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  1. Good for you, Debbie. You could become the Ralf Nader of the movement to bring in single-payer medical coverage for all. Remember, Nader was successful on many of the causes he worked on.

    A few weeks ago I accused Debbie of (possibly) being a left gatekeeper but I think I was mistaken. In the video I was referring to, she simply displayed how much of an imperfect human being she was, like all of us.

    Now I see that the scales are falling from her eyes and she is more clearly seeing reality. That is, the reality that the Dems & the Repugs are essentially all representatives of the ruling elites. Not long ago she was hero-worshipping Bernie Sanders and spending hundreds of hours working to support him but now she sees how she was betrayed.

    In my experience, those who use the term “progressive” to describe themselves are almost all well-meaning but duped (brainwashed) people who are quite ineffectual when it comes to actually making a difference. The left in general, even including those who call themselves socialists and communists have been led by a controlled opposition almost from the beginning.

    Even the terms, “left” and “right” have lost a lot of their meaning and need to be replaced. Most people are conservative on some issues but seek change on other issues.

  2. The only good to come out of this is that ‘Nana’ Pelosi was on CSpan, singing the blues about her darling Obama’s health care fraud being tossed.

    Social scientists have traditionally struggled to identify clear links between political spending and congressional voting, and many journalists have embraced their skepticism. A giant stumbling block has been the challenge of measuring the labyrinthine ways money flows from investors, firms, and industries to particular candidates. Ferguson, Jorgensen, and Chen directly tackle that classic problem in this paper. Constructing new data sets that capture much larger swaths of political spending, they show direct links between political contributions to individual members of Congress and key floor votes.


    Go$h, buying influence with vote$ $ay it ain’t $o $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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