The Deep State Unleashes the Complicit Media Over Comey Firing… but why?

by Scott Creighton

Let’s start off with this: James Comey Fired for Lying to Congress About Anthony Weiner Laptop (yes, it was the backup)

Today on Morning Joe they started with an unusual mood on their set. The happy couple of Mika and Joe were sour-faced and serious when usually they start with an upbeat tone, laughing and joking with with their gaggle of Mockingbird yes-men gathered around the table. Joe scolded the president with his opening diatribe and then, like that stupid commercial about “winning in business” suggests, he whipped off his $1,000 designer nerd glasses and used the arm to point accusingly at the camera for emphasis. It could have looked powerful and dramatic if you’re a high school thespian maybe but for the rest of us adults in the room it made Scarborough look like the overly dramatic propagandist for the Deep State that he really is.

Mika sat next to him frowning. Aw. Big meanie Trump makes Mika cry. Won’t SOMEBODY think of Mika!?! What about her globalist daddy’s NEEDS!?!

Clearly not on the same dire page as the rest of the hens, Mark Halprin sat in his chair smiling at first like he always does at the opening of the … show. The camera panned over him, smiling, and you could see someone must have been yelling in his ear from the production room and his smile quickly faded to a scowl to blend in with the somber mood the pack was trying to set for their audience’s morning.

And yes, they were quick to say, multiple times, over and over again, that this was a real “constitutional crisis”… just like all the other “constitutional crises” they have claimed since Trump took office. What’s the count up to now? 50?

There you go viewers. Take that to work with you and be afraid, be very afraid. The Donald has lost his mind and is out of control!

Of course, had Hillary been elected president and fired James Comey, that would have been perfectly fine.

The Morning Joe puppets had a pile of papers on their table in front of them, like untraceable slush-fund cash at a Clinton Foundation planning meeting or like Di$info Jone$ when he screeches “I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!!!”

So let’s take a look at all those documents littering Joe and Mika’s table of disinfo and see if there is a there there… because I don’t think there is.

The papers were the typical Mockingbird fare, the same kind found on news anchor’s desks back in the summer of 2002 and early 2003 when they were trying to tell us just how dangerous Saddam Hussain was before we bombed the crap out of Iraq and killed a million Iraqis so Haliburton, BP and Exxon Mobile could make billions from privatizing their nationalized oil industry.

One such “report” they talked about in great detail was from the New York Times titled Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry.

The article insinuates without question that Comey was going to step up the ridiculous investigation into Russia colluding with Trump to cheat Hillary out of her rightful place at the throne but Trump got wind of that and panicked and fired him.

This is part of the fuel that fired Mr. Scarborough up so much that he had to whip off his glasses and point dramatically like a pimply-face actor in a high school production of The Miracle Worker (yes, I did that playing the doctor back in 1983)

But what concrete evidence is this based on?

I’m told that as soon as Rosenstein arrived, there was a request for additional resources for the investigation, and that a few days afterward, he was sacked,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois. “I think the Comey operation was breathing down the neck of the Trump campaign and their operatives, and this was an effort to slow down the investigation.” New York Times

Second hand hearsay and Durbin’s personal opinion of the matter. Durbin of course was a supporter of Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

The author of the article included this little disclaimer:

It is not yet known what became of Mr. Comey’s request, or what role — if any — it played in his firing” New York Times

According to the meat of this story, buried deep in the body of the work, James Comey met with congressional officials who asked HIM to accelerate his investigation so they could do the same with theirs.

“According to the congressional officials, the Senate Intelligence Committee learned of Mr. Comey’s request on Monday when Senators Burr and Warner asked the F.B.I. director to meet with them. They wanted him to accelerate the bureau’s investigation so they could press forward with theirs. Congressional investigators do not have the authority to collect intelligence that agencies like the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. possess.” New York Times

Ah. So now the story is the committee asked to meet with Comey and they were the ones who wanted to move things forward faster. So it appears Comey would have replied “Well, if you want that, I would need more resources to accomplish that goal” or something to that effect. That’s a bit different than what the Times headline and the cucks over at Morning Joe would have you believe.

Politico published a report suggesting Trump was some kind of raging, out of control maniac running around the White House fuming over Comey still investigating his being a Manchurian Candidate for Vladamir Putin. This lovely piece of work is as well resourced as one might imagine:

“two advisers said…one adviser said…one person briefed on the administration’s deliberations said…a White House official said…Two White House officials said…one White House official said…several other people familiar with the events said…one White House official said…one senior official said…one White House official said…said one senior White House official…Several Stone allies and friends said” Politico

Unnamed sources made up the entirety of the article about Trump running around screaming at TVs like a madman.

Looks like the Mockingbirds are right back on par with the WMDs stories, aren’t they?

The Deep State’s assets at the Times even used this opportunity to poo-poo the story about Trump being spied on during the campaign… I guess they are hoping we all take our Zanex  and forget what was reported on not that long ago.

“After President Trump accused his predecessor in March of wiretapping him, James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, was flabbergasted. The president, Mr. Comey told associates, was “outside the realm of normal,” even “crazy.”

For his part, Mr. Trump fumed when Mr. Comey publicly dismissed the sensational wiretapping claim.” New York Times

Just a reminder: Trump had been told that British intelligence had been spying on his campaign for a long time via the 5 Eyes program. He was ridiculed across the board for making such a claim. It was billed as yet another “constitutional crisis” as GCHQ strongly denied they did anything of the sort. Deep State officials called the claim “arrant nonsense” as folks like Mika and Joe scowled their disapproval once again.

Then this happened:

“Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, the Guardian has been told.

GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added…

The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source said” The Guardian

Seems like everyone in the Deep State was spying on the Trump campaign not just GCHQ. And they had been doing it since the campaign began.

They have yet to release all that “evidence” they have against Trump’s people, specifically, the stuff they claim GCHQ “accidentally” intercepted during routine spying on Russia.

So, the Times article furthers the revisionist history of the 5 Eyes peering into our political process on behalf of the preferred globalist candidate and the one who promised to continue the legacy of the president in charge of our branch of the globalist Deep State here in America.

i.e. “it never happened and it’s “crazy” to think that it did” … in spite of the fact that it clearly did happen.

Over at the Intercept, former Huffington Post writer, Mehdi Hasan, writes that this means Trump is a “tin pot” dictator and breathlessly wonders aloud “who will stop him?” (WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!?)

At CNN Richard Blumenthal says this is going to lead to Trump’s impeachment. Blumy suggested the other day that we should start using “laws already on the books” to start arresting bloggers who don’t go along with the right-think bullshit we’re fed by the complicit media. (I’m not kidding. He did that.

The Atlantic says this is a president “who doesn’t play by any rules

It’s Armageddon. It’s the End Times. It’s the 7th sign of the Apocalypse.

Or maybe… the Deep State is just worried about the fact that Trump and his supporters now have access to that back-up laptop Weiner gave the FBI to try to keep from going to a New York state prison for trying to hook up with children and they know most of those emails Hillary deleted illegally came from them telling her just how much money they could make if she regime changed Libya, Ukraine and Syria.

You think maybe that has something to do with this information warfare being waged on us right now?

That’s my guess.

When the Deep State moves their assets in concert like this, you know it’s important to them. Could it be a distraction? Sure it could. Could it be they are trying to undermine Trump’s credibility while he meets with Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office threatening to normalize relations with Russia and set back all their Cold War II profits? Yep. Could be a lot of things.

But one thing it isn’t, exemplified by Joe’s dramatic eye glasses thrust move, is real news. None of it is. It’s a manufactured constitutional crisis which serves the interests of Joe’s real bosses in the Deep State.

And now let’s end with this: James Comey Fired for Lying to Congress About Anthony Weiner Laptop (yes, it was the backup)

James Comey lied to congress when he said Huma Abedin emailed “thousands” of official State Department documents to Anthony Weiner so he could print them for Hillary Clinton. Not only was that an outright lie (and the FBI said so) it was a stupid lie that made absolutely no sense. And neither did Comey’s explanation as to why he wasn’t prosecuting Huma and Weiner for doing such a ridiculous thing. The truth was, he wasn’t prosecuting them… because it never happened.. he was LYING.

James Comey deserved to be fired. He chose a side. He chose wrong. He covered up for the Clinton machine and guess what? She lost. Then he lied some more. And that’s the story. Russia, Putin, aliens eating my homework. Joe S. pointing with the arm of his glasses. None of that matters. James Comey couldn’t be trusted because he was a LIAR… and because LYING TO CONGRESS IS A CRIME. Did you know that?

Better question now is… why don’t they prosecute him?

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8 Responses

  1. the ‘reason’ I like is
    “It’s Armageddon. It’s the End Times. It’s the 7th sign of the Apocalypse.”
    Now…..let’s put Hilliary in jail. That would really set them all off.

    • what is the deal with them throwing food on each other over there? They throw eggs and flower on politicians in France and pies on this guy? I don’t get it. I have to admit, that was a pretty good shot for a drive by pieing. Dude just kept right on going like nothing happened. “Oh my. Hit with another pie in public. Que sara… as I was saying…”

    • Better than getting bombed by NATO, urged on by punks like Bernie.

  2. Look on the bright side- comedians don’t need to work as much on their parody material if the Mockingbird Media continues its plunge into hysterics.

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