Flashback 1976: The Plot Against Harold Wilson, BBC 2006 (smeared him via accusation of him being an agent of Soviet Union… sound familiar?)

Under a project called A Clockwork Orange, British intelligence services worked with other Deep State agencies from around the world as well as with business leaders to undermine the public’s confidence in various left-leaning politicians including their popular prime minister, Harold Wilson. One smear tactic they employed was to suggest Wilson was an agent of the Soviet Union. The billionaire owners of the press outlets aided in this black propaganda operation willingly.

When they could find no connection between Wilson and the Russians, what they ended up doing was looking at all the trips he took to Russia prior to being elected prime minister and they said the Russians MUST have compromised him on something and are blackmailing him to do their dirty work in Britain.

Sound familiar?

Notice, in the first meeting with the reporters, Wilson reportedly told them “business interests” were conspiring to remove him from office.

Flashback Dec. 22, 1963: Harry Truman’s Washington Post Op Ed on the CIA

(The original was pulled from the Washington Post archives. This source preserved the text of it)

UPDATE: Tom K. sent me an email which linked to an article written by Ray McGovern in which he mentioned this op-ed by Harry Truman. It’s a good article on how the CIA has evolved into what it is now now.

By Harry S Truman

(excerpt)(emphasis mine)

…For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas.

I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. Some of the complications and embarrassment I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue—and a subject for cold war enemy propaganda.

With all the nonsense put out by Communist propaganda about “Yankee imperialism,” “exploitive capitalism,” “war-mongering,” “monopolists,” in their name-calling assault on the West, the last thing we needed was for the CIA to be seized upon as something akin to a subverting influence in the affairs of other people.

I well knew the first temporary director of the CIA, Adm. Souers, and the later permanent directors of the CIA, Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg and Allen Dulles. These were men of the highest character, patriotism and integrity—and I assume this is true of all those who continue in charge.

But there are now some searching questions that need to be answered. I, therefore, would like to see the CIA be restored to its original assignment as the intelligence arm of the President, and that whatever else it can properly perform in that special field—and that its operational duties be terminated or properly used elsewhere.

We have grown up as a nation, respected for our free institutions and for our ability to maintain a free and open society. There is something about the way the CIA has been functioning that is casting a shadow over our historic position and I feel that we need to correct it.

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Iran reformists sweep Tehran municipal council election

(While Donald Trump groveled at the feet of a brutal dictator, thanked him for his money and condemned Iran to earn favor with the tyrant, Iran held free and fair elections. Just sayin…)

Photo published for Landslide Win for Iran’s Reformists Doesn’t Fit Trump’s Script, So He Ignores It

from the Washington Post

Candidates backing reform of Iran’s clerically overseen government swept municipal elections in Tehran, taking all 21 local council seats in the country’s capital while moderate President Hassan Rouhani won a second term in office, authorities said on Monday.

Their win in Friday’s election marks the first time reformists have gained total control of Tehran’s municipal council since such votes began in the Islamic Republic in 1999. Iranian media also reported similar big gains for reformists in other major cities.

While their powers are limited to local affairs, the councils represent direct control of governance by Iran’s 80 million people. Having reformists take control signals a groundswell of support for slowly changing the way government works in Iran, and reflects growing discontent with the country’s hard-liners…

[read more here]

Flashback 2014: Deep State Counter Intelligence: The Company (Part 1)

Flashback Feb. 2017: Dennis Kucinich Discusses The Deep State’s War On Trump 02 14 2017

Flashback Feb. 2017: Greenwald on Democracy NOW – Empowering the “Deep State” to Undermine Trump is Prescription for Destroying Democracy

Flashback 2010: The Washington Post – Top Secret America

by Scott Creighton

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the Deep State has grown exponentially.

Dana Priest with the Washington Post did a study of where it was in 2010 showing a map of the country and all security/intelligence contractors and assets in the various cities and towns they were located in as well as a couple graphs showing how they were intertwined with one another and the various agencies/departments they serve.

Priest had also written about CIA torture facilities called “black sites” in 2005. The article was called “CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

Dana Priest did a talk about her study in 2011.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon bought the Post in 2013 with some of his CIA money. Now the Post is an appendage of the CIA’s wing of the Deep State, publishing one regime change propaganda piece after another about Russia colluding with Trump to dethrone Hillary Clinton.

Dana still does work for the Post from time to time. Back in Sept. of 2016 she seems to have gotten her mind “right”

Putin wants revenge and respect, and hacking the U.S. is his way of getting it