Watch a Fake Progressive Use Republican Talking Point to Dismiss Calls for Universal Healthcare

by Scott Creighton

Diane Feinstein. She recently admitted there is no evidence of Russia colluding with anyone from the Trump campaign regarding their supposed “hack” of our election… which never happened by the way. Do you now how they tried to “influence” our election? By reporting on facts that were leaked from someone in the DNC and by others that were hacked from John Podesta and Hillary’s server by others. That’s how. They simply told the truth about Hillary Clinton’s corruption… and that is what is called “interfering” in our democratic process these days.

Anyway, here’s Sen. Feinstein talking to her constituents about single payer, universal healthcare. She says “if it means a total takeover of healthcare by the government, I’m against it”

That’s a republican, Heritage Foundation, libertarian, neoliberal talking point by the way. And there it is coming out of the mouth of a “progressive” Democrat. One that us real lefties are supposed to unite behind.

We had a chance to get universal healthcare back when the country wanted “CHANGE” and voted for it in 2008. What we got instead was a fascist mandated plan, conceived by Mitt Romney and insurance industry insiders and ultimately labeled “ObamaCare” because his name had yet to be tainted with the truth of what that corporatist fraud of a unDem he really was.

Today we seem poised for a similar opportunity but it appears the leadership from the Left House is parroting talking points from the far right. And what else would you expect from the One Party system we have?

4 Responses

  1. Can’t get into Single Payer, the Pentagon needs more of our money, the 800 overseas bases they have aren’t enough. Plus, keeping Special Ops–assassins–in over 80 nations cost serious money.

    Then there’s that pesky story about the missing 9+ TRILLION from the Pentagon, but they be so busy fighting–and supplying–al CIA Duh and ISIS that they no have time to look in the couch for that spare change.

    Now there’s Kim and boy oh boy, isn’t he scary? Should be more boogiemen coming out of the woodwork any day now, just for YOU, America!

    So stay scared to the point of being catatonic and Congress will have our backs, just don’t get uppity and ask for a reach-around.

    • you know, i hadn’t thought of it that way, but you have a point. yes, I would be glad to suffer and die an early death because I can’t even see a doctor just so long as the glorious military gets more and more money. how selfish I have been.

  2. Speaking of fake progressives and centrists, globalist stooge just won the election in France. Business as usual for as long as they can, huh?

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