The False Equivalence of Comparing Hillary’s Server and Trump Sharing Intel

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Aaaaaaaand… right on cue… Cenk Uygur, the unDemocrat Party sheep-dooger, makes the comparison between Trump’s actions and Hillary’s server.

I have heard several well meaning journalists drawing a false equivalence between the story of Trump sharing intel with Foreign Minister Lavrov and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Specifically, these two guys (though they meant well unlike Uygur)

Let me make this very clear… there is no comparison between these two things. It’s not even apples to oranges… it’s apples to adverbs.

According to every report, even the one out of the Washington Post which is the most damning (with no evidence provided mind you), what Donald Trump was accused of doing was providing intel from the Israelis regarding a serious threat centered on “ISIS” using laptops to take out commercial airliners in acts of terrorism. Clearly Russia is attacking “ISIS” in Syria and they could very easily be targeted in this fashion.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton used a private unsecured email server to handle classified information in order to keep certain communications out of the public record… for her own good.

In the case of what Trump did, he shared intel in an effort to keep civilians from being killed in a horrible way, via an attack on an airliner while in transit.

Hillary Clinton did what she did to save her own ass and to be able to conduct her criminal activity without worry of being discovered.

And let me say this: to those who think it would be more important to protect an Israeli “method” rather than a plane full of civilians… you’re just a horrible monster who knows nothing about the purpose of counter-intelligence. Any agent, worth a damn, would much rather give their life or their operation to save a plane load of civilians. And it doesn’t matter if they are U.S., British, Israeli, Syrian or Russian civilians. Or it shouldn’t.

Now we all know that is a Pollyanna understanding of many intelligence assets out there. A lot of them kill civilians on a regular basis.. which might lead one to ask why the Israelis had some asset hanging out with “ISIS” making bombs in the first place and why the Israelis routinely target Syrian military assets rather than that laptop bomb making facility… but that’s a different question for a different, more in-depth discussion.

Right now, anyone squealing about how illegal it was or how treasonous it was for Trump to share that intel … not only do they not understand the law (president can declassify anything he wants, anytime he wants, to anyone he wants).. apparently they don’t understand what it means to be a human being anymore.

If I was alive during WWII and got wind of some small group planning to bomb a German civilian airliner in an effort to undermine the country’s faith in their Nazi leader… I would share that intel with Hitler himself in an effort to help protect those civilians. Now I know it’s not what we did. I do know what Dresden was. Don’t get locked up in that.

I’m saying this is what I would do or any normal, well balanced human being would do.

I’m also not comparing Trump to Hitler. Reagan is more apt I think. But again… different discussion.

Anyone who says (and I don’t care what side of the fake divide they are on) Trump was wrong to share intel on potential terrorist acts (false flags or not) with the Russians because they are now our adversaries … are simply monsters. They have been made mentally ill by the endless stream of pro-war anti-Russian propaganda and they need to take a step back and look at themselves in the mirror … real fucking hard.

With all due respect to those two Youtubers, there is no comparison between what Trump did and what Hillary did. Trump knew his action would cost him politically, but he did it just the same because it was the right thing to do. Hillary’s action was in spite of the damage it would cause others and in an effort to more freely be able to CAUSE damage to others and she did it for purely self-serving reasons.

Not even close to the same thing. Not even remotely close.

8 Responses

  1. Yup, totally with you Scott. The false narrative of the corporate MSM has always been titled sideways, now it’s a desperate run away balloon on steroids.

  2. Totally agree.
    Trump did the right thing.

  3. But it’s all theater!

  4. Paul Craig Roberts still gets ticked-off at alternative journos who criticize Ronny Reagan. He claims Reaganomics “was initially populist in nature, designed to cure stagflation”. How believable do you consider his arguments?

  5. Admirable piece, Scott, and flawlessly argued. The only fly in the ointment is this:
    Just because those baying for Trump’s blood are building a pyre to burn him on doesn’t mean he is Joan of Arc. Hard as I try I find it hard to have your generosity of spirit to suppose that he shared Israel-provided Intel with Lavrov to save civilian lives, a concern not detectable in his actions since he took office. It is possible he did it because he was so instructed, which is why Avigdor Lieberman is defending him. His bad luck is to have joined a gang riven by internal squabbles: his pack is having it out with the pack Hillary served.
    As spectators all we can do is watch the tussle between two equally detestable monster gangs and call out the blows below the belt. Because we want the fight to be .. fair.

    • “Hard as I try I find it hard to have your generosity of spirit to suppose that he shared Israel-provided Intel with Lavrov to save civilian lives, a concern not detectable in his actions since he took office”

      Ok. What i have seen is him pushing his neoliberal agenda at home including putting privatizers in charge of one agency after another and it seems he is looking to push austerity measures for us and huge giveaways for the rich. That’s at home. Over in the Middle East he is meeting with Erdogan to work out some sort of deal. He’s said he wants to let Syrians decide Assad’s fate i.e. his continued rule. He’s trying to do his own Russian reset like Obama and Clinton did back in 2012 or so. So, though he is certainly not a man of the people, I think he had has displayed a different foreign policy agenda than that which some wish to change. And the proof is already evident in the history. Given that, why wouldn’t he offer intel on laptop bombs to Lavrov… especially if he knew a false flag was pending? It would certainly ingratiate him with the Russians and I am sure he would see that as an advantage for him in negotiations to come. And look at what Putin is doing now. He’s offering transcripts of the meeting and congress doesn’t appear to want it. Think that’s because congress leaders don’t want something about Israel forever included in the congressional record maybe?

      I am not trying to give this guy credit for anything he doesn’t deserve. But according to all reports, he shared intel on laptop bombs with the Russians and those bombs, supposedly, are being made to blow holes in commercial airliners. Whether or not he did it for one reason or another, fact is, if true, he might have saved civilian lives. And that wasn’t my point anyway.

      My point was, is, arguing that he’s a traitor because the “official story” says he gave them intel hoping to stop terror attacks but he gave them intel which will put Israeli sources at risk and the one outweighs the other… is monstrous. and I stand by that.

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