Trump “Prays for the Day” There is Regime Change in Iran and Thanks a Ruthless Saudi Dictator for His Money

by Scott Creighton

It’s Trump’s Brutal Dictator tour 2017!

In a country where slavery is still practiced, the second largest export is Wahhabist terrorism and women are second class citizens, President Trump gave a speech yesterday in which he said he “prays for the day” there is regime change in Iran and he thanked the country’s brutal dictator for his money.

Funny how time changes us, isn’t it Mr. President?

Then our president met with al-Sisi, the brutal dictator of Egypt and praised his choice of foot-wear.

Then he jetted off to meet with yet another brutal dictator.

Here’s to all that “CHANGE” you voted for. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was…

5 Responses

  1. If we want to look at things through a glass-half-full perspective, the AngloZionist arrangement seems to be on its way to self-destruction. Leadership in places like Cuba or Iran may just need to hold on a little longer.

  2. Sounds good to me.

  3. Love the way the anti-Trumpers are all over this jazz …. NOT!

  4. I think there is a car salesman’s mentality with Trump, he will say whatever is needed to get you to drive it off the lot but will he stand by his words to SA, probably not. The generals may be planning/wanting a war against Iran but I think Trump does not want that to occur during his tenure, we will see…

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