US Plan to Arm PKK/YPG is a Declaration of War Against Turkey

(Kurds are the best fighters of KurdISIS because, they go in with their “ISIS” hats on and attack soft targets killing civilians to drive them out of a town or village… and then they put on their Glorious Kurds hats and say they drove “ISIS” out… so of course, the town or village is theirs now. Hence “KurdISIS”. Let me demonstrate via a nifty visual aid)

(And Penny is absolutely correct. The next regime change target is Erdogan and Turkey. That’s the next piece of the Greater Kurdistan project. So Erdogan is right too say this is a direct threat to the nation of Turkey… because it is.)

by Penny from Penny for Your Thoughts

Turkey Says U.S. Plan to Arm Kurds in Syria Supports Terrorism
Quoting from Bloomberg in red 

 “This issue is a matter of existence or nonexistence for Turkey,” Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli told AHaber television on Wednesday. “It is a matter of survival for Turkey. Everyone should see it this way. We can never accept or allow the existence of terrorist organizations that pose a threat to Turkey’s future.”

The US has just declared war, without actually stating it, against Turkey! Get it? That is exactly what has occurred! In the same way the US declared war against Syria without stating it. Actions speak much louder then words and the actions of the US are loudly screaming the intent! And the 5 eyes media is delivering the message with abundance today.

Patrick Cockburn- The Independent

 “President Trump’s decision to provide weapons to the Syrian Kurds, who are fighting Isis, potentially marks a crucial change in the political geography of the Middle East.”

Patrick is telling half the story… of course. While also pushing the same bullshit about “kurds/best fighters” The change in political geography will equate to an actual change in the physical geography- As has already occurred in Syria…

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7 Responses

  1. Much appreciated Willy- it was always going to come to this. It had to. There has been much going back and forth for quite some time now- but the moment of truth is at hand

    (The Comey firing coming out of nowhere feels like distraction)

    As I said at my blog

    “Thanks willy 🙂

    What is conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact!”

    • Would it be a good idea for Turkish citizens and emigrants to sue a few of the alternative media assets/figures-who-flubbed-it-on-this-one (e.g. Webster Tarpley, “Tony Cartalucci”, George Galloway, Caleb Maupin, “Urania En Berlin”, the new jokers at Global Research, etc.) if they can prove that their “journalism” was advocacy for terrorism against the Turkish nation, at international courts (like the Malay tribunal that tried to indict Bush Jr.)? It’s time to hold dishonesty and corrupt agenda-serving on all sides of the media accountable.

  2. Some useful idiots still believe Rojava is a bastion of “anarchy”, “direct democracy” or whatever. I remember anarchist sites in the vein of Libcom creaming their pants over neoliberal, Barzani-controlled Iraqi Kurdistan.

    • People have to be a special kind of stupid to think the West is going to break up secular states in the Middle East so they can fabricate something as big and important as Greater Kurdistan, just so they can hand control of it over the people living within it.

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