French Authorities Shut Down Freedom of the Press to Save the Neoliberal Globalist Candidate from Rothschild’s Bank

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: You can download Macron Leaks, here.

This morning the complicit press is pulling out all the stops in their support of the neoliberal globalist agenda. They are busy ranting about how the French election isn’t really about France and it’s people but rather, it’s about the whole of Europe and whether or not the European Union (EU) will withstand this assault from the dreaded wave of populism rushing from nation to nation like a wildfire burning out of control.

Watching CNN this morning, they had some former Italian prime minister on talking about how if La Pen wins tomorrow it will mark the end of the EU and if Macron does, he will move toward further integration and deeper ties to the globalist project. The host said something like “yes. populism is contagious, isn’t it?” and they both literally shuttered at the thought.

For those of you who can recall, they sold us the Vietnam War by saying if they allowed Vietnam to go it’s own way, to let them cast off the shackles of French imperialism in favor of a more populist/socialist agenda, they would only end up being the first domino to fall in the region and many more would follow in their footsteps.

They also said about Cuba that their revolution was a cancer which would spread across the whole of Latin America if allowed.

Yugoslavia served as a bad example as well and the Clintons dealt with that. As they did with Libya not that long ago because Gaddafi threatened to infect the whole of Africa with the populist bug.

In their globalist perception of the world, a country’s elections don’t belong to just the people of that country. They belong to everyone with a stake in maintaining open borders, unprotected markets and a stake in the glorious profits of what they call “free trade”

That’s why the people of a nation can’t be allowed to “vote the wrong way” like the people of the UK did with Brexit and the people of the United States did with the Duke of Orange.

So, drastic steps must be taken in order to keep the ignorant masses from voting in their own interests. Drastic steps taken by people from outside their respective nations. That’s why across the board the complicit media from across the world has been doing everything they can to promote the Rothschild banker candidate, Emmanuel Macron over his opponent, Marine La Pen.

Hell, Mr. TPP/TTIP Globalization himself, Barack Obama, did a PSA ad in favor of the neoliberal globalization candidate just last week in hopes he, a foreigner, could persuade French citizens to vote in his best interests, not theirs.

But drastic steps are also being taken inside France to ensure the globalist banker wins.

Take for example the French authority’s move to shut down or “blackout” any discussion of the newly released leaks of Emmanuel Macron’s emails.

“Nearly 9 gigabytes of information from private emails belonging to French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron have been leaked after an apparent hack. The leaks came to light late Friday evening, less than two days before polls open in the final round of elections…

The main story is that the French Election Control Commission released a statement threatening legal, including criminal action against anyone who publishes the content of the leaks. 

The relevant except from the short statement reads,

“The Commission therefore asks the media, and websites in particular, not to report on the content of the data (of the Macron leak), recalling that the dissemination of false information is liable to fall within the scope of the law, in particular criminal law”.

This is an outrage on several levels.” The Duran

Under threat of prosecution, the French government, which supports continued globalization, has issued a decree threatening any publication with arrest and detention if they publish any of the leaked/hacked emails that came out last night.

Could you imagine if Putin, Un, Assad or Xi Jinping did something like this? They would be outraged.

In fact, President Trump found himself in hot water a week ago when Reince Priebus hinted that they would consider criminal charges against the press for publishing “fake news” being used to destabilize the current American administration.

“White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has revealed that President Trump is considering amending or even abolishing the First Amendment over claims of fake news by the mainstream media.

Let’s look at this closely: yes, some mainstream news is exaggerated to get more viewers and misinformation can slip through, but to even think about changing the First Amendment is a dangerous idea.” Huffington Post

In this case, the H. Post admits some of the crap being published attacking Trump is “fake news” but they go on to say that it’s the 1st amendment right of those writing that crap to publish it.

In the case of Rachel Maddow and her leaked Trump tax return, everyone noted that it seemed she was taken for a ride because it made Trump look like an angle, but they also defended her right to publish it, to go public with it, even if it did turn out to be another flop on her part.

Did she break the law publishing it? Yes. Did he prosecute her? No.

My position on the matter is this: the 1st amendment is listed first for a reason. And if you don’t have a WELL INFORMED society, you don’t have a democracy. But that doesn’t mean you can run deliberate destabilization campaigns in other countries or this one by corporations who have a stake in keeping the country on the globalization grid. In short, free speech yes, yelling “fire” in a crowed theater no.

That said, the complicit media over here last night was in full support of the French authority’s blackout order on the leaked/hacked Macron emails which is remarkable considering how many of them just condemned the Trump administration for their attack on free speech.

I don’t see it that way.

Macron’s people have issued a statement on the emails saying they were stolen by the “ebil Rooskies”… of course. They then go on to say they are “fake” which makes no sense at all.

I don’t know where they came from or what is in them but something damn incriminating must be in the collection for the globalists in the French government to shut down free speech to such an extent as they just did.

People have a right to know everything they can about a candidate prior to their election. Everything that was exposed about Hillary Clinton during our campaign turned out to be true and if you held the elections right now today, all indications are she would lose again to Donnie Tiny Hands in SPITE of the neoliberal crap he’s been doing since taking office.

That says a lot.

Some say the leaks from the DNC and the hacks of the Podesta emails cost Hillary Clinton her coronation.

I disagree.

The CONTENT of those leaks and emails cost her the election because they CONFIRMED what we already knew about her that she was corrupt to the core and that the unDemocratic Party of America tipped the scales and stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders so the people of America’s left wouldn’t … vote the wrong way.

The people had a right to know as much as they could know prior to voting between the worst two human beings in this country who have ever run for office at the same time.

To that end, the people of France have every right to know as much as they can know about La Pen and Emmanuel Macron before they cast their votes tomorrow.

You can bet your bottom dollar if those leaked/hacked emails came from Marine’s computer, the French government wouldn’t do a damn thing to stop the French press from talking about them non-stop between now and the closing of the polls.

When the government steps in like this to shut down the freedom of the press in favor of one candidate over another, you do not have a democracy anymore. That’s a given. And unfortunately that is the REAL NATURE of neoliberal globalization and the EU in general.

6 Responses

  1. Even if the emails are not made public….. just protesting the publication of them would tell the French that ‘something bad’ about Macron is being hidden. That would also help turn votes against him. Wouldn’t it?

  2. Shades of Emile Zola’s “Germinal”. I’m halfway through it as I write this.

    • and if history is repeating itself……. the French won’t even get the mining or factory jobs this time….. that’s what the imported immigrants will get …
      sad times….
      Emile wrote many books….. some think he was murdered at age 61…..

      • I read this one years ago, Jan, but my memory fades. It’s like this read is news to me.

        Anyway, you’re right—it’s sad times, for sure

  3. In addition to censorship, another threat to speech or debate exists- the poisoning of information to the point where most people are left unable to discern for themselves, or make prudent decisions. Some scholars and students of fascism (e.g. Huey Long) have noted this as one of the most important components in its supporters’ discourse. It doesn’t need to be repeated, but it’s still a good point- many so-called “repressed journalists/ human rights activists” in non-aligned countries are actually globalist assets trying to foment regime change while using thin covers to justify themselves.
    Representative democracy has basically destroyed itself with the absence of real, informed choice. On both sides of the Atlantic, now matter how conscientious you are, your voice is worthless. Money talks, bullshit walks, as the saying goes. I honestly wonder if some autocratic, even possibly dictatorial governmental authorities (whether real, or only portrayed that way by the media) are as subtly, but increasingly obviously, corrupt, bought-out, self-delusional, willfully ignorant, or lopsided as the tras-Atlantic neoliberal order that labels itself “free and democratic”.

  4. Ah ok – I see you were in favour of Melenchon.

    Ok I take that back about the “right turn” – don’t want to be unnecessarily offensive.

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