Make Ready the Elysian Fields: Globalization Wins French Election Thanks To Worst Turnout in 50 Years

by Scott Creighton

The globalists are celebrating this morning because their ideology of integrating the whole of the world and turning it into one big free trade zone (ala that film Elysium) won out over populism and protectionism yesterday in France.

The official results are in and former Rothschild bankster Emmanuel Macron beat Marine La Pen handily with over a third of the registered voters either not showing up or not making a decision on their ballots:

These results are based on 99.99 percent of the votes being counted, and come from the interior ministry:

Macron 66.1 % with 20.7 million votes

Marine Le Pen 33.9 % with 10.6 million votes

“Abstention at 25.38 percent According to official results, the abstention rate stood at 25.38 percent – the highest since the presidential election in 1969. 8.5 percent gave blank votes The interior ministry reported a record number of blank and invalid ballots, accounting for 8.49 percent of all registered voters, compared to two percent in the first round. So adding the blanks to the abstentions, a third of French voters declined to choose between Macron and Le Pen — a record rate in nearly half a centuryThe Local, France

La Pen had promised to lead France out of the European Union (EU) and take them off the euro as the globalist currency of Europe. La Pen looked to normalize relations with Russia and do away with France’s participation in the bogus sanctions leveled at Russia for supposedly “invading Crimea” which they never did. And La Pen promised to end the open door immigration policy which is a big factor in neoliberal economic ideology as it pits poor working class migrants against poor working class indigenous populations in a race to the bottom in terms of labor costs which only serve to make the investor class happy.

On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron did his slow walk to the podium last night in Paris to the tune of the EU’s anthem. Not the French national anthem mind you… the EU anthem. A little “FU” to the French citizens who still think they live in a country rather than an economic zone dictated by the technocrats.

Wall Street is happy. Super rich celebrities are happy. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are happy. Of course, Hillary finds a way to make everything about her…

And of the Russians didn’t interfere with the French election. Obama did. But the Russians didn’t.

Even fake left phony socialist Bernie Sanders is happy (as you can see from his Tweet above)

There are claims of election fraud making their way into the interwebs this morning. Talk of duplicate ballots for Macron and some arriving damaged for La Pen voters. We will have to wait and see how all of that shapes up. But for now, La Pen has been gracious in defeat.

The real story I think is the low turnout. We had a low turnout here in the states as well. When you are forced to choose between two bad prospects, folks understandably seem to toss in the towel. I know I did this past November. The corporatist media certainly didn’t help by constantly telling their viewers it was over before it even began.

Today is a celebration for the no borders crowd. Today the world is one big happy free trade zone, like in the film Elysium, with unions on the decline and profit margins marching up and up to the tune of the European Union’s anthem, Ode to Joy. And what’s that? What’s that in the first line there? Hmmm…

“admission was reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. Later, it expanded to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, and indulging in whatever employment they had enjoyed in life”

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15 Responses

  1. If the French are going to live up to their reputation, now is the time to do it.
    rebel and take it to the streets.

  2. I’m really hating Bernie Sanders now, with contempt.

    • I’m starting to hate myself with contempt for buying into his bullshit.But you know, I did call him out on his bullshit long before Killary stole the nomination and I did write I was getting sick of him doing the same schtick over and over again at his rallies. But you know, what I bought into about him was his populism and his pretend hatred of globalization. so, I can’t feel too bad. He fooled me once, not twice, and that’s something at least.

  3. Hey, on the other other hand, LaPen really is a fucking Nazi. The people in France had much the same awful choice as we did last year. No doubt the socialist candidate would have won if Hollande had not ruined the party’s reputation all by himself in the past two years.

    At least the French still get to elect their parliament members in June, and they will have representation from 5 or 6 different parties in parliament.

  4. A little PS: Seriously, La Pen is an actual Nazi, as opposed to the silly way we use the term “nazi” here in the states. Think of her as Steve Bannon running for president rather than Trump; that’s a better comparison than my previous one. The number of people who abstained or purposefully ruined their ballots in protest was larger than the number of people who voted for La Pen. Just because Macron is a flimsy-ass banker without much merit doesn’t excuse trying to promote the fascist LaPen. Both choices were bad, but La Pen really was the greater evil. Unlike Americans, however, the French don’t take shit lying down. Macron will find some of his plans completely thwarted by the protesters, because he really was only elected because La Pen is so unacceptable.

    • Agreed. They couldn’t stage enough FF attacks to make La Pen’s ‘populism’ popular.

    • To Teri: I haven’t been following French politics very much but you seem to know what you are talking about. So I would appreciate it if you could explain to me (in detail), and to other readers, why you are so convinced that Le Pen is a Nazi. And why do you use that particular name to label her, rather than simply calling her “conservative”, “nationalistic” or even “right wing”?

  5. Sorry for the double posting. The comment system is really strange. It simply disappeared my comment, so I rewrote it and tried again.

  6. Bernie’s message will energize all the pedo teachers out there to create their own version of baby globalist! You need to get ’em ready as young as possible. In Macron’s case, he was only 15.

  7. “invalid ballots” … That probably means that on a paper ballot a voter who is supposed to mark her/his choice instead writes something tasty like “Fuck yourselves!” or “Eat shit!”. It is, alas, a very meagre satisfaction but just try doing that on an electronic Diebold or whatever US machine.

  8. […] Make Ready the Elysian Fields: Globalization Wins French Election Thanks To Worst Turnout in 50 Yea… […]

  9. […] Make Ready the Elysian Fields: Globalization Wins French Election Thanks To Worst Turnout in 50 Year… […]

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