Tucker Talked Vaccines With R. Kennedy Jr. on Prime Time: Said “no subject should be off limits” – What About 9/11?

by Scott Creighton

Tucker Carlson had Robert Kennedy Jr. on the other night to talk about vaccines and the harm they can do to children. For this  I applaud him.

Kennedy was allowed to bring up controversial topics like the pharmaceutical industry’s blanket protection from prosecution and lawsuits that, by all rights should result from that harm their vaccines do to our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

He also talked about how Big Pharma controls the discussions about vaccines through their advertising dollars paid to the major networks. Given the fact that Fox, the network which hosts the Tucker Carlson Show, receives revenues from large pharmaceutical companies, I give Mr. Carlson a great deal of credit for allowing that discussion as well. As Robert pointed out, not many networks will allow him access for that very reason.

They didn’t talk about parents being forced to vaccinate their children or keep them out of public schools which is a serious discussion we should be having since education is a right in this country as so is a parent’s right about making decisions about the health and well being of your own offspring.

And it was only a 4 minute interview, which seems pretty short for a Tucker Carlson interview.

But all that aside, at least he put Kennedy on during prime time and allowed him to make his case when so many others wouldn’t dare do that for fear of losing their Big Pharma money. Cudos for that, Tucker.

In the follow-up interview, because Tucker’s choice to bring Kennedy on and actually talk about this topic is such an rarity in the MSM today, another Fox host asked him how (and I guess the implicit question was “why?”) he did that.  Tucker said he was responding to emails and text messages and he thought that no topic should be off limits no matter how demonized they are.

“But I also think IT’S LEGITIMATE TO ASK QUESTIONS THAT NOBODY IS. People try to bully you into not asking those questions and I don’t like that. I don’t like people… IT’S A RED FLAG FOR ME when people say “you aren’t allowed to ask that question” NO MATTER WHAT IT IS ABOUT. I think you ought to be allowed to ask legitimate respectful questions and you ought to press for an answer. That’s not threatening to me AND PEOPLE WHO ARE THREATENED BY THAT ARE USUALLY TRYING TO HIDE SOMETHING” Tucker Carlson (video below)

Now, most of you know I am not a huge Fox “News” fan. Never have been. And I certainly don’t follow Mr. Carlson on Twitter or watch his show with any regularity and in fact, I didn’t see this exchange in real time, I found the video on Black Listed News.

And I am certainly not a fan of Mr. Carlson’s economic ideology or at least, not a fan of all of it. He and I do agree on the economic impact of unregulated immigration on the standards of living of the average indigenous workers be they here in the states or in Germany or Dubai. And we agree on things like the need to hold public officials accountable for their crimes, like Hillary Clinton for example.

Furthermore, I certainly agree with him, as most reasonable, rational humans should, that open honest debate on any subject is not only healthy for a society, but it should be almost mandatory. When any subject become so taboo that we start off the discussion of it with the words “the debate is over… the science is in…” then we are not doing ourselves or our culture any sort of service whatsoever and in fact, as Tucker said, in all likelihood, someone is trying to hide something. Which in the end, leads us back to that whole “accountability” thing.

With that in mind…

We are nearly 16 years into this post 9/11 world we live in and many things have changed since that horrible day. We know so much more today.

Here are just a few of the other things we know about 9/11 specifically:

If we look back over the years we will find many of the real 9/11 Truth advocates predicted the foreign policy we see developing today. And we see that many other agencies seem to be incorporating the false flag into their normal everyday operating procedures. We see false flags being used everywhere from churches here in the states to attacks on UN aid convoys in Syria to the downing of airliners flying over Ukraine to chemical weapons attacks in Idlib province. We see this normalization of this extreme tactic because, quite frankly, there has been no accountability since 9/11 in this regard.

What is laid out before you is not a conclusive determination of fault or even one that proves a larger conspiracy. It implies both but proves neither.

What it does do is show, I believe conclusively, is that we need to have this discussion (to borrow a catchphrase) a real, open discussion, about the events of 9/11 which is the primary catalyst for many of the developments we have seen since that day. Developments that many of us, most of us, oppose.

Mr. Carlson says he believes there should be no sacred cows when it comes to public discussions and on this, just as with his opinion about unregulated open borders and even the need to prosecute Hillary Clinton, I agree with him. In fact, I couldn’t agree with him more.

Tucker Carlson says he takes his cues from his texts and his emails. I wonder if that is true. Maybe we should find out. You can send him a message via Twitter here. Or you might be able to contact him via Fox News Insider at comments@foxnewsinsider.com

We are an older and much wiser nation today than we were 16 years ago. For the most part, the Deep State is something that has come out of the “conspiracy theory” closet and made it’s appearance on the main stage of public discussion. So to has the term “false flag”

For that matter, so too have the terms “fascism”, “globalization” and “New World Order” which many 9/11 Truth advocates believe is the over-arching motivation behind the New American Century the neocons envisioned all those years ago.

If we can openly discuss “false flags” and “globalization” today in public and we can watch advocates try to explain just how dangerous some vaccines are to our children on prime time network news, I wonder if we are ready to sit down and have a talk about what has led us to this point we find ourselves in today. I wonder how far someone like Tucker Carlson is willing to go in order to uphold his stated objection to the groupthink that says some topics must never see the light of day in this, the post 9/11 world we find ourselves in.

With all due respect to those who lost loved ones on 9/11 or in the ensuing military engagement since, I think it would be good to see a real 9/11 Truth advocate on Tucker’s show. Not some disinformation hack spouting on and on about “ray beams from space” or “mini nukes” but someone posing legitimate questions about parts of the official story that don’t add up. Questions like those raised by folks when they read what I have posted above.

We are 16 years older than we were when we were “shocked and awed” by 9/11 and we have learned a great deal since then. The American public is much less naive and far more sophisticated in terms of seeing the Deep State for what it is and more importantly, what it wants.

I wonder if a rational, well spoken, well informed advocate for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 could be found and drafted for the purpose of having a little chat with Mr. Carlson. See if he really believes no subject is off limits.

No single event in this nation’s recent history is more foundational in terms of how and where we went off track than 9/11. Therefore, nothing is more important in terms of changing course than exposing the event for what it was and holding those accountable who designed and orchestrated it.

The evidence shows 9/11 was used at the key event in their pursuit of the New American Century and the evidence overwhelmingly shows we have been constantly lied to about the events of that day. And now we are not even allowed to seriously discuss them in public.

It was written that “those who control the past control the future… and those who control the present control the past” and this is especially true when it comes to the events of Sept. 11th, 2001. If we wish to regain a modicum of control of the direction this country is headed, we have to challenge their control of the story of 9/11 because in that truth lies the path to our freedom.

Are there anymore sacred cows that must not be disturbed? The evidence is before you. The science speaks for itself. The debate is not over and it will never be until we have it. All else comes from that humble beginning.

The only truth of 9/11 is we don’t know the truth. But someone does. Lets’ find it.

(For the record, I do not suggest for a minute that I be considered for that little project. I am not worthy of being a spokesman for any cause, much less one this important. However, just so you know I am a long-time advocate for 9/11 Truth, for a list of my research on 9/11, go here)

Tucker Carlson interviews Robert Kennedy Jr.

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Thank you all so much

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19 Responses

  1. yes…. another event that seems taboo to discuss is the assassination of President John Kennedy and the one bullet story.
    good article, Scott.

  2. Excellent article, Scott! I must say, though, I think you would make an excellent candidate for such an interview. There are many reasons, but the biggest one is that I feel you know how to tie so many things together…

    • Hi Greenmon. Good to hear from you. I appriciate your thoughts on this, but I think I have written about far too many other false flags to step out in front on this one. I mean, let’s face it, Tucker Carlson would never do it in the first place and if he did he would be looking to ambush someone. Or, he would get an Alex Jones type to come on and make “truthers” look like raving maniacs. If it were me I feel it would too easy for them to distract from the discussion by bringing up my writings on things like MH370, MH17, black box voting, the Malala psyop, “Edward Snowden”, the American Gladio campaign… all that stuff. I think someone with the credibility of a Richard Gage or, preferably, David Ray Griffin, if he still does stuff like this. I think they would be better. But of course, as you mentioned, I don’t know what they know about what has happened since and how that ties into the circumstantial and physical evidence we have now relating to 9/11. Is DRG still doing this work? Does anyone know? Any, thanks for your vote of confidence, but I believe there are better equipped candidates for this particular project. Not that Tucker would actually do it of course.

      • Scott,
        DRG is more focused on global warming nowadays. You and he are on opposite sides of the fence on this issue. I’d like to see you review his book “Unprecedented…” sometime. I respect both you and him, and a dialogue between him and you on this issue would be most intriguing.

  3. Great article Scott. Thanks for putting it together. Yeah, I won’t hold my breath waiting for Carlson to interview on the topic of 911. Maybe he could interview on Obama’s assassination of Osama Bin Laden, Benghazi, or the quality of life in Libya before the Butcher started her war.

    • the quality of life in Libya before we showered them with all those democracy bombs or the quality of life in Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq… yeah, that would be a little longer than a 10 minute segment on prime time I fear. We could just show em pictures.

  4. Fox’s ratings must really be in the toilet if they’re trotting out Truthy Tucker as mitigation for all the hanky panky backstage stuff. I can only imagine it’s difficult to watch Fox anchors when you know they probably had to kneel before Bill and Rog to get the job…

    • yep. but who’s the big star on MSNBC right now? Rachel Maddow. And how “truthy” is she? We know she had to kneel before Killary to get her spot, don’t we? So which is better?

  5. The link to send Tucker a friendly suggestion on Twitter goes to his Facebook. Sadly, the Twitter thought police permanently banned my favorite troll for “targeted harassment”, so I’m forced to not harass Tucker with a different account. I’ll be sure to tag you in…

    • i will fix the link. sorry about that

      • Do you know what day Tucker did the RFK Jr. interview? I wanted to reply to Mr. Carlson’s tweet about his vaccine segment with your article, but couldn’t find one. Hmmm? I tried your link because I thought it might lead to a tweet I couldn’t find. Even if Tucker did tweet about it, Twitter(AKA: American ZunZuneo)censorship has gotten so awful, replies with a link to articles like this would be invisible. Unless, of course, 50 fake PR trolls “Like” it into a favorable position below Tucker’s tweet. If users don’t buy the 10K fake follower package that includes an army of likebots to boost non-existent credibility, nobody on Twitter has to know they exist. Social media…that’s funny!

  6. How can I argue for the need to check vaccines for comparisons between benefits and drawbacks without looking like an anti-science crank? This is simultaneously a small and big issue for me. I need to find authentic-enough research that at least, doesn’t disprove anti-vaxxer points. (I guess the same applies for Global Warming, Inc.)
    Hey, Scott- have you considered the possibility of exposing Global Research? During the middle of the 2010s, they’ve consistently demonized RTE with ridiculous editorials that constantly throw unproven accusations at his person and presidential administration.
    Andreas C Chrysafis has even resorted to ethnic caricature by including a header image of Tayyip in a Bedouin-looking headdress (which is, I don’t know, NOT TURKISH- a country more influenced by its Greco-Roman past, along with the Central-Asian Turkic tribes who settled in Anatolia- than Arabic). Has Michel Chossudovsky become negligent, incompetent, or a useful idiot on this agenda? Screw GR until Chossudovsky clarifies, which is probably never.

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