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  1. I like your wrapup at the end: “Abandon what has not worked…create our own rules…leave political parties…you want solutions? Reject war as a business model…don’t buy anything…reclaim our power…(shows ending scene from Labarynth)…You have no power over me! We need a collective vision right now…you’re not going to find solutions within (the current political structure). It’s time for an entirely new way. It’s far simpler than we think it is (but hard to hold, hard to walk). Moving outside the (failed) political structure and the way it operates. (Coming up:) collaborating with Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report, Ajamu Baraka, Vanessa Bealey (about the White Helmets)…I want to walk outside the (establishment manipulators). Know who NOT to follow, and beware the false prophets. Stay sane.”

    My suggestion for a model of, not “who to follow,” but a wise person who has not only dedicated the last few decades of her life to discovering the big picture of how we have been deceived and led down the wrong path, but who has formulated a solution, a way forward to end the tyranny of our self-appointed “masters,” and truly reclaim our power. We never really lost that power, we were just deceived into thinking that we did. It’s all at annavonreitz.com. Follow the road map you’ll find there, and don’t be distracted by some of the odd pieces.

    PS– note to webmaster: I tried to “like” this post, but the widget didn’t work.

  2. I have an idea for a new style of government. It’s an ideal, a goal, that might not actually be achievable. This could be applied to any country.

    1) Abolish the office of the President. What’s the advantage in having so much power in the hands of one person?

    2) Make the Congress (in the US) or parliament the top governing body.

    3) When it comes to voting in congress (or parliament), all the congress-critters are first compelled to submit the question to those who they represent, the people of their electorates. With modern technology, this is now possible, more or less.

    4) Before the congress-critter makes his or her vote in congress, he or she must consider the poll numbers from their constituents but are not compelled to vote that way in congress. (This point open for discussion)

    5) Such a system is of course very prone to manipulation and fraud (hacking etc.). But it is the general goal of true participatory government that is so interesting. Real-life polls, such as exit polls, could be used to see where fraud is occurring – we have the statistical tools to do that.

    6) We also abolish the legality of elected officials receiving donations. All election campaigning will be paid for by the state, with all candidates receiving equal amounts of free media time.

  3. She speaks well of Scott….. I like her.

    • Yeah, she’s easy to watch

      • Let’s be honest – she’s sexy

        • I hadn’t noticed that! I see her as a nice looking young healthy woman who has a good way of expressing herself. She has a beautiful smile.
          Of course you ‘men’ always look for a more seductive side. 🙂
          Just like women look at ‘Ro’…. He appears to be good looking but when looking deeper… he has no sex appeal….. he has a dull false deceptive look in his eyes….. bet you had not noticed that!

  4. I quit watching when Debbie turned all Luddite-ish* and quasi-Malthusian. If this is progressivism and the genuine left, count me out. I’m done with those political labels.
    *I’m not a fan of the computer revolution or products such as cars, but I don’t want to return to a preindustrial society, either. You can be skeptical of technological or economic processes without jumping on any bandwagon.

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