Zombie Trump Now Says “I’m a nationalist and a globalist” as he Reassures his Base he is the “decider”

by Scott Creighton

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Saying you are “a nationalist and a globalist” is like saying you’re alive and dead at the same time.

Not only is it nonsense, but if you believe it, it makes you a zombie: a soulless Walking Dead prop of a character with no past or future, just an incessant need to feed the basest of your human instincts right now in this moment.

“I don’t think (Trump) is ideological. Ultimately he is pragmatic in that way.” President Obama Nov. 14, 2016

A zombie is the ultimate pragmatist. All they focus on is feeding. Nothing else comes into play. Men, women, children… it doesn’t matter to the zombie. They are all merely food sources some faster, some slower, some stronger, some weaker. But they all serve to fulfill the same burning desire for more which is the only human desire a zombie knows. All they have left.

No remorse, no pity, no empathy, no guilt. Whatever is in the way is merely an obstacle to overcome so one may feed that desire. Capture, consume and continue.

The perfect neoliberal vulture capitalist businessman and the politicos who serve them are zombies. The Wolf of Wall Street. Gordon Gekko. Bub the zombie. Milton Friedman. Maggie Thatcher. Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. Emmanuel Macron. Gary Cohn. Steven Mnuchin. And yes… President Trump.

These are the zombies we have to deal with everyday. Some fictional. Some “real”. But all are zombies… in every sense of the word.

“One senior Toronto bank executive said Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin — former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executives now serving as chairman of the White House National Economic Council and as Treasury Secretary, respectively — have on a few occasions reached out to senior Canadian business officials in recent weeks to counsel them that despite the internal Trump administration divides over trade policies, they expect no significant Nafta changes…

Mr. Trump dismissed talk about a split inside his White House between aides with a nationalist or globalist orientation. “Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist,” he said. “I’m both. And I’m the only one who makes the decision, believe me.” Washington Post

Zombies aren’t real. Neoliberal globalists are. And they are single-minded in purpose: get rich with no regard to who gets hurt or how many suffer in the process.

The Duke of Orange, Zombie Trump, is not a nationalist. He’s not a populist. He’s not even a globalist, really.

He’s a blank.

He’s a spoiled man-child who never devoted a moment of his entitled life to serious consideration of what he stood for beyond his endless desire for more. More money. More attention. More adoration. More envy.

Like Bub the zombie, they dressed him up, taught him some tricks and paraded him around in front of some cameras… maybe to lose to Hillary Clinton, maybe to win and serve as their Manchurian Zombie. Who knows. Like a reader said yesterday, “who cares?”

It doesn’t matter why the zombie is running around in the Walking Dead or 28 Days. The “why” of it is pointless. The fact that he exists is all that matters now. The fact that he exists and he must be dealt with. That’s it.

Frankly I don’t put much stock in the words of Barack Obama and the Washington Post and for the last month and a half I have been writing about how it seems to me that President Trump’s agenda has been thwarted by illegal and even treasonous maneuvers from Nikki Haley, the CIA, the Pentagon, the complicit press and countless others.

Perhaps President Bub made an effort to appease his base when he said Assad’s fate would be decided by the people of Syria and he tried to arrange better relations with Russia. Perhaps he meant to do away with NAFTA and announce it today as he promised his voters. Perhaps he meant to reveal just how corrupt the Deep State is when he announced he would release documents proving they spied on his campaign in an effort to help Obama install Hillary as his successor.

Perhaps all of these things are true.

It simply doesn’t matter now.

It doesn’t matter where the zombies come from. What they were before they died and walked again. There is no character development for the undead. No through line for the walker.

He just is.

What was Hillary before she became a monster? Does it matter?

I think the same standard must apply to Zombie Trump. Regardless of how he became infected, he clearly is and there seems to be little we can do about it.

Zombie Trump is not the “decider” no matter how many times he says “believe me”. This is not him playing “the art of the deal”.. he didn’t even write that book in the first place. And he isn’t writing the book of his tenure in office either. I don’t know who is. Probably the same folks who were the “deciders” for Obama, Bush, Clinton and all the other leaders of the free world since the job was first posted way back when.

Zombies aren’t real and neither is this thing we see eating beautiful cake and staging rallies for his diminishing base every month. And you can’t be a nationalist and a globalist at the same time. You’re either living or you’re dead but you can’t be both. Seems the Duke of Orange has made his choice and it was probably the only one they actually let him make.

Happy 100 Days Trump voters. Sorry. But did you really expect a different ending to this story? Maybe you thought you would find a remote island free of infection and you could hop a boat and sail away to salvation. Maybe you thought you could infect yourself with something that would make them ignore you. None of that works.

All we can do is keep struggling, keep surviving and keep from getting bitten ourselves. One day a vaccine will emerge and humanity will take back what these globalists have stolen from it. To me, that is the only absolute about this whole globalist thing. It will end.

One way or another, it will end.

Either we will rise up and cast off this cancer or it will consume all it can and starve.

One way or another, someday we will rebuild and look back on these days as the neo-dark ages they are.

Yes, Zombie Trump has been infected and his whimpering little apology signifies nothing. We saw it coming. He was displaying the signs. His weakness, born of a lifetime of entitlement, made him easy prey so… of course they fed on him… and he turned. He was never going to make it anyway.

Some of us are survivors. Others are not. They’re just not cut out for it.

Let’s just hope his base are still human because humans don’t follow zombies. Not in movies and not in real life. Never have. Never will.

11 Responses

  1. scary…..
    never liked zombie movies….
    soulless people are scary…..

  2. I imagine there’s some heads exploding at Prison Planut after el Duke came out of the closet as a half-breed globalist…

  3. The Americans still have good soldiers and veterans who can go against what is happening in Washington. No one capable of common sense tolerates what Donald Trump is doing. If he continues as president, American society will continue to decay and rot. I believe in good Americans who can change all this for the better.

    • We’ve got good soldiers and veterans but sadly I don’t think they’re a majority. Most would support the Donaldo even if he was barbecuing babies live on pay per view. I expect that is why the MOTU chose to go with him…they need the Bircher militia types to defend D.C. and imperial interests.

  4. I am convinced, beyond the shadow of a doubt mind you, that Donald Trump has been secretly replaced by Alec Baldwin!

  5. If Alex Jones will now turn against him over one line after fanboying so much for a year, he reveals himself as a completely empty persona who doesn’t really stand for anything (much like the Donald). Maybe he IS just a “performance artist” as his lawyer claims.

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