Fuck You Bernie Sanders – Go Sell Your New McCarthyite BS Somewhere Else

by Scott Creighton

Here is Bernie Sanders’ recorded video of his take of the firing of FBI Director James Comey. In it he says Comey “interfered” with Hillary’s campaign and goes on to say Russia thwarts the democratic process across the world, France is one example he gave, and he says “every intelligence agency” agrees Russia interfered in our election and the ONLY question he has is whether or not Trump “actively colluded” with Russia in this effort.

Bernie says this is a time for bipartisanship and a search for the truth. Bernie is a lying piece of shit.

I am a dyed in the wool liberal far left of Bernie the fake socialist and I have been searching for the truth in this matter. I do not repeat the lies Sen. Sanders repeats in his video and I do not repeat the propaganda. I am no fan of Trump but I cannot abide this baseless witchhunt being leveled at him at this time.

There is no evidence of collusion between Trump, his associates and this pretend Russian hacking bullshit story.

The Grizzly Steppe study was baseless rumor and innuendo and much of it has been proven to be false. It was fabricated by opponates of Trump’s during the primary and continued by the Clinton team during the general election.

The Jan 6 report from the FBI, NSA and CIA was more ridiculous than you can imagine. It focused primarily on a TV network and what stories they covered AND the fact that they dared to give airtime to 3rd party candidates when the corporate media decided to black them out.

Every agency has NOT concluded Russia hacked or interfered with our democratic process…


I don’t hear Sen. Sanders voicing his concerns about that in this video.

Trump did not fire Comey because he asked for more money for the investigation. Comey only said that because Senators running their own investigation asked him to speed his up so they could complete theirs and he said to do that he would need more resources.

So it is completely unfounded for Bernie Sanders too say Trump fired Comey because he asked for more money for the investigation. It is an outright lie and if Sanders doesn’t know that, he should resign for being an idiot.

Trump fired Comey because Comey lied to congress about how the emails ended up on the laptop Weiner provided the FBI to get out of being sent to prison for trying to hook up with children.

I notice Sen. Sanders doesn’t mention that either.

Trump fired Comey because he went on to expand on that lie when asked why he didn’t bring charges against Huma Abedin for “forwarding emails to Weiner to print out for Hillary” which was a complete fabrication according to the letter sent to congress by the FBI this past week. Comey said he didn’t think she had criminal intent when she did it. She didn’t fucking do it… they were on that computer, according to the FBI, because it was a BACKUP of her illegal server… just like I thought back in November of 2016.

Sen. Sanders doesn’t mention any of that either.

Sen. Sanders is not looking for bipartisan truth here. It’s a witch hunt being leveled at the current president in an effort to destabilize his tenure in office and it is despicable.

And now Bernie Sanders is despicable. And that comes from a REAL leftist, you shitbag. I hope Bernie retires and goes to live in the log cabin Hillary bought for him after he sheepdogged for her last year. I hope he gets out of politics and people WAKE UP and figure out what a scumbag Bernie Sanders really is. I hope. But you know how the saying goes… hope in one hand and shit in the other…

16 Responses

  1. Pissed me off that this Fuck is and has been a total fraud…inculcating good people with his fakery and sham.

  2. He will be 76 in Sept, 2017.We need to have an age limit. I am 77… and yes the years make a difference and if anyone says it doesn’t… they are lying. No Senator should be over 60 years .
    He is a lying piss-ant.

    • His age is the LAST and LEAST concern, Jan 10. His utter dishonesty is not an infirmity of old age. It is a vice he has been nursing all his life. I can’t help thinking that Scotts formulation cannot be bested for brevity and directness: he is SHITBAG

  3. This loser sold out for a $600K lakeside shack … probably a good thing he never got to run against the Douche of Orange (and win) after all. He’s simply too, too easy to buy …

  4. Perhaps the most plausible reason for Comey’s defenestration was his warmongering for Lockheed Martin. To normalize peace you naturally need to cloak it in traditional American chestbeating by making a pitiful example of some hapless jingo. Who better than Comey?


    Lavrov’s comic turn is consistent with that interpretation. When he’s talking seriously, like at MCIS 6, he always comes back to the UN Charter.

    Below is an awfully optimistic take, but wouldn’t it be nice to think so?


  5. Great headline! Is it a coincidence that Bernie Sanders’ initials are BS?

  6. Bernie knows he is not going to run again for Prez, so might as well cash in at the old BS trough while folks still think he as something worthwhile to say. The way things are going, that window might be closing fast as the Sheeple- although still barely awake – have had their BS meter enhanced by the rise of the truth-tellers.

  7. Sorry, Willy. Artie Miller was a dirty commie and Venona was the final proof that McCarthy was right.

    If it’s endlessly repeated by the MSM, but you’re still buying…..oh, never mind.

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