As Polls Shift in England and Conservatives Start to Lose Ground… Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Wall of Controversy has left a comment with links to a very interesting article. The page shows how Rupert Murdoch’s Sun magazine posted a slanderous piece about Jeremy Corbyn a few hours after the bombing. It tried to make him look like a terrorist sympathizer. Clearly it was written prior to the attack and sitting on someone’s desk waiting for just the right moment. Talk about collusion.

UPDATE: All campaigning suspended “until further notice” which means Mays’ slide is forced to come to a halt.

Last night in Manchester, England as young people were flocking out of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande, a bomb went off in a subway station (Victoria station) that services the venue that was hosting the event (Manchester Arena)

It was said to have been a suicide bomb.

At time I’m writing this article, the casualty list is already pretty high. 22 are reported as dead with another 59 injured. Though few have been officially identified due to pending notifications and the young age of many of the victims.

Officials report it was a “homemade bomb”. How they figured that so early in the investigation is anyone’s guess.

On Fox News this morning the morning crew sitting on their couch with their coffee table, they were all adequately somber and stoically angered at the senseless attack on young, upper middle class white people in Britain. To prove they meant business, they brought in an Israeli security contractor who proceeded to explain to them that the way you fight this kind of terrorism is by “throwing money at” defense contractors, preferably ones from Israel… like himself. I’m not kidding. That’s EXACTLY what he did and not a single one of those three insipid talking heads on the couch of shame had the nerve to call him out for trying to cash in on the attack and his 15 minutes of fame it bought him.

That in itself should tell you a lot about the kinds of men who become counter-terrorism contractors… or network talking heads for that matter.

I have yet to investigate this event more closely. I will do that today. But I just wanted to point out something odd… yet also altogether too common in these kinds of events and that is the rather odd timing of it all.

Months ago Theresa May called for snap elections so she could strengthen her position in Parliament for the coming years as Brexit unfolds and the Conservatives look to push still more austerity on the people of the UK as D-Day approaches.

The Conservatives enjoy a solid lead but it’s been slipping a bit over the past two weeks as the populist anti-austerity, anti-neoliberal message of Jeremy Corbyn resonates with voters tired of the path Britain is traveling down today.

This past weekend saw a major shift in polling numbers as the party manifestos were released to the public and talk of things  like “dementia taxes” started.

General election LIVE poll

(the source of the image above and also for more updates regarding the upcoming election can be found here)

Ever since May 8, the Tories have been heading in one direction while Labor was heading in another. The trend was building speed and momentum. In Wales, Labor has surged 16 points in a week.

Theresa May is under constant fire from all sides. It’s been a really bad two weeks for her. She speaks in front of small audiences while Corbyn addresses massive audiences. It’s starting to look like Clinton vs. Sanders over there. Or Clinton v Trump for that matter.

And now this.

The Prime Minister has suspended her campaign as a result of the attack. She says it’s “clear” they have been targeted by terrorism and of course Fox News and Sky News over there couldn’t agree more.

It’s important to note, Jeremy Corbyn has a long history of wanted to get Britain out of the coalition of the willing in Syria.

It’s also well known that May has every intention to remain part of the coalition of regime change assets in Syria and there was even a recent article in the Guardian in which they laid out the differences between the two main factions in this upcoming election:

“A vote for the Conservatives is a vote to escalate the war in Syria and prolong the suffering of its people, Labour has said, after it emerged that Theresa May could try to push a motion through the House of Commons on joining military action against Bashar al-Assad if she wins next month’s election…

Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National party and Greens are lining up to oppose any escalation of military action against the Syrian president, but May would find it easier to defy them and Tory backbench rebels if the polls are correct that she is on course for a sizeable majority on 8 June.

Thornberry raised the stakes with a warning that backing the Tories was a “vote to repeat the mistakes of Iraq from a prime minister who just last weekend refused to accept that she got Iraq wrong”.” Guardian

Why is it that all of these acts of terrorism in the UK and elsewhere across the globe always seem to happen right as some country is deciding to either dig in deeper in the Middle East or back away? It happened in France (a couple times), it happened in Australia and it happened in Japan.

The purveyors of such things always say that terrorism promotes militarism. When countries get hit, they tend to lean toward a more aggressive stance in foreign affairs. It’s a fact. 9/11 is a good example.

And who is the candidate who’s “tough on terrorism” and wants to get deeper into the regime change game in Syria? You guessed it… the one who happens to be slipping in the polls right now.

Or at least she was.

I know it’s jaded and cynical of me, but less than two months ago a terrorist cell was discovered in France operating out of the German army. An active duty soldier was arrested making ready a false flag attack and the plan was traced up the command line pretty high as I recall. In fact, just two weeks ago another soldier was busted for being part of the plan.

I don’t know who is behind this attack and I am certainly not suggesting Theresa May had any part in it’s planning. But if you think assholes like that Israeli contractor who was on Fox this morning are incapable of doing things like this in order to advance their own ideology when it comes to the upcoming election determining how much Britain is going to “throw money” at them, you are indeed naive.

And then, of course, there is always the Deep State which is certainly very active in Europe these days.

Whatever happened, my heart goes out the victims and their loved ones who suffer right now as a result of this horrendous act.

Terrorism is terrorism. Whether it comes from some Saudi Wahhabist “moderate” head-chopper or your local fusion center, it’s still as rank, still as cowardly.

And for someone to target children? That’s even worse.

Of course, they targeted children a month ago when those buses of refugees were attacked in Syria by our “moderate” head-choppers. The media barely mentioned their suffering. But that’s a different story. Or is it?

It’s a horrible thing these bastards are doing. Trick is, knowing who the bastards are.

27 Responses

  1. ineptly staged Hoax/ Exercise.
    Note the Orlando-style faked photo of big beefy guy with leg bandage being ‘helped’ by group of crisis actors.

  2. “Have guns (‘Gladios’), will travel”

  3. Worth noting: I was listening to BBC Radio Scotland early this morning and the presenter mentioned eyewitness reports of people being told to run before the bomb went off. I’ve not been following the reporting closely so I don’t know if that’s been reiterated.

  4. This is absolutely a terrorist act ordered by Theresa May in order for her to win next elections. Once again, no independent investigation and total cooperation of the media. Her policies were losing votes in this campaign in favour of Jeremy Corbyn.

  5. Hello Scott,
    I haven’t seen the Fox news bit with the
    Israeli security expert (read terrorist), but I’ll
    check when at a computer.
    There was another Israeli in the same line of work (terrorism) who was on Sky News a few years back talking about the latest terror incident at the time. He slipped when he mentioned how easy it would be for terrorists like the 7/7 bombing. His slip was in reference to 7/7 he said “as we did.” Or, like words; he then, quickly said “as happened” or like words.

  6. I have not seen any footage of bomb damage, nor did I see any Fire Engines, only Ambulances? There was a ‘bang’ heard, but I find it hard to believe 21,000 teenagers did not even inadvertently capture any real time footage? Or CCTV in such a public space? Compare this to photos of the 1996 IRA Manchester bomb blast to see what a real bomb looks like in Manchester city center.

  7. a Fox news clip reports that ISIS is taking credit for the attack. We know that means government agents …..

  8. Wonder if Kim Dotcom will now postpone his “revelation”? It was suppose to be today, wasn’t it?

  9. willy and co

    I have a commenter from Manchester UK
    Ally. Who has provided some updates
    Also interesting that it was the US that named the alleged suicide bomber

    Libyan- 23 years old- son of immigrants who ‘fled Gadaffi’

  10. I hope Britons are able to keep their heads cool after this tragedy, and not let it alter their thought patterns during the election. It’s not hard to call this conveniently timed bombing a false flag.

  11. Have you seen anything on a “drill” for a bombing attack to happen at the very same event taking place the day before? I think I read it on Jim Stone..keep up the great work!!

  12. Always follow your work closely, Scott. I don’t know why you refer to those attending the event as ‘upper, middle class’. From the people I saw and heard on the TV they mostly seemed like ordinary working class folk.

    • fair enough. I guess maybe because I view folks who are working as a kind of “upper middle class”. My brother is a doctor and he calls himself the same thing. Of course he also admits he makes enough to put himself in the 1% so… either way, if they have a job and can afford to send a couple kids to a show that costs in all about 100 per kid, then yeah, I say in that economy, that’s “upper”… but then again… I’m in Flordia not England. so I could be mistaken

      • Hi Scott, I feel quite bad for drawing your attention to a fairly minor detail, considering how much effort you put into your work. Thanks for taking the time to reply, and for everything you do on your site. Take care of yourself.

  13. Before Falklands war, Mrs. Thatcher popularity was at all times low. After they went to war her popularity went up. Mrs. Theresa May wants popularity to win an election and suddenly we have a bombing.

  14. Scott, you are absolutely correct about the polls. What you don’t know perhaps is that May had just been forced into a deeply embarrassing manifesto U-turn that was unprecedented in modern election history and a major blow to her carefully managed “strong and stable” image. More striking perhaps is that Murdoch has also been on an offensive against Corbyn trying to smear him as a terrorist sympathiser. Here is a link to an excellent post put up by Craig Murray about an article published shortly *after* the bombing:

    If you go down the page you will also find a comment I added that directs to another piece against Corbyn broadcast by Murdoch-ridden Sky News the previous day. It is also available on my own site here (along with a Murray’s post):

    Just think I should add that it should read “In Wales…”

  15. The MC Hoax is The Final Exam.
    If the Tory Dictatorshp turns England into Chipped Internment Camp,
    sure sets a bad precedent, doncha know…

    The MC Hoax is just Way Too Blatant.
    If they are allowed to Lockdown on the basis of this FalseFlag,
    We’re really cooked ay?

  16. MC Hoax is part of Their DePopulation Graph.
    Yemen starvation disease Atomic Bombing?
    to a neighborhood near you…?

    Tory Oligarchy & DC Traitors/Pentagon/ciaKapital etc…
    ( methinks we The Species might even Deserve Their Destruction Agenda, as long as their Malignancy should Not Survive)

  17. Off topic slightly …George Friedman, a well-connected insider
    at ‘Geopolitical Futures’ & Stratfor founder, calls IMMINENT
    massive attack on North Korea.

    What about the DEAD HAND Deterrent/ Retaliation ?
    The many Suitcase Nukes in position dc / nyc etc…

    • I just saw your email. I also just read another piece about a woman named Friedman who is head of NASDEQ or something like that. I wonder if they are all related in some way to Milton.

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