Billions of Dollars Later, the Hunt for Joseph Kony Peters Out

by Scott Creighton

Emmanuel Goldstein = Osama bin Laden = Joseph Kony = “ISIS”

The search for Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, was never a real thing. It was all about creating a boogeyman who the fake “progressive” Obama administration could use to justify sending troops into Africa to put down various uprisings against our imperialist occupations across the continent. In that respect, it was much like “ISIS” in Iraq which was created by US interests to help Obama justify sending troops BACK into the country to put down a real uprising coming from the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries which threatened to retake the country away from our puppet dictator left in charge when we pulled out our military.

Kony is everywhere, but more importantly, he is nowhere. The hunt is a performative space, a void into which his pursuers can insert themselves.David Gauvey Herbert

Since the Kony campaign started in 2011, the US military has spent over $780,000 trying to capture him… supposedly. They failed in that effort. They failed in that effort and then they just.. gave up. Oh well. A monster still lurks around in the deep dark bush of Africa, according to them, and they just simply don’t care anymore. That is, if you believe the official story.

“America’s role in the hunt for Lord Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony has officially begun to draw to a close, even though the notorious warlord is still on the loose…

Approximately 100 combat-ready US troops have aided the effort since the US-backed mission to capture Kony first began in 2011, at a cost to the US of about $780 million, Pentagon spokeswoman Maj. Audricia Harris told CNN Monday.” CNN

Billions were ultimately spent on this project. Money came from other nations contributing to the military side of the conflict while hundreds of millions more poured into the coffers of various not-for-profit NGOs as well.

In terms of capturing or killing the elusive Kony, the only tangible success they had was getting their hands on his bathtub. Yes, his bathtub. One billion bucks to confiscate… a bathtub.

Uganda is a corrupt nation. One of the most corrupt in fact. The mayor of Gulu for example is a former Uganda National Liberation Front member. That was a death squad that existed way back when Idi Amin ruled the country and certain globalist-minded folks wanted him gone. Former murderers, rapists and thugs are littered throughout Ugandan politics theses days and those were the kinds of folks we just spent nearly one billion dollars propping up militarily.

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