The Seth Rich Story – So What About that Missing Laptop?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: When you read this article, keep in mind, when the FBI was investigating the DNC “hacking”… they refused to hand over their servers to the Feds so they could trace who hacked them… AND… Buzzfeed tried to make up a story back in January saying the FBI never asked for the servers for their investigation. Just keep that in mind while reading.

UPDATE: Also keep in mind, the “family spokesman” turned out to be Brad Bauman who just happens to be a unDemocratic Party insider and former communications director for several party candidates. (H/T Debbie at Sane Progressive)

UPDATE: Also, part of the story comes from a federal investigator who says he has read emails between Seth Rich and Gavin MacFadyen that the FBI is in possession of.

“an FBI forensic report of Rich’s computer – generated within 96 hours after Rich’s murder – showed he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.”

Seth was shot and killed while MacFadyen died of lung cancer not long after.

According to this investigator, email communications between Seth and Wikileaks started in Jan. of 2015. An leaked email from John Podesta, published by Wikileaks, seems to suggest he knew of someone leaking information to Wikileaks in Feb. of 2015 and suggested they “make an example of him”

A flashback to an email chain extracted from the ‘Podesta emails’ via Wikileaks in February of 2015, shows just how paranoid the Clinton campaign was about leaks to the press. John Podesta said in an email that he’s ‘definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have a real basis for it’ and that there are ‘stiff consequences for leaking’.

Ok. Let’s get into this a little.

Right now there is a big story about Seth Rich and his missing laptop and the fact that the family’s investigator is coming forward with new info about his murder in D.C. saying he knows there is proof that Seth communicated with Wikileaks before his murder. It’s a big story.

Keep in mind what I always write: nothing happens in a vacuum and right now, today, there is an attack on Trump being leveled by the Deep State. I wrote about it this morning. That is taking place and POOF… we have this story breaking.

Also keep in mind, I have been writing for nearly a year that Seth Rich was certainly assassinated. Maybe it was because he was the source of the DNC leaks (not “hacks”) that were fed to Wikileaks last year… maybe it was because he was GOING to leak info to them about how the DNC stole the nomination from Sanders. I don’t know.

I think it is fair to suggest (since we know that GCHQ and the FBI and everyone else was spying on the Trump campaign and Wikileaks at the time) there is a STRONG possibility that someone “unmasked” Seth’s name taken from an intercepted communication between himself and Wikileaks and it was ultimately that act that got him killed.

Hard too say with the info we have at this point.

But I do want to share with you the story as it was laid out to Fox News 5 today… and also a little more background on the source, Rod Wheeler.

First, this is the breaking news everyone is reporting on:

According to the story as told by Rod Wheeler, he is working on the investigation into Seth’s mysterious death. He says he has “sources” inside BOTH the FBI and local D.C. police who tell him there is definitely information on Seth Rich’s laptop that proves he was in contact with Wikileaks before his death.

In a timeline put together elsewhere, they say Seth left a bar he frequents at around 1:50 am. He was shot twice in the back and nothing was stolen from him. Police say it was a botched robbery but there is no evidence of that. They have not released the autopsy report or the video from the security camera that captured part of the event. Rich was alive when he was taken to the hospital where he later died.

In that timeline, there is no mention of the laptop that Rod Wheeler speaks of.

Wheeler says he doesn’t know where the laptop is at this time. It’s either in the local PD or the FBI according to Wheeler.

For the record… Rod Wheeler has a rather checkered past with Fox News.

At one point back in 2007, Rod did a segment with Bill O’Reilly where he said “150” lesbian gangs were running around in D.C. with “pink handguns” terrorizing the city and raping children, turning them gay. Local police officials said they knew nothing of such nonsense and that there was one lesbian gang active in the city and they didn’t have pink handguns.

Another time Mr. Wheeler showed how he knew the difference between Hispanics and Chinese by pulling the corners of his eyes back. He did that on national television.

So that's the difference?!

I tell you that because… according to a Buzzfeed reporter, the family of Seth Rich has denied Mr. Wheeler’s claims. Not really denied them, but rather, kind of “poo-pooed” on them. You might recall it was Buzzfeed who decided to publish the bullshit “Grizzly Steppe” document that purported to prove Donald Trump liked peeing on Russian hookers in beds Obama once slept in.

But in a statement from the family sent to BuzzFeed, the family said: ‘we see no facts, have seen no evidence, we have been approached with no evidence and only learned about [Wheeler’s claims] when approached by the press.’

‘Even if tomorrow, an email was found, it is not a high enough bar of evidence to prove any interactions as emails can be altered and we’ve seen that those interested in pushing conspiracy theories will stop at nothing to do so.

‘We are a family who is committed to facts, not fake evidence that surfaces every few months to fill the void and distract law enforcement and the general public from finding Seth’s murderers.’

The statement concluded: ‘The services of the private investigator who spoke to press was offered to the Rich family and paid for by a third party and contractually was barred from speaking to the press or anyone outside of law enforcement or the family unless explicitly authorized by the family.’ Daily Mail

There is no way to confirm whether or not this statement came from the actual family of Seth Rich. The image of it, posted on Twitter by Alex Campbell, isn’t signed by anyone. It just makes these claims and Alex tells us who made the statement.

But what does seem confirmed in it is that perhaps, some kind of email may exist between Seth Rich and Wikileaks. This “statement” from somebody seems to be readying a new line of propaganda to defend against that possibility, doesn’t it?

Yes, Wheeler is a bit tainted by his previous Fox “News” contributions.

But… if he’s right about the missing laptop, that is a very serious issue because it means the only ones who stole anything from Seth Rich… were the authorities.

If it were a botched robbery like they said… why haven’t they released his possessions back to his family? Why would they hold onto his laptop? Surely they don’t suggest he sent an email to his robbers? It can’t be part of the investigation anymore. So why keep it?

Due to Wheeler’s background, I have a hard time believing him… but that statement up there gives me pause to wonder what this is really about. Though neither Wheeler nor the unnamed “family spokesman” is convincing on their own… but when you put both of their statements together, seems there might be a glimmer of truth peeking out from behind the curtain.

As I have written in the past, Seth was probably killed because he either sent some info about the DNC to Wikileaks or he was about to. And as I have said before, either someone intercepted that communication with Wikileaks or Wikileaks is a honeypot and poor Seth didn’t know it before sending them his stuff. Either way, robbers didn’t kill Seth Rich and then run off with nothing to show for their crime. Someone hit him and someone else is covering up for it in D.C. and the FBI.

Makes you wonder what Trump found in Comey’s office last week, now doesn’t it?

Is there a laptop missing? If so, who has it and why. That’s the question. If Wheeler made this whole thing up like the story of pink handguns and 150 lesbian gangs raping kids and turning them gay… well, it still wont do much damage to the stories about Seth and the DNC leaks. Someone killed that kid and someone else doesn’t want us to know why.

That much we know.

Now let’s see if that laptop shows up someplace.

9 Responses

  1. seth rich & michael hastings both went to wikileaks for help & ended up dead🤔

    just to reiterate working hypothesis:
    DNCLeak ~ MacronLeak (owning the skeletons), also pleb debriefing
    whacked seth to make it look legit

    the plan after all was to install hillary, so it was really more about owning the closet skeletons & indoctrinating sheep (revelation of the method)

    i wont bother to go into the soft-indoctrination into the occult of spirit cooking “revelations” etc.; however, i will point out that Marvels’ Dr. Strange (literally Crowley as superman) was the #1 film in the country as the leaks went out.

    acid test for heroism: Did We Already Know X? (where Normalization of X is the real parameterization target)

    • i dont care what the papers say, just make sure they spell my name right – “owning the closet skeletons” is a tactic perfected by the clinton crime family in the 90’s – you see, you data dump people in a way that you can control and this not only removes the threat of someone investigating and releasing the data (remember, she was supposed to take office soon after these “leaks!”), it also allows you to be first-mover when it comes to narrative on ramps/structure of the narrative.

      • wikileaks is a puppet organization being used by the NWO globalized intelligence community to strike at the Trump admin which has seized a great deal of control over US via raw deal-making with the globalists themselves (like agreeing to be the pitbull again, syria/nk/iran all on the table!) – never the less, doublecrossing is perpetual because they dont really want a guy like Trump in there – they want to dismantle the west.

        This is why snowden was moved from china to russia (both places the NWO wants the US embroiled) with a brief mention of cuba 😉

        of course, i argued all of this as it was transpiring, but i am a voice in the wilderness.

        i dunno folks, my heart isnt even in writing this.

        part of me doesnt even care anymore whether or not ppl understand what is going on.

        • you know I agree with you. I’ve been writing that Wikileaks was a honeypot and “Snowden” a “manufactured hero” for a very long time. I also feel there is a war taking place between elements of the Deep State. A war within. Started with the campaign and it continues today. Remember, the CIA planted “Snowden” to undermine the NSA and start the privatization of the surveillance state. He is still working to that end if you read his recent tweets. I think people understand what you’re saying here. and agree, for the most part.

    • I kind of agree with you. A lot of very bizarre “messaging” is found in American entertainment these days (from obvious war promotion, to the sexualization of violence).

  2. seth rich is trending and no one has the story right (imo)
    game, set, and match: new world order

    even sans clinton puppet – the overarching pleb debriefing operation went off without a hitch and the lie can now pass into history as truth!

    first round is on me folks…

    • they data dump the public and use avatars to run the ball publicly (assets or hardcore useful idiots [snowden, guccifer, assange]) and/or whack some guy to “pin it on,” spackles over the gap! the rest is resolved by the fog of infowar.

  3. I’d be curious to hear who Seth was drinking with before he got shipped?

    If WikiLeaks is 100% honeypot, why did they wack Rich and then publish Pied piper anyway? Why would the MOTU want to disclose any such thing?

    I’d guess WikiLeaks isn’t entirely Company controlled, and somebody somewhere wanted us to know the Clinton/Trump/Cruz/Carson campaigns were one in the same.

  4. I have just a moment to say Roberts seems to be making a lot of sense in these comments. A couple weeks since he left them and it’s just as valid an explanation.

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