The Real History of Trump’s First 100 Days: Crazy Warmongering Corporate Press Accuses Trump of Being Crazy for Not Being a Warmonger

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE at end of article

From Mika and Joe to hacks like CNN’s Chris Cillizza, members of the complicit media are beside themselves this morning screeching about President Trump’s “bizzare” comments regarding Andrew Jackson, Obama’s surveillance of the Trump campaign and a possible meeting with Kim Jung Un.

On Morning Joe they suggested in no uncertain terms that Trump looks like he is suffering from dementia mainly because he called the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea a “smart cookie” and said he would be “honored” to meet with him to work out their differences. This practically sent the entire globalist cabal of talking heads into a frenzy. Later they had Sen. John McCain scheduled to come on and give his sane opinion of this development.

Let that sink in for a second.

Whenever this president hints at normalizing relationships with various regime-change targets or when he seems to oppose a vital part of our globalist, neoliberal economy or foreign policy, the  lying media, complicit in their servitude to neoliberal globalization, goes absolutely bat-shit crazy just like they are today. This is the real history of Trump’s first 100 days in office.

How is opening up a dialog with a nation like the DPRK, that seems like it could potentially cost American service men and women their lives in a pending conflict, not a good, reasonable, mature idea for a leader of this country? I thought avoiding war was a good thing. Perhaps not.

How is speaking with the leader of a NATO country and patting him on the back after a tense referendum result not a positive step? After all, Turkey is slaughtering “ISIS” members by the dozens. Aren’t we at war with “ISIS” or am I missing something?

And how exactly is letting the people of a nation decide who ultimately leads them considered a bad thing? Is that not democracy? Isn’t Syria a secular nation?

This past weekend President Trump skipped the White House Correspondence Dinner because, according to him, the press has treated him very badly.

At one point during that little echo chamber party some speaker said they were there to defend the 1st amendment which of course they didn’t with their promotion of the “fake news” list of websites they all wanted to see shut down, you know, the ones that spend a lot of time exposing just how many times these White House correspondents lie to us all day, every day.

And they also said they weren’t “fake news” and they weren’t “a threat to the American people”

Nothing could be further from the truth. They are absolutely “fake news”. They are useful idiots at best and ladder-climbing Mockingbird propagandists at worst.

Trump was right to skip out on the dinner. The press is trying their level best to influence foreign and domestic policy as is set by the White House. But they aren’t doing so in a way as to actually help the American people. They are doing so in order to help push neoliberal globalist agendas handed down to them by their various handlers, publishers or owners. And this is becoming so widespread, so obvious, it’s literally painful to watch.

Joe Scarborough this morning kept trying to get his guests to say they have never seen a president so out of touch with reality because of some ignorant comment he made about Andrew Jackson. When Mark Halprin reasonably said he wasn’t going to diagnose the seated president based on some comment he made, you should have seen the looks Joe and Mika hit him with. It was like he just admitted to raping children or something.

We have seen the press take odds with a president’s actions in the past. But nothing like this. All of these issues reflect a desire to improve various situations rather than escalate them to the point of armed conflict and the complicit media are beside themselves in their efforts to derail them.

According to them, it is simply madness to seek peace before conflict.

The reason for this is simple: if you peacefully resolve and issue with the nations of the world our masters of the universe have tagged for bloody regime change a number of industries stand to lose vast sums of profits. The MIC is obviously the first but after them there are literally a hundred different special interests who will be denied their opportunity to pick the decimated nation clean to the bone for their profit. When you negotiate a peace you don’t end up with the glorious chaos they wish to create in that nation. A chaos that they can exploit for their own gains like they did in Yugoslavia, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Ukraine for example.

Giving up on the North Korea regime change operation is deeply troubling to a certain class of folks because that nation has so many nationalized industries and services that they can buy up for pennies on the dollar and liquidate.

In Syria, not only do they have the privatizations waiting in the wings, but the Greater Kurdistan project is a trillion dollar a year proposition which will also go a long way to winning the Grand Chessboard match with Russia. And that’s too say nothing of Israel getting a large chunk of Syria to add to their Greater Israel project.

But for all of these things to come to fruition military intervention has to be the vehicle of transition. That’s because they wont give up voluntarily and because they WANT the decimation of the nation, they want the chaos, they want the total demolition of the national identity of the people living in those countries. They want them reduced to child-like states so they will not resist the occupation and remaking of their countries. They want the infrastructure destroyed so they can rebuild it, for a profit.

On the surface it seems crazy, wanting war over peace. But in reality, when you look at it through their eyes, it’s the most logical and rational path they could hope for.

The thing about a corporation is this: it is, by definition and by law, designed to be sociopath. Regardless of the detriment caused to others, the corporate bylaws mandate putting profit above all else. The never-ending demand to consume more and more of the market share.

Thus the corporate media reflect this mandate, this sociopathic drive for more.

Ironic isn’t it? We have so internalized the corporate state that we find the pursuit of peaceful resolutions to conflict to be insane. Remarkable. Lewis Powell would be proud.


John Oliver apparently got the talking point memo like Joe and Mika.

If you constantly inundate a population with the same message from every angle you can, eventually the lie becomes the truth. In the mornings, operations like Morning Joe hit em with the “serious” news angle about this while in the evenings when people let their guards down, the exact same message is delivered with a smile and a laugh track.

This is orchestrated. It is by design. And yes, it is the most serious threat to our “democracy” that I have seen since the buildup to the illegal invasion of Iraq.

7 Responses

  1. what if you could broker deals that satisfy everyone at the table? MIC component gets its upcycle, other components satisfied

    an analogy: by appeasing/co-opting lieutenants, one can undermine the crime boss’ own ideology the capos can actually be made to heel.

  2. They have gone too far. People will see through this…. our armed services and veterans must be tired of war for corporate profit…
    maybe this is the sick end of a diseased corporate America.

    • I hope so. But our armed services have been making war for corporate profit for as long as there’ve been corporations. I don’t expect they’ll quit now on account of cable news propaganda. Particularly when that propaganda has the curious side effect of encouraging people to support a corporatist president.

  3. The corporate media have been war’s cheerleaders for decades now. What bothers me is most Americans aren’t even aware of this.

  4. Hell, everyone knows if you’ve got a problem with someone–or state–you DON’T talk to them and work things out, you get belligerent, and the smaller the other guy is, the more arrogance you show, that’s what real men do!

    McCain is the delusional one, he thinks he is president.

    Hey check out this 9/11 info site, by a German professor of physics, so he knows a little about mass, force and acceleration.

    Go the professor excellent web page..

    And he doesn’t pull any punches as to who’s to blame.

    • a lot of information there. Nuclear bomb?

    • you come in here posting links to some assholes site that says nukes were used to bring down the towers and on the top of his webpage he has a banner saying Judy Wood was right with her “ray beams from space” bullshit?


      [edit: I have removed ban. not having a good day. but don’t post crap from that idiot here again please. thank you]

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