Pentagon Conducts Third Illegal Attack on Syrian Arab Army in 8 Months – Corporate Media Serves As Their Apologists

by Scott Creighton

On Sept. 17th, 2016 – “ US, British, Danish and Australian forces carried out a well-planned (two to three days in the planning stages) and sustained (well over 30 minutes) attack on Syrian troops outside Deir ez-Zor which killed 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded another 100 or so. The Syrian forces at the time were engaged in a fight with “ISIS”, trying to keep them from an airport at that location. “ISIS” wanted the airport for resupply. After the Russians demanded the US-led coalition stop attacking Syrian forces, the US agreed and sat back and did nothing as “ISIS” took advantage of the incident and advanced on the airport” S.C.

On April 6th, 2017 – “While meeting with the president of China, the (Pentagon) launched an illegal and unauthorized attack on the Syrian military targeting the Ash Sha’irat airfield in Homs province, western Syria…. (Pentagon) had no authorization from congress to use military force against the Syrian government or it’s military… A week (earlier) the Secretary of State (the president and the Ambassador to the UN) said that the people of Syria would decide the fate of Assad (which signaled) our efforts to force regime change were over.” S.C.

On May 18th, 2017 – “Yesterday a small battalion size force (~2-300 men) of the regular Syrian army, Syrian National Defense Organization volunteers and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF/PMU of the Kata’ib al-Imam Ali) marched on the road from the west towards al-Tanaf. They were about 23 kilometers away from the border station when they were attack by U.S. aircraft coming in low from Jordan. The U.S. jets directly fired at the convoy, allegedly after earlier giving some “warning shots”. At least one Syrian tank and several other vehicles were destroyed. Six Syrian government forces were reported killed and more were wounded.” Moon of Alabama

In each one of these cases, the Pentagon gave the authorization to attack the military of a sovereign nation absent any directive from the current/former president and they did so in a direct effort to aid either “moderate” rebels or “ISIS” which are fighting against the civilians and the government of Syria in an effort to force regime change.

In each one of these cases, the Pentagon did so in an effort to deliberately undermine international negotiations or existing peace deals between foreign governments and our State Department which were leading toward a deescalation of violence in the country.

When President Trump announced he had given authority to “the generals” to wage war in Syria as they see fit, it was a huge mistake. Since then they have done everything they could to undermine any semblance of normalcy in the country, opting instead to foment more violence and terrorism on behalf of their stated goal of forcing regime change as well as the partitioning of the nation so they can hand over a good chunk of it to their latest “freedom fighters”, the Contras of Syria, the Kurds. The Greater Kurdistan project is still alive and well in their minds.

Yesterday the Pentagon attacked a convoy of Syrian forces who were moving to secure a border crossing at al-Tanaf which is at the nexus of the Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi borders.

The U.S. and the British have been training terrorists in that area for about a year with the intention to march them up into Syria, to the east, so they can continue to terrorize civilian populations in an effort to depopulate the region and then hand it over to the Kurds.

Last year Sec. of Defense Ashton Carter made that operational plan very clear:

“We have now have momentum in this fight and clear results on the ground… We must ensure that our partners on the ground (freedom fighter Kurds) have what they need to win the fight and then hold, rebuild, and govern their territory (“Rojava”),” Sec. of Defense Ash Carter

Coalition forces have a history of allowing “ISIS” fighters to leave cities where we have them cornered so they can travel to another and depopulate that one as well.

Sky News reports yesterday’s attack on Syrian forces was done to protect U.S. and British troops while over at Slate they pretend they don’t know what the heck is going on.

Meanwhile Slate still promotes the official Pentagon line about the attack.

The Guardian says we attacked “Iran-backed militia men”.

The Telegraph suggests Syria was “advancing on U.S. base in Syria” as if that is some kind of aggressive move on the part of the Syrian Arab Army. For those of you paying attention, the United States can’t have a base in Syria legally, because we are not invited into the country to “fight ISIS”. If we have a base inside Syria, it would be the same as if Cuba set up a base in Miami.

The New York Times says we hit a “pro-government militia” as if they were some sort of renegade rag-tag Ukrainian neo-Nazis or something. Or maybe like “pro-Trump” deplorables?

Interestingly, Syrian military leadership says the attack on the convoy was designed to support “ISIS” because that area is where they are being trained.

Russia and Syria have condemned US airstrikes targeting anti-Daesh forces, saying the “brazen” attacks violate the Arab country’s sovereignty and show Washington’s claims of fighting terrorism are false.  

The US military launched the attack against a convoy of the Syrian military heading towards the border near Jordan where Daesh terrorists are basedPress TV

The Syrian resistance to our 6-year regime change operation is gaining momentum. As I reported the other day, the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists are fleeing the western half of the country in droves. Russian, Iranian and Turkish support of Syria have turned the tide and the Pentagon, the CIA and the rest of the Deep State are desperate to hold onto what they call “Rojava” which is nothing more than parts of eastern Syria they have stolen and now claim as their own.

It’s funny isn’t it how all those anti-Erdogan protesters run around with signs saying he made “ISIS” yet yesterday the Pentagon committed an act of war against a sovereign nation in order to protect their “ISIS” training facility.

The Syrians are pushing to the east and I believe they are looking to retake it all from what we call “ISIS” and the Kurds.

Trouble is, with the bought off leaders of the Pentagon calling all the shots, who knows where this will end up. And when the complicit media serves as their megaphones on a daily basis, they will certainly feel emboldened when backed up against a wall again.

Trump needs to get rid of them and do it quickly before “the generals” run us straight into a shooting war with Russia… with the MSM cheering it on all the way.

But I guess they are already working on that New McCarthyite contingency, aren’t they?

Image result for time cover white house kremlin

(of course, that’s not the Kremlin… it’s a cathedral. Kremlin has gold domes) (they stole the image from Mad magazine, if that tells you anything)

12 Responses

  1. And Trump goes to Saudi Arabia today….. why doesn’t he do something about our generals attacking Syria?

  2. I enlisted in the Army as a 17 year old back in the very early ’60s, looking for what was billed as Travel and Adventure. Spent most of the rest of my enlistment in Southeast Asia.

    That’s how they get their help, most of it anyway

  3. The Syrian Army was getting too close to the Pentagon’s ISIS buddies and Israel was getting nervous that peace was breaking out in a part of Syria, so they just had to bomb the Syrians!

    Meanwhile, the UN is too busy making reservations at the best NYC restaurants.

  4. Dear Scott,
    great article as usual
    Just a little note to let you know that your link to The Guardian is about the BBC (not the Guardian) reporting people who don’t think the right way. Also a little typo – should be ‘fomenting’ instead of fermenting, no?
    No big deal/criticism – just wanted to let you know.
    best wishes from France,


  5. Mistake my *ss, Trump handed that power to the Pentagon precisely to deflect blame. Cointel alt media outlets like infowars keep casting blame on nameless globalists rather than the globalists and fat cats in Trump’s swamp. Trump is a con artist like his predecessors.

    • Yep. I guess this is one campaign promise that Il Douche’ intends to fulfill…

  6. OFF-TOPIC: Have you heard, Scott, of Emmanuel Macron allowing American corporations to take over French assets with the help of the CIA? It’s infuriating:
    Wayne Madsen unfortunately included a little bit of likely disinfo (or facts taken out of context to smear targets) with these paragraphs:
    “Other Gemplus-related files in the «En Marche!» folder include those related to one of the principals of Gemplus, Ziad Takieddine, a French-Lebanese Druze arms broker and graduate of the CIA-linked American University of Beirut. Takieddine helped engineer the American takeover with the help of Herr Quandt. Takieddine has helped conclude major French arms deals with Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. ”
    “The co-founder of TPG, David Bonderman of Fort Worth, Texas was also heavily involved in the hostile takeover of Gemplus. TPG’s acquisition of Gemplus shares was conducted through a virtually unknown shell company registered in Gibraltar that was called «Zensus». Bonderman, who is Jewish, created a political stir in 2012 in Egypt when he met with Khairat El-Shater, the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and a member of the Mohamed Morsi government. Bonderman said he was looking for «investment opportunities» in Egypt.”

  7. I have trouble coming up with responses to recent blog entries, so here is one tangential bit of information:
    Op-Ed has published an editorial with the lovely headline “Invasion of the Putin-Nazis”. Is there actually any bona fide independent media?

  8. from MOA comment:
    “”CNN’s article included this:”The strike marks the first time that the Pentagon has offered aerial protection to its Arab proxies under assault from pro-Syrian militias — and only the second time in the history of the six-year conflict that American warplanes have intentionally targeted Iranian proxies in Syria.””
    Arab proxies? Not Syrian? Not “opposition” fighters?”

    my observation:
    Remember this moment for this is the moment in time when the US announced they have changed the rules of the game. The new “Arab Proxies” labeling, combined with the huge 300 billion arms sale to SA, Trump’s trip to meet with SA,Israel and the Gulf Monarchies (GM), it all fits.
    I believe they are creating a Middle Eastern NATO using SA money to buy the arms, Israel to provide the tech, the GM to provide additional cash and more troops from the usual sources. Remember Mattis saying they wanted to deploy 150,000 troops to Syria, he was probably referring to this insane adventure.

    IMO a war, a really big war is about to be fought by “ME NATO” aka “Arab proxies” troops against all of Syria, Lebanon, Iran and possibly Turkey simultaneously and they will attack Iran directly. They genuinely believe that Russia will stand aside, I think they are wrong. This will end very, very badly.

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