Marco Rubio Introduces Bill To Allot $20M Toward Regime Change in Venezuela

(All those Young Republican protesters and corrupt opposition parties need to get paid. Color revolutions aren’t cheap baby.)

from Mint Press News

This week’s bipartisan Venezuela Humanitarian Assistance and Defense of Democratic Governance Act not only seeks to pump US$10 million to Venezuela as part of a “humanitarian assistance” package but also looks to provide millions to efforts to undermine the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The bill also allots an additional US$10 million for ‘democracy promotion,’ including “US$500,000 to carry out the activities … with the Organization of American States to ensure credible international observation that contributes to free, fair, and transparent democratic electoral processes in Venezuela” and “US$9,500,000 to carry out the activities … directly, or through nongovernmental organizations to defend internationally recognized human rights … support the efforts of independent media outlets … facilitate open and uncensored access to the Internet … and to combat corruption.”

As part of the 11 section plan, the legislation aims to support the move by the head of the Organization of American States, OAS, Luis Almagro, to invoke the “Democratic Charter” against the country. The bill states that Maduro’s government and Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice have “carried out systematic efforts to undermine, block, and circumvent the authorities and responsibilities of the Venezuelan National Assembly as mandated by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”…

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3 Responses

  1. Venezuelan head of parlament, Julio Borges himself has been seen this weekend in Washington asking for support from Donald Trump’s office for an intervention in his country (
    This opposition tries everything, but with the Venezuelan army next to Maduro, everything will be very difficult for a change of system. The Venezuelans themselves who voted for Maduro know they are playing everything or nothing. If they lose the government to Capriles and all this corrupt and rancid opposition, it is the end of the revolution. Hence the struggle is intense, but at the same time it is bringing hope to those who defend socialism.

    • Venezuela is a big prize for the technocrats. Lots of stuff to privatize and buy up for pennies on the dollar. And lots of people and resources to exploit. They have wanted that prize for decades and they smell blood in the water right now. Plus, they haven’t had a good regime change to profit off of for some time now. How long ago was Libya? They need to keep feeding their system to keep it afloat.

      • This campaign will not end, as long as money is channeled into the opposition, and then into fragmented marches and more violence (more exported fake news images to Europe and USA). The problem for the destabilizers is the informed and enlightened Venezuelan people who continue to grow. If this were Chile in 1973, it would be easy to make a coup, since Allende did not have the army. However, Maduro has the army on his side and has more than 50% of the people with him. Since 1973, the numbers have changed, as has the balance of forces. The Americans themselves know that they can not intervene, because if they did, a lot of blood would flow and it would not be only Venezuelan.

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