UK Column News – 23rd May 2017

As Polls Shift in England and Conservatives Start to Lose Ground… Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Wall of Controversy has left a comment with links to a very interesting article. The page shows how Rupert Murdoch’s Sun magazine posted a slanderous piece about Jeremy Corbyn a few hours after the bombing. It tried to make him look like a terrorist sympathizer. Clearly it was written prior to the attack and sitting on someone’s desk waiting for just the right moment. Talk about collusion.

UPDATE: All campaigning suspended “until further notice” which means Mays’ slide is forced to come to a halt.

Last night in Manchester, England as young people were flocking out of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande, a bomb went off in a subway station (Victoria station) that services the venue that was hosting the event (Manchester Arena)

It was said to have been a suicide bomb.

At time I’m writing this article, the casualty list is already pretty high. 22 are reported as dead with another 59 injured. Though few have been officially identified due to pending notifications and the young age of many of the victims.

Officials report it was a “homemade bomb”. How they figured that so early in the investigation is anyone’s guess.

On Fox News this morning the morning crew sitting on their couch with their coffee table, they were all adequately somber and stoically angered at the senseless attack on young, upper middle class white people in Britain. To prove they meant business, they brought in an Israeli security contractor who proceeded to explain to them that the way you fight this kind of terrorism is by “throwing money at” defense contractors, preferably ones from Israel… like himself. I’m not kidding. That’s EXACTLY what he did and not a single one of those three insipid talking heads on the couch of shame had the nerve to call him out for trying to cash in on the attack and his 15 minutes of fame it bought him.

That in itself should tell you a lot about the kinds of men who become counter-terrorism contractors… or network talking heads for that matter.

I have yet to investigate this event more closely. I will do that today. But I just wanted to point out something odd… yet also altogether too common in these kinds of events and that is the rather odd timing of it all.

Months ago Theresa May called for snap elections so she could strengthen her position in Parliament for the coming years as Brexit unfolds and the Conservatives look to push still more austerity on the people of the UK as D-Day approaches.

The Conservatives enjoy a solid lead but it’s been slipping a bit over the past two weeks as the populist anti-austerity, anti-neoliberal message of Jeremy Corbyn resonates with voters tired of the path Britain is traveling down today.

This past weekend saw a major shift in polling numbers as the party manifestos were released to the public and talk of things  like “dementia taxes” started.

General election LIVE poll

(the source of the image above and also for more updates regarding the upcoming election can be found here)

Ever since May 8, the Tories have been heading in one direction while Labor was heading in another. The trend was building speed and momentum. In Wales, Labor has surged 16 points in a week.

Theresa May is under constant fire from all sides. It’s been a really bad two weeks for her. She speaks in front of small audiences while Corbyn addresses massive audiences. It’s starting to look like Clinton vs. Sanders over there. Or Clinton v Trump for that matter.

And now this.

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