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  1. It’s the undeniable fingerprint of global zionism HQ’d in The City of London, DC and Tel Aviv. The evidence is always paltry, details like motive are known immediately and their proxy terrorist army in the ME always claims responsibility etc etc. Folks in the USA, UK and Europe need to face up to the unbelievable – that their puppet leaders will mercilessly sanction the murder of their own citizens for their agenda and screw their children while they’re at it. There ya go – I said it..

  2. Why would ISIS attack one of the countries that helped create it, and continues to fund and train it? This was a fake attack, where no one died. If the PTB could pull it off in Boston, they could certainly do so in Manchester England. Don’t think The Boston Bombing was fake? Watch plasmaburns’ youtube videos on this subject:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYJSmkRV1ZM

  3. Why is it that there always seem to be terror drills shortly before these “attacks” happen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyTTzLQ3mt0 Why don’t we ever see the drills scheduled to take place shortly after the events if the drills are mere coincidences? With thousands of cell phones at the scene, why are there no clear pictures of the blast area? Why are all the photos of victims so staged looking, without showing much other than the inevitableTourniquet. Why are there always children involved? How will this incident be used at the NATO summit meeting now taking place? Will there be an angry call for a military response? Are we going to see NATO boots on the ground in Syria being used to block the Syrian Arab Army from retaking the eastern portions of the country now held by ISIS?

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