Deep State Strikes Back: The Intel Community Launches Wave of Propaganda Targeting North Korea, Assad, Russia… and POTUS

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: John Podesta was hired by the CIA’s Washington Post in Feb. of 2017.

UPDATE: New York Times says Israel was the ally who’s intel on “ISIS” was handed over to Russia. I wonder if that intel was that Israel RUNS “ISIS” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services)

Information on three events was released in the past couple of days by unnamed “sources” (or Deep State agents) seeking to ratchet up conflicts across the globe and to undermine the confidence the people of this country has in their current president.

  1. North Korea linked to “Wanna Cry” virus
  2. Assad supposedly cremating bodies in same style as Nazis
  3. Trump shares info with Russians on “ISIS” methods

We will break down the weakness of the various claims in a minute, but as I have often said, nothing happens in a vacuum and if you want to understand what is really going on, you have to consider other current events. Such as:

The Deep State is in crisis mode and for good reason. The question is… how far are these wounded animals willing to go to reestablish their loosening grip on the New World Order they covet so dearly?

A new president in South Korea seeks to normalize relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and is meeting with China, the powerhouse in the region, to determine a path forward toward that end. They are also going to discuss South Korea’s acceptance or denial of our THAAD missile defense system which not only threatens China but also stands to make considerable profits for various MIC businesses.

In Syria the tide has turned and the CIA’s “moderate” terrorist destabilization contractors are heading for the hills leaving the regime change project unfinished. Russia and Syria control the skies and the Syrian army is making it’s way eastward toward the next goal which is to drive out “ISIS” once and for all and retake areas east of the river, areas the Deep State has promised to the Kurds for their Greater Kurdistan project. Perhaps even more importantly, these “moderates” in the west of the country were the ones looking to finally secure the Golan Heights for Israel once and for all. With their departure, the Syrian military moves to secure their border and solidify their claim on the occupied territory. That threatens the water rights and other natural resources the Israelis coveted.

Russia is flexing it’s muscles across the globe. They are setting up deals with China and the other BRICS nations to strengthen their global economic interests and that is aided, in no small part by their apparent victory in Syria and the deal they finished making with Turkey on the Turkish Stream pipeline. That deal will open up markets to Russia’s energy sector across Europe, cutting out our companies.

In short, the competition on the Grand Chessboard has taken a decidedly bad turn for our “national interests” and in a desperation move, seems like they are opening up with the Rabid Dog gambit.

Over at Moon of Alabama, he has laid out the weakness of all three of these latest propaganda lines with considerable accuracy and brevity. I couldn’t possibly improve on his review so I will share with you his main points:

1. The Wall Street Journal asserts with a #fakenews headline that bits of computer-code in the recent WannaCry ransom virus are identical with bits of computer code that was allegedly used in a 2014 hack of Sony. (The Sony attack was falsely attributed to North Korea.)…

2. Back in February Amnesty International (which promotes NATO interventions) issued a shoddy report about alleged killings in Syrian prisons… The U.S. State Department now reused that fake report and adds false interpreteted satellite pics to further slander the Syrian government…

3. The deep state is out to get U.S. President Trump impeached. Yesterday a new, well prepared and coordinated campaign against Trump was launched. Anonymous claims to the Washington Post were “confirmed” by similar claims from (likely) the same sources to Buzzfeed. The claims may have some grounds in reality but the actual facts, even as described in shrill words, are harmless…

The Wanna Cry ransom virus originally targeted nationalized industries in Europe as well as the National Health Services of various nations. Then it targeted Chinese businesses. Does anyone actually think North Korea has it in for socialized institutions and Chinese businesses? Also, it takes advantage of known weaknesses in Microsoft’s old operating systems… almost AS IF someone wanted to hurt nationalized institutions and simultaneously get them to upgrade to Windows 10, which basically takes every piece of info on systems that use it and sends it up to “the cloud” where it becomes the property of Microsoft (thanks to “Snowden”, the Freedom Act and CISA)

If you recall, I covered the BS story about “death camps” in Syria when it first came out. It was bullshit, made up by insiders who claim all sorts of torture and mass killings by the Syrian government and they even had a nifty 3d model video produced in record time to support the propaganda in real time. It was so stupid, they said Assad was killing all the prisoners associated with the “rebels”… yet the entire story came from “rebels” who were sentenced to serve time there… AND WERE RELEASED UNHARMED…Now they’ve simply dusted off that old chestnut of bullshit and repackaged it for consumption again.

With regard to the Trump story, this one is even dumber.

The story was put out by the Washington Post which has been the main outlet of CIA propaganda since Jeff Bezos bought it and since Jeff got that $600,000,000.00 contract with the CIA to process their secrets and apparently publish their lies.

Right now, just recently, the Washington Post has published three articles in an effort to do the Deep State’s bidding:

They are beside themselves running their Trump Destabilization Program over at WaPo… and so to are the lemming Mockingbirds over at places like Morning Joe who are simply livid right now calling for republicans to impeach Trump before the world comes to an end.

And what is it all over?

According to anonymous sources, Trump supposedly told Lavrov that they had info on “ISIS” possibly using laptop computers as bombs on airliners and he mentioned what city in Syria they were supposedly preparing such Weapons of Mass Hypnosis.

That’s it.

McMaster says the story is false. He was in the room for the discussion as was Tillerson, who also says the story is false. It should be noted, Tillerson put the smack-down on war-monger John McCain Sunday, saying he “didn’t know what he was talking about

Everyone is saying Trump has done something unforgivable by sharing “intel” with the enemy.

I’m sorry… I thought we were at war with “ISIS” and Russia is also at war with “ISIS”… so how does that make Trump sharing intel with them about “ISIS” an act of treason?

Also, what they claim is that it will somehow tip-off “ISIS” allowing them to figure out who on the inside gave them that info… but of course, were it not for the Washington Post article, “ISIS” would never have known Trump told anything to Russia…

… so… what am I missing here?

Who’s really doing the damage? Russia is blowing “ISIS” off the map… we have troops stationed with the Kurds WHO KEEP LETTING “ISIS” GO WHEN THEY GOT THEM CORNERED


Makes you think don’t it?

Everyone is breathlessly ranting about how Trump is trying to work with Russia to resolve this conflict, as is seen right there in the Washington Post article.

Everyone says this proves Trump is in collusion with Russia… and they say that in an attempt to justify his removal from office.

Did everyone’s IQ suddenly drop 20 points?

The FIRST administration to try to work with Russia to put an end to the Syrian conflict was run by a couple guys named Obama and Kerry. Remember that? They signed a deal with Russia that if a ceasefire held for 8 DAYS then they would share all their military intel on “ISIS” with the Russians so they could wipe em off the map once and for all.

Of course, the Pentagon “accidentally” attacked the Syrian army on the 6th DAY and on the 8th DAY (after that didn’t scuttle the deal) the CIA got their “moderate” terrorists to attack a UN aid convoy outside of eastern Aleppo.

Anybody remember that? No? Well read this:

The Eighth day: Pentagon Warmongers Torpedoed Cease-fire Deal Rather Than Give Up “ISIS” Info to Syrians and Russians as per the Agreement

It was well known that Clinton was far more aggressive in terms of foreign policy than Obama was and certainly more than Trump was.

The Hawk on Russia Policy? Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

She herself admitted she practically had to beg Obama to let her regime change Libya through humanitarian bombing campaigns.

The Libya Gamble: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Push for War & the Making of a Failed State

Clinton was well known to be extremely hawkish when it comes to Russia and restarting the Cold War.

Hillary Clinton: Candidate of war – New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond

The Deep State spied on the Trump campaign in an effort to influence our democratic process and put Hillary in charge.

British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia

Trump, Tillerson and Haley announced their decision to let the Syrian people decide the fate of Basar al Assad one day… then the Deep State got their “moderate” terrorists to stage a chemical weapons attack in order to thwart that chance for peace.

The Invalid Assumption at the Core of the White House’s “Declassified Intelligence Report” on the Attack on Khan Sheikhoun

And the Deep State thwarted Obama’s plans that would have helped scale back the conflict between us and Russia and bring a peaceful ending to the 6 years of bloody regime change in Syria (started by Clinton by the way)

And now this.

Someone recently said if you even mention the Deep State anymore the thought-police in the media and their armies of trolls on social media will attack you mercilessly. I think it was Debbie over at Sane Progressive who made that observation. And she’s absolutely right.

The reason for that is simple. It’s like what happens when you dare to write there is a class war already underway.

The Deep State doesn’t want anyone to know the treason they are engaged in. That’s why they don’t want folks talking about it. You’re not going to hear anything about all of this from the fake-left “alternative” journalists and you wont hear it from the corporate MSM either. That’s because they know better and have careers to protect.

I, however, suffer from neither of those crippling deficiencies. Apparently I am too stupid to forget what is better for me to forget… and I certainly don’t have a career to worry about.

The Deep State is in crisis mode. They are animals and like any other creatures of the night, they are vastly more dangerous when wounded. Just ask JFK, the Syrian soldiers they killed “by accident” or the drivers of those UN aid convoy trucks.

It’s very disturbing that we start off this week like this. Trump is about to venture overseas to places where he is going to be dependent on our intelligence services for protection. Kinda like Kennedy going to Dallas. Let’s hope the Duke of Orange doesn’t like convertibles.

UPDATE: While writing this, Trump issued a Tweet that goes to show exactly what I am talking about and exactly why he’s being attacked by the Deep State:

UPDATE: I want to make this clear: I did not vote for this president nor do I support his neoliberal economic policies. I believe his reactionary Reaganomics ideas will cripple the lives and standard of living for millions of Americans and I oppose them and his overall economic agenda. That said, I cannot sit here and keep silent when the Deep State is deliberately undermining his administration… LIKE THEY DID THE PREVIOUS ONE… in pursuit of their own foreign policy agenda. My ideology is to the left of folks like Bernie Sanders and I absolutely oppose much of what Trump stands for but I also oppose letting the CIA and others dictate their demands through various means on the elected president of the United States. Especially when those means include the use of terrorists, disinformation, fear-mongering and their Mockingbird destabilization assets like those working at Morning Joe and the Washington Post.

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  1. Are they buds, those in the Deep State, working together for the good of the country?

    My hope is they’re a pack of cut throats, working for personal gain and recognition, that the place is full of Judas types

  2. I wish Trump did not have to fly. Can’t he take a boat? And fill the boat with his own personal guards? If they kill him…. what a civil war will do to them.

  3. The greatest accomplishment of Satan was to convince people that he did not exist. The Deep Sate wants the same.

  4. Deep State? I went into a deep state today while I was practicing mindfulness. 😉

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