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FBI Director James Comey Testifies Before The Senate

James Comey’s Explanation of the Clinton Emails on Weiner’s Computer is Total Absolute Bunk

by Scott Creighton

FBI Director James Comey testified before the senate yesterday about a number of issues including his release of the Oct. 28th letter stating he was re-opening the case against Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to handler all of her State Department communications. His testimony was chocked full of non-answers to direct questions due to “national security” and other such non-sense. Many others have accurately pointed these out which I will provide some links to later. One of the most notable discoveries yesterday that Comey refused to talk about in public was the revelation that AG Loretta Lynch appears to have been mentioned in an email saying to someone that she would only allow the then ongoing investigation into Hillary’s use of an illegal server to go “so far”

During Russia’s hacking campaign against the United States, intelligence agencies could peer, at times, into Russian networks and see what had been taken. Early last year, F.B.I. agents received a batch of hacked documents, and one caught their attention.

The document, which has been described as both a memo and an email, was written by a Democratic operative who expressed confidence that Ms. Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going too far, according to several former officials familiar with the document

If Ms. Lynch announced that the case was closed, and Russia leaked the document, Mr. Comey believed it would raise doubts about the independence of the investigation. New York Times

As we all know, Comey famously ended that investigation on July 5th, right before Hillary stole the nomination from Sanders voters on July 26th  and right after Bill Clinton met with AG Lynch on her plane for 30 minutes on June 29th.  And in late 2015, we now know, Lynch instructed Comey to quit referring to his investigation in Clinton as an “investigation” in public.

Clearly the fix was in very early on from the highest reaches of the Obama Justice Department… and it never ended, in my opinion.

What I wanted to discuss a little further are Dir. Comey’s assertions about the laptop that they received at the FBI during their investigation of Anthony Weiner’s sexually explicit online communications he had with someone who was found to be a minor. There are several things that make no sense.

According to Comey, Huma Abadin, Hillary Clinton’s longtime trusted personal assistant, forwarded several thousand official State Department emails to Anthony Weiner, her husband, for him to print for her so she could give them to Hillary Clinton. Some of those emails, according to Comey, were marked as classified.

Dir Comey then explained why he didn’t prosecute Huma for mishandling classified material. His explanation of that decision was beyond weak.

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Neo-Nazi network in German army exposed

(What they found was a neo-Gladio operation being planned in Germany to demonize a certain population and terrorize the leftist. It goes to the highest levels of the German military and as Mr. Schwarz points out, the media is more offended about it being exposed than the fact that it exists.)

(This revelation came on the heels of another false flag terror attack that happened in Germany not long ago. It was revealed an investor staged one in order to profit from various put options. Sound familiar?)

(Of course, non of this is covered in the complicit American media.)

by Peter Schwarz, WSWS

The arrest of a German army officer suspected of plotting the assassination of leftist politicians and high-ranking state officials has exposed the operations of neo-Nazi forces at the highest levels of the German military (Bundeswehr).

The information that has emerged thus far indicates that the suspected officer-terrorist was part of a broader network of fascists within the Bundeswehr, and that his activities were known to his superiors and covered up by them.

Most astonishing is the official reaction to these alarming revelations. They have prompted an outpouring of anger in the German media and from the establishment parties directed not at the existence of this network and evidence of its toleration by high-level state forces, but at mild criticisms of the military by Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen.

Given the historic crimes of German imperialism in the 20th century and the current revival of militarism in Germany, it is remarkable how little attention has been paid to these developments in the American and international press.

Lieutenant Franco A., 28, was arrested last week after coming to the attention of Austrian police when he sought to retrieve a weapon hidden at the airport in Vienna. It quickly emerged that the officer had been leading a double life. In addition to his activities in the Bundeswehr, Franco A, who does not speak a word of Arabic, had registered as a Syrian refugee and been recognized as such.

He apparently intended to carry out a terror attack under a false flag. A police search of his home uncovered a list of possible targets, which included, together with leftist politicians and activists, Justice Minister Heiko Maas and former German President Joachim Gauck.

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