Billions of Dollars Later, the Hunt for Joseph Kony Peters Out

by Scott Creighton

Emmanuel Goldstein = Osama bin Laden = Joseph Kony = “ISIS”

The search for Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, was never a real thing. It was all about creating a boogeyman who the fake “progressive” Obama administration could use to justify sending troops into Africa to put down various uprisings against our imperialist occupations across the continent. In that respect, it was much like “ISIS” in Iraq which was created by US interests to help Obama justify sending troops BACK into the country to put down a real uprising coming from the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries which threatened to retake the country away from our puppet dictator left in charge when we pulled out our military.

Kony is everywhere, but more importantly, he is nowhere. The hunt is a performative space, a void into which his pursuers can insert themselves.David Gauvey Herbert

Since the Kony campaign started in 2011, the US military has spent over $780,000 trying to capture him… supposedly. They failed in that effort. They failed in that effort and then they just.. gave up. Oh well. A monster still lurks around in the deep dark bush of Africa, according to them, and they just simply don’t care anymore. That is, if you believe the official story.

“America’s role in the hunt for Lord Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony has officially begun to draw to a close, even though the notorious warlord is still on the loose…

Approximately 100 combat-ready US troops have aided the effort since the US-backed mission to capture Kony first began in 2011, at a cost to the US of about $780 million, Pentagon spokeswoman Maj. Audricia Harris told CNN Monday.” CNN

Billions were ultimately spent on this project. Money came from other nations contributing to the military side of the conflict while hundreds of millions more poured into the coffers of various not-for-profit NGOs as well.

In terms of capturing or killing the elusive Kony, the only tangible success they had was getting their hands on his bathtub. Yes, his bathtub. One billion bucks to confiscate… a bathtub.

Uganda is a corrupt nation. One of the most corrupt in fact. The mayor of Gulu for example is a former Uganda National Liberation Front member. That was a death squad that existed way back when Idi Amin ruled the country and certain globalist-minded folks wanted him gone. Former murderers, rapists and thugs are littered throughout Ugandan politics theses days and those were the kinds of folks we just spent nearly one billion dollars propping up militarily.

There is a highly publicized prosecution taking place in the country these days. The trial, much like the Stop KONY 2012 campaign itself, is a production.

The ICC does indeed run the Trust Fund for Victims, a modest effort that has spent roughly $1 million on physical psychological rehabilitation programs in northern Uganda since 2009. But large-scale reparations payments to victims are unlikely—and this myth underpins much of the local interest in the ICC prosecution.

“That’s something that bothers me,” says Ledio Cakaj, an LRA researcher and author of When The Walking Defeats You: One Man’s Journey as Joseph Kony’s Bodyguard. “People are signing up as prosecution witnesses with the exact idea that there will be money.”

The ICC’s prosecution is further muddled by the bizarre circumstances of the case: Ongwen is a former child soldier himself. He was abducted as a 14-year old, and he was once caned 200 times for disobeying orders. Ongwen surrendered in 2015 after falling out with Kony, apparently fearing that he would be murdered. His relief in escaping is clear in a photograph included in some flyers that the US military has airdropped over central Africa to encourage further LRA defections: in the photo, Ongwen is beaming after his arrest. Some former LRA abductees have argued that Ongwen should be pardoned.

“The Ongwen case is really weird in many, many ways,” Cakaj told me. “I just don’t see how this ends up well for anyone, be it Ongwen or the victims.”  David Gauvey Herbert

How about that? The International Criminal Court is PAYING witnesses to testify against Kony and his associates in this kangaroo court production. And they one guy they have to lynch just happens to be a guy who fled Kony’s LRA and turned himself over to authorities hoping to escape the horrors.

The last person we know to have actually met Joseph Kony was a reporter who interviewed him in 2006 after the failed peace negotiations with the Ugandan dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who’s been in power since 1986. He is brutal and was involved in the bloody coups which overthrew two Ugandan leaders of the past. Museveni has been a particular favorite of American presidents for a very long time. The mayor of Gulu has nothing on this guy.

Image result for Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

David Gauvey Herbert wrote a pretty good article on the psyop that was the Stop KONY program in spite of the fact that he only seems to hint at the deceptive nature of it all.

“There was something irresistible about the idea of Kony as darkness personified in the heart of Africa, enslaving women, summoning spirits, in the smoke,” Green wrote. “Voodoo, harems, barbarism, and magic—he was every primitive cliché rolled into one.”

Kony is a villain out of central casting.”

Indeed, like Goldstein, bin Laden and “ISIS”, Joesph Kony was a figure straight out of central casting. Kony was a construct intended to generate money, lots of money, that never really went to fighting anyone as far as Herbert could tell. It did fund a lot of NGOs and start-up businesses and prostitution rings in Uganda. But not much else.

These people needed money. Billions of dollars had gone a lot of places. It had gone to Kampala and The Hague and San Diego. It had purchased plane tickets and assault rifles and espressos. In Lukodi, where the sun bakes the painted names of the dead on a crude memorial, it has purchased not very much at all.

I know the story of the rape of Africa by the first African-American president isn’t a new one. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get much press these days now that ObamaGod is out of office and cashing in at Cantor Fitzgerald to the tune of $400,000 per hour (and yes, that Wall Street firm is heavily invested in Africa)

I wonder how these idiots feel today?

Image result for kony 2012

These idiots who jumped on the feel-good pro-war bandwagon some 5 years or so after Joseph Kony likely died running his rebellion against a dictator loved by the likes of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

Their self-satisfied rush of vanity is long gone. So is a billion bucks or more.

And Kony? The manufactured spokesman for globalist intervention across the whole of Africa? His myth is still intact. No fake Seal Team 6 death scene for him as of yet.

But you never know. Trump could use a boost to his poll numbers these days, so, maybe that’s a project some Wag the Dog washed-up Hollywood producer could pitch to Washington in the next few months.

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  1. Where could I find good information on Idi Amin? As with everything else, the Wikipedia articles on Uganda are highly suspect.

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