Flashback 1976: The Plot Against Harold Wilson, BBC 2006 (smeared him via accusation of him being an agent of Soviet Union… sound familiar?)

Under a project called A Clockwork Orange, British intelligence services worked with other Deep State agencies from around the world as well as with business leaders to undermine the public’s confidence in various left-leaning politicians including their popular prime minister, Harold Wilson. One smear tactic they employed was to suggest Wilson was an agent of the Soviet Union. The billionaire owners of the press outlets aided in this black propaganda operation willingly.

When they could find no connection between Wilson and the Russians, what they ended up doing was looking at all the trips he took to Russia prior to being elected prime minister and they said the Russians MUST have compromised him on something and are blackmailing him to do their dirty work in Britain.

Sound familiar?

Notice, in the first meeting with the reporters, Wilson reportedly told them “business interests” were conspiring to remove him from office.

4 Responses

  1. They did the same to Olof Palme, Sweden’s prime minister. Russian agent accusations etc. He was then assassinated in 1986.

  2. Contrary to popular belief the Thatcher regime didn’t deliver the first neoliberal austerity budget to the UK. That was under the Callaghan Labour government that succeeded Wilson’s.

  3. Richy Nix was atrocious on Chilean regime change and the Vietnam War, but the Environmental Protection Agency was founded under his administration, he eased tensions with the Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China, and America still had an industrial base. His impeachment did nothing to move the last four decades of the USA in a more positive direction. My opinion is that he was “less worse” than virtually everyone from Carter to Trump.
    Poor Harold Wilson. Maybe he should have asked the unions to play it quiet for a while, so the oligarchs couldn’t associate his ministry with “ungovernability”. If only contemporary figureheads could restrict the excesses of the richest like him. The black PR against him continues to this day if you read most literature about his tenure.

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