New Book Reveals Clinton Campaign Hatched Russia Hysteria To Cover For Losing

In this video, Jimmy makes a very good point about how the Clinton team decided to accuse Trump and his associates of colluding with Russia as cover for Hillary and Bill taking millions from a Kremlin-linked bank to OK the sale of uranium. Imagine if Trump had done something like that.

But what he misses is just as big, in my opinion.

Jimmy always points out, rightly, what a corrupt war-monger Hillary is and says that’s why he voted for Jill Stein as if she’s that much better.

In this video he talks about the book Shattered and mentions how the Clinton team was setting plans to discredit the vote tallies less than 24-hours after Hillary conceded. One of those plans was the “Russian hacking” bullshit…

… but another had to be getting Jill Stein, Dore’s candidate of choice, to mount a recount campaign in the 3 swing states that cost Hillary the election. My evidence showed over the course of my research that Jill got her marching orders on that one directly from Podesta and in fact some funding came from the Hillary camp.

Jimmy fails to mention that little tidbit of information, that Jill Stein did what she could to get Hillary Clinton to usurp the freely elected president.

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  1. Following the video above is another video from that same meeting, ‘Russia Hysteria Making U.S. “Laughing Stock” Around The World’.

    I smell a glib propagandist leading a controlled opposition.

    • that’s not a “meeting” he’s a stand up comic and he does these ad libbed shows like open mic nights at comedy clubs. And he’s not a “leader” or a “protagonist”.. he’s a fucking comic for God’s sake. No, he is not as in tuned to the controlled opposition aspect of either Noam Chomsky or Bernie Sanders as you and I are but… give em break would ya? He tells people some truth but he doesn’t know everything so we shit all over him, right? What he’s saying is true, but it’s not enough, so shit all over him again, right?

  2. You seem to be assuming that the Greens were not harmed by election-rigging. Democratic electoral authorities have been illegally suppressing Green votes since 2000. Stein has provable standing and she was solid on the legal merits. The only independent electoral review with integrity, the OSCE/ODIHR Mission, found that out themselves.

    Naturally Democrats did what they could to pile on with Stein, once they lost fair and square while furiously fighting to crush Greens. It was clear from the outset that the Democrats’ whining Blitzkrieg was not going to overturn the election. Dem’s only realistic hope was to further delegitimate the winner. So what if Stein took their money?

    Democrats are implacably hostile to Greens, and Stein can have no illusions on that score. She has always been an impresario for the subversives she runs as VP, and Baraka is further beyond the statist pale than anyone she’s ever run with. If implemented as required by law, Baraka’s institutional and policy framework would destroy the USA as we know it. It’s an existential threat to the US government, as shown by the entryist onslaught of the ACLU apple-polishers. It’s the purest indigenous form of the 20th century revolutionary ideology that didn’t fizzle out.

    Don’t take me for a Green either. The real action is not the electoral onanism but the civil-society movement that Stein has helped promote.

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