Cenk Uygur of Young Turks Parrots Baseless Bullshit About “Comey Memo” In Propaganda Video

by Scott Creighton

While Cenk Uygur pretends to be some sort of inner party opposition, he’s actually a sheep-dogging sellout to the establishment Democrats and his stance on Russia hacking the election and controlling President Trump couldn’t make that fact more obvious. There is no evidence of that and the whole thing is nothing more than an attempt by the Deep State to destabilize the current administration and blackmail them into doing what they want him to do. For example, remember how all these establishment hacks said Trump was “the real president now” right after they launched cruise missiles at a Syrian airstrip in response to al Qaeda’s White Helmets’ video about the supposed chemical attack in Idlib? When the Trump administration does what they want, they praise him. When he gets closer to peace deals with Assad or normalizing relationships with folks from North Korea or Russia, they attack. It’s so obvious now, you can’t miss it unless you work very hard to do so.

Yesterday Trump met with President Erdogan of Turkey in the White House. Erdogan is next on the regime change plan because he refuses to allow the Kurds to bust off a piece of Turkey to make up Greater Kurdistan. And again, this is so obvious at this point, you really have to work hard not to see it or understand it.

After the meeting, the two leaders were positive about the outcome. This is called diplomacy folks and it USED TO BE preferable to bombs. But apparently not anymore because immediately after that meeting and their announcements, the New York Times came out with this bullshit story about some memo they didn’t even have in their possession, that was disclosed to them by some anonymous source and it wasn’t even confirmed by James Comey himself.

This destabilizing propaganda came out on the heels of another story, this one from the Washington Post (owned by Bezos who got a $600 million contract from the CIA) about Trump sharing intel with the Russians in his meeting with Lavrov. All sorts of talk about this being a criminal offense flew around the MSM yesterday morning before folks had to finally admit, yes, the president can declassify anything he damn well pleases, legally, if he feels it is in the best interest of the country to do so. Turns out, that intel came from Israelis hanging out with “ISIS” making laptop bombs for use on planes. And Trump sharing that info with Russia makes sense because… Russia is also fighting ISIS and he didn’t want to see Russian civilians killed when they didn’t have to be. This made Israel furious with Trump. Were they planning the next high level false flag? Did Trump thwart it? Is that why they were angry? I don’t know. But I do know, the president has every right to release info to Russia or anyone else for that matter, if he believes it’s in our best interests. And it took me all of 5 minutes to find that out. I’m sure papers with the kind of resources they have on hand, would have taken even less… but they still lied about it being a criminal offense.

With regard to the James Comey memo note: it is not confirmed. The New York Times has not produced said memo and they don’t even say they’ve seen it. According to them, they heard about it second hand from a guy, not Comey, who saw it once. Does it exist? Was the note on the memo written by Comey or someone else after the fact? Does Comey confirm it is legitimate? If so, what did Comey actually think about the statement from Trump at the time? Was it a demand and if so, why didn’t he immediately report it to other authorities? He has never mentioned anything about this alleged offense to anyone in the past. Why does this pop up now?

With all these questions and obvious problems with this latest line of destabilization propaganda coming from the MSM, the corporate MSM and the corporate unDemocrat Party, one would think the head of the “Justice Democrats” would take a second and evaluate the legitimacy of this latest line of attack. But what does Cenk Uygur do? He piles on and spreads this deliberate disinformation to his audience just like CNN, ABC, NBC and MSNBC did. Proving, once again, that Cenk Uygur is nothing more than an establishment puppet trying to earn his way into politics by sucking up to the establishment and parroting their propaganda when it matters most to them.

Cenk just flat out lies when he says Trump brought Comey in and told him to stop the investigation into Mike Flynn. Even according to the Times story, that’s not what he said. One might interpret it that way, if it did happen, if the memo even exists… but one might also say Trump was “hoping” Comey would find Flynn innocent and let the investigation die. The investigation which has produced nothing in terms of evidence by the way.

Then he compounds the lie by making the absurd claim that “it’s obvious Flynn knows something very very important about Trump’s connection to Russia”

Cenk Uygur and his entire “Justice Democrats” hoax is a tool of the establishment. He always has been and this affected visage of him being anti-establishment is nothing more than marketing. When it’s time for him to use his influence to peddle the Deep State propaganda just like the corporate media and the corporate Dems, he does as he’s told because he is their tool, their Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltration of the progressive movement that has turned away from the bought off Democratic Party.

Here’s his video. It makes me sick to think anyone is still fooled by him, the Justice Dems or his meal ticket, Ro Khanna, for that matter.

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  1. Thank you, did you see the story on ZeroHedge this morning re Putin offering to give Congress the transcript of Trump’s conversation with Lavrov? Can we assume the meeting went well for him to offer that?

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