He thought he would try to get me to push that shit because back then, I was kinda on the 9/11 Truth radar. But I didn’t go for it.

              I do not subscribe to the hoax line as default and it takes quite a bit of research for me to come to that conclusion. Again, I’m arguing with you here and arguing with hoax subscribers as well because I believe, with few exceptions, that none of the ones they embellished were pure hoaxes. In Sandy Hook, they had a merc run in there and start shooting up the place. In Boston, they set off a device designed to wound, not kill. So I get it from both sides. Everyone seems to think it’s and either/or situation. I don’t think the evidence points to that. But I am certainly NOT one of those assholes who calls everything a hoax as soon as it happens. And to answer your question, there is very good reason those idiots post those so quickly… money. Videos of these events posted quickly tend to get a lot of views, which translates into lots of cash. It’s kinda like videos with the name “Set Rich” in them right now. It’s just money.

  5. Hey Scott: Interesting read- It seemed there was an MI5 connection to that incident because the alleged bomber attended Didsbury Mosque- As did his brother- Didsbury had MI5 connections to Libyans going back a while now- It’s also a Salafist mosque.

    Salafists loom large in NATO stay behind/irregular ops
    It seems this is due to the fact they have an interesting ideology that jives with the order out of chaos pushed round the world

    “Salafism basicly a rebranded khawarij ideology. They renounce everything which has been build up for centuries so they can justify their actions.

    One of the commenters left this link regarding Salafi beliefs- It’s an eye opener

    The US leaking the identity before british police and evidence from the site was also a big tell- It’s a gladio style operation- False flag in the sense that’s it’s not ‘Islamic terrorism’ as classically presented- it’s pure 5 eyes terror

    • I always saw Salafists as the neoliberal fascists of the Muslim world. They aren’t really Muslims and they hate the socialist aspect of the religion.

      • Hi willy:
        good way of framing them- Clearly they aren’t really muslims because they hate everything about that religion- and the people who follow it

        When I read that link, I understood their usefullness

  6. Nice explanation, Definitely on the right track! This has now become a MAJOR issue in the UK, especially when the Queen turns up to hear from smiling victims about how terrible it was! I watched the entire aftermath live on the BBC and SKY from 10.55pm all night (major insomnia episode) I saw terrified victims clearly psychologically disturbed by what happened. These victims were not shown again. Now we see mostly laughing and smiling people and everything they say can be taken directly from the TV and Twitter Hell,I could pretend to be a witness and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

  7. Another issue is how the breaking news on the BBC and SKY was reported as coming FROM American intelligence services! A few on Twitter at around 3.00,am were asking HOW come we are getting nothing from our own police. The nail bomb/suicide news came first directly from US TV news and we were all laughing too saying “where did they get this ridiculous idea from?” because we were all in disbelief for hours!

    • Marie – thanks this really puts things in context. So what the equation is for many of these events is to just exaggerate a firework show. I used to think they would take a regular incident and exaggerate it but this looks like a complete staging like Boston. And since our complicit media reported it first it was done with the US over seeing the psyop

  8. Oh boy Scott, you sure will be triggering Paul Watson by not calling Abedi a “radical Muslim” I can see Paul Joesphine Twatson and the whole “alt-media” shills screaming about Islam now. I don’t have the patience to sit through with PJW’s rant on Islam but let me know if he’s begging for the police state and for the stormtroopers i.e. the army “keeping us safe”.

  9. Another part of this story I’ve been hearing is that there are people “unaccounted for”. When I first heard this it struck me as absolutely bizarre – perhaps those “missing” (for whatever reason) have since returned but I haven’t heard news confirming this.

    Can I aslo recommend this parallel article which is packed with details regarding links to Libyan islamist factions and western intelligence services:

  10. Thank you, this was very informative and may explain why Trump is blocked at every turn when he tries to restrict immigration from Muslim countries; the CIA undoubtedly has a similar program.
    re the Manchester bombing: I read somewhere that there was a drill the day prior having the exact same characteristics as the actual event. In addition if an explosion in an enclosed was so loud that it was heard everywhere how did ceiling tiles, floor tiles and light fixtures escape unscathed? And with a crowd of teen whey are there not two thousand youtube videos?? I am inclined to think the boy was a patsy who probably had nothing to do with the bombing and probably is now dead.
    I believe this was a false flag done to buy May some space as her numbers were falling and instead, it is backfiring on her.

    • When it first kicked off, his “Muslim ban” that wasn’t, I wrote about how the travel restriction focused on the countries where our “moderate” terrorists are currently stationed and suggested that he was doing exactly that: blocking their return or keeping them from being paid off for their services with a free trip to a new life in the States. I noted how the media jumped all over him as if they had been assigned that task. I also wrote the big thing the media said about it was it would keep the “translators” from coming to America. Aint no way we have that many “translators” working over there. What it threatened was the contracts they made with these people and the Deep State knew if they couldn’t give these thugs the new life they promised, they would quit working for them, doing their dirty work overseas. It was one of the major fallouts he had with the intel services early on.

  11. To be accurate, apparently dad Ramadan Abedi did not say his son was innocent, rather that he thought it unlikely, and he does apparently think there were “hidden hands” involved according to Reuters who say they were the ones interviewing Ramadan Abedi when he was arrested in Tripoli by Rada. Here’s the Reuters text:

    “But Ramadan Abedi said he was sure Salman had not been a member of the jihadist group. “Salman doesn’t belong to any organization,” he said. “The family is a bit confused because Salman doesn’t have this ideology, he doesn’t hold these beliefs.”
    “I didn’t expect that to happen, never,” Abedi said, adding that he thought there were “hidden hands” behind the attack.
    “We condemn these terrorist acts on civilians, innocent people,” he said.


    Abedi also said he was certain Salman had not been in Syria. “I checked his two passports and there wasn’t anything in them, he didn’t travel to Syria,” he said.
    While Reuters was interviewing Abedi, several unmarked vehicles carrying heavily armed Rada forces drove up to the family home in the Tripoli suburb of Ayn Zara and detained him.”

  12. Then again, here is the edited Reuters interview with Ramadan Abedi where the translation makes him seem more definite that he believes his son is innocent than the print article reflects. Here he is translated as saying “I’m sure that Salman didn’t carry out such an act but there are hidden hands behind this.”

    His casual offhand demeanor in regard to such serious allegations about his son is curious – by my American reading of demeanor he seems far more detached and casual than I imagine an innocent person in his circumstance would be, but maybe a Libyan reading of demeanor might not concur.

    It’s also interesting to note that alleged perp Salman is alleged to have returned to England from Libya via Düsseldorf, Germany in mid May. One is reminded of Germans found in the past terrorizing Iraq and Libya dressed as Arabs, and the recent German-Arab terrorist story. If Salman is a patsy he may also have possibly been more than a little witting even so.

  13. […] Salman Abedi Wasn’t a “Radicalized” Muslim: He Was Part of Britain’s Version of Brigade 250… […]

  14. Some of the Cuban exiles, but not all, are very toxic people. I once invited a friend of my grandmother’s over for tea, I served them their cups, and she accused me of “drugging her” all of a sudden. I could tell she felt a strong urge to throw bile at me for no discernible reason. We invited them for coffee at a Mexican restaurant chain, even offering to pay for them, but this woman rudely brushed off all alternatives.

  15. […] arrests leave open the question – is this a legitimate round up of terror suspects, or, as some have suggested, a means of silencing those who might reveal too much about the Abedi family’s connections with […]

  16. […] speedy arrests leave open the question – is this a legitimate round up of terror suspects, or, as some have suggested, a means of silencing those who might reveal too much about the Abedi family’s connections with […]

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