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  1. Well, those who believed the oligarchic media suddenly changed their internal orientation to “the side of the people” after Trump’s election, are tragically naïve. I don’t support either side in this deep state tussle, and let’s not forget that the alt-right contains some very repugnant people, too.

  2. in my experience watching these ‘special prosecutors’ over the years – their job is always not so much to uncover – but know what to COVER UP.
    So … well … there you go!

  3. So many “Men of Integrity”—all getting in each others way, stepping over and around one another, kicking and stabbing, …..

    It’s a wonder to me how J Edgar could keep them all sorted out in his mind.

    Takes one of their own kind, I guess

  4. This video is a recommendation of Debbie, the Sane Progressive. Debbie, I’ve watched quite a few different ‘Real News’ videos over many years, although I have never been a regular viewer of that website.

    Debbie, all I can say to you is, if you genuinely think ‘Real News’ is unbiased, truthful and accurate then i’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. How old are you, 19?

    • On second thoughts, for young people who do not know much about the topic, what Colleen Rowley says in the video is useful to hear. But not for me. I’ve been following the 9/11 truth movement since it happened and I’m 67 years old

      • What’s my beef with Coleen Rowley’s statement in the video? It’s what she said, here in 2017, about Mohammad Atta as being “one of the hijackers”. He was a patsy, not a hijacker and all the signs are that the planes were remotely controlled, so they had no ‘hijackers’ on board.

        Then there is the fact that there were at least two people with the name Mohammad Atta, possibly three or more. One was the Egyptian engineering student in Germany. The other was the guy who lived with a stripper in Florida & liked cocaine & alcohol.

        Therefore, the words of this lawyer and retired FBI agent are not 100% accurate.

        • On third (or fourth?) thoughts, when she said the following in the video, I fully agreed —

          “when you had the lead-up to the Iraq war with the FBI, actually Robert Muller, and of course the CIA and all the other directors saluted smartly and went along with what Bush wanted, which was to gin up the intelligence to make a pretext for the Iraq war.”

          9/11 happened 16 years ago, which is like yesterday for me but is a long time ago for people who are who are under the age of 28 today.

          • She says in the video —

            “I want to give a little bit of credit to Trump, who I did not vote for and who has a lot of flaws. One of the things I agreed with in his campaign promises – and now frankly, he has been carrying out – he has been meeting with Lavrov and has a meeting scheduled with Putin. It’s in order to work on the issues of Syria and ISIS so that there can be some co-ordination. And so I am actually for that. There are a lot of people in Washington that this is stepping on their toes and their profits. This is not the direction they want it to go and in fact, if you heard the debate between Hillary Clinton and whatever, this was a sore point.”

            So Trump is the knight in shining armor, standing up against the military industrial complex. Yeah, right. Remember the words that Vladimir Lenin is supposed to have said, “The way to handle the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” In other words, there is no opposition. It’s all theater.

            • Yes, it’s very easy to say everything Trump does is wrong and he could never go against the masters of the universe. But that pre-supposes one critical thing: the MOU are of a single mind when it comes to process and I don’t think that is necessarily true. I believe the conflict lies not in oil or resources, not in the long term at least. I think it lies in banking and some wanting to realign alliances with the BRICS nations and mitigate the collapse which is about to take place for themselves and their interests. Others may not have that kind of flexibility… perhaps the Clinton side of the conflict. I’m not sure why but I think macro-economics are behind this. They are the ones who control the operatives of the Deep State by the way, the intel services. And that is the outward fight, what we see taking place above the horizon. What lurks beneath the surface is the real action and we just aren’t seeing that yet.

        • Look, the way I explain it to people is like this: this was not just a controlled demolition of 3 buildings, but of our social, economic and political system. And you have to understand, the important part of the term “controlled demolition” is the word “controlled”. They would NEVER have put their New American Century project in the hands of those dimwit, drug addled assets. A million things could have gone wrong. They could miss the flight. Get caught in security. Some passengers could have been wanna-be heroes. They could have missed the towers altogether. Weather could have been been bad that day and visibility poor. Point is, they would never have put their project, their careers and their lives on the line like that. They had 3 buildings rigged with high explosives that morning and civilians going to work in them. What happens if one of those planes missed or didn’t make it to the target… like Building 7 for instance? There is no GD way they would have put all of their plans in their hands. Not a chance. Control. That’s why the control demolition teams that ran the demolitions didn’t use “ray beams from space”, “mini-nukes” or “super thermite”… CONTROL. That doesn’t just mean detonators… it means control over everything, including cleanup which one of the companies got the contract for… CONTROL. They would NEVER have left those losers in control of such an important function of their plan. Never. So of course they weren’t flying the planes. They gassed the people on board, put em out, and flew them by remote. And what hit the Pentagon wasn’t a 757-200. So yes, Crowley is limited hangout as is the whole LIHOP crowd which started with Jon Gold.

    • yeah, Real News is not a regular here because they have promoted various regime change ops over the years and I could be wrong, but I believe they are promoting the “Erdogan as Sultan” propaganda now, making the left ready for that regime change to come. So I am not a huge fan myself. However, that said, this is a good interview. Also notice… Jay does, at the beginning, keep interjecting the notion that Mueller did more than simply cover-up 9/11 and he certainly infers it was more than just a Let It Happen On Purpose program. He doesn’t come right out and say it, but he does interject little quips here and there that let’s us know he believes there is more to it.

  5. A good video – Trey Gowdy questioning James Comey.

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