Watch a Fake Progressive Use Republican Talking Point to Dismiss Calls for Universal Healthcare

by Scott Creighton

Diane Feinstein. She recently admitted there is no evidence of Russia colluding with anyone from the Trump campaign regarding their supposed “hack” of our election… which never happened by the way. Do you now how they tried to “influence” our election? By reporting on facts that were leaked from someone in the DNC and by others that were hacked from John Podesta and Hillary’s server by others. That’s how. They simply told the truth about Hillary Clinton’s corruption… and that is what is called “interfering” in our democratic process these days.

Anyway, here’s Sen. Feinstein talking to her constituents about single payer, universal healthcare. She says “if it means a total takeover of healthcare by the government, I’m against it”

That’s a republican, Heritage Foundation, libertarian, neoliberal talking point by the way. And there it is coming out of the mouth of a “progressive” Democrat. One that us real lefties are supposed to unite behind.

We had a chance to get universal healthcare back when the country wanted “CHANGE” and voted for it in 2008. What we got instead was a fascist mandated plan, conceived by Mitt Romney and insurance industry insiders and ultimately labeled “ObamaCare” because his name had yet to be tainted with the truth of what that corporatist fraud of a unDem he really was.

Today we seem poised for a similar opportunity but it appears the leadership from the Left House is parroting talking points from the far right. And what else would you expect from the One Party system we have?

Tucker Talked Vaccines With R. Kennedy Jr. on Prime Time: Said “no subject should be off limits” – What About 9/11?

by Scott Creighton

Tucker Carlson had Robert Kennedy Jr. on the other night to talk about vaccines and the harm they can do to children. For this  I applaud him.

Kennedy was allowed to bring up controversial topics like the pharmaceutical industry’s blanket protection from prosecution and lawsuits that, by all rights should result from that harm their vaccines do to our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

He also talked about how Big Pharma controls the discussions about vaccines through their advertising dollars paid to the major networks. Given the fact that Fox, the network which hosts the Tucker Carlson Show, receives revenues from large pharmaceutical companies, I give Mr. Carlson a great deal of credit for allowing that discussion as well. As Robert pointed out, not many networks will allow him access for that very reason.

They didn’t talk about parents being forced to vaccinate their children or keep them out of public schools which is a serious discussion we should be having since education is a right in this country as so is a parent’s right about making decisions about the health and well being of your own offspring.

And it was only a 4 minute interview, which seems pretty short for a Tucker Carlson interview.

But all that aside, at least he put Kennedy on during prime time and allowed him to make his case when so many others wouldn’t dare do that for fear of losing their Big Pharma money. Cudos for that, Tucker.

In the follow-up interview, because Tucker’s choice to bring Kennedy on and actually talk about this topic is such an rarity in the MSM today, another Fox host asked him how (and I guess the implicit question was “why?”) he did that.  Tucker said he was responding to emails and text messages and he thought that no topic should be off limits no matter how demonized they are.

“But I also think IT’S LEGITIMATE TO ASK QUESTIONS THAT NOBODY IS. People try to bully you into not asking those questions and I don’t like that. I don’t like people… IT’S A RED FLAG FOR ME when people say “you aren’t allowed to ask that question” NO MATTER WHAT IT IS ABOUT. I think you ought to be allowed to ask legitimate respectful questions and you ought to press for an answer. That’s not threatening to me AND PEOPLE WHO ARE THREATENED BY THAT ARE USUALLY TRYING TO HIDE SOMETHING” Tucker Carlson (video below)

Now, most of you know I am not a huge Fox “News” fan. Never have been. And I certainly don’t follow Mr. Carlson on Twitter or watch his show with any regularity and in fact, I didn’t see this exchange in real time, I found the video on Black Listed News.

And I am certainly not a fan of Mr. Carlson’s economic ideology or at least, not a fan of all of it. He and I do agree on the economic impact of unregulated immigration on the standards of living of the average indigenous workers be they here in the states or in Germany or Dubai. And we agree on things like the need to hold public officials accountable for their crimes, like Hillary Clinton for example.

Furthermore, I certainly agree with him, as most reasonable, rational humans should, that open honest debate on any subject is not only healthy for a society, but it should be almost mandatory. When any subject become so taboo that we start off the discussion of it with the words “the debate is over… the science is in…” then we are not doing ourselves or our culture any sort of service whatsoever and in fact, as Tucker said, in all likelihood, someone is trying to hide something. Which in the end, leads us back to that whole “accountability” thing.

With that in mind…

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