Obama’s New Job: Guardian of Official Lies

(If you heard the discussion last night between Tom Kiely, Gilad Atzmon and myself, this idea from Glen Ford might sound a little familiar because we discussed a similar topic quite extensively.)

by Glen Ford, BAR

The ruling class is seriously rattled over its loss of control over the national political narrative — a consequence of capitalism’s terminal decay and U.S. imperialism’s slipping grip on global hegemony. When the Lords of Capital get rattled, their servants in the political class are tasked with rearranging the picture and reframing the national conversation. In other words, Papa Imperialism needs a new set of lies, or renewed respect for the old ones. Former president Barack Obama, the cool operator who put the U.S. back on the multiple wars track after a forced lull in the wake of George Bush’s defeat in Iraq, has eagerly accepted his new assignment as Esteemed Guardian of Official Lies.

At this stage of his career, Obama must dedicate much of his time to the maintenance of Official Lies, since they are central to his own “legacy.” With the frenzied assistance of his first secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, Obama launched a massive military offensive – a rush job to put the New American Century back on schedule. Pivoting to all corners of the planet, and with the general aim of isolating and intimidating Russia and China, the salient feature of Obama’s offensive was the naked deployment of Islamic jihadists as foot soldiers of U.S. imperialism in Libya and Syria. It is a strategy that is morally and politically indefensible — unspeakable! — the truth of which would shatter the prevailing order in the imperial heartland, itself…

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30 Responses

  1. Israel bombed Syria, Russia was oh so quiet about it.
    As usual the job of this filthy site is to ignore important news and talk about other far less relevant stuff. You people are fucking pigs.

    • Hey, Willy: Will you kindly ban this incredibly obvious troll? Don’t give these people the kid glove treatment. If you could expel Elizabeth Harris, you can expel these clowns.

    • hey, it’s “ben the greasy troll”. ya know, you don’t visit that much, but when you do your comments are oh-so-insightful.

  2. Check out the latest SMOLOKO blog about UN rep Nikki Haley. She appears to be a sex fiend and that’s not rumor or hype, but FACT as shown in the affidavits filed in a SC courthouse.


    No wonder she’s foaming at the mouth about Syria, shedding fake tears over dead babies, when her ‘cure’ would kill thousands more and finish off Syria for Israel and her banksters.

    WARNING: It’ not for the weak, SMOLOKO doesn’t pull any punches, which is what more need to do before we’re all flushed down the Star of David toilet.

    • What you write does not surprise me at all. Donald Trump’s friends may be rich, but how did they make the money to become so rich and friends of the Donald? This is another strange case in American politics. Only a prostitute would bow to doing something as indecent as Nikki Haley did at the United Nations. It also proves that Donald Trump and his side despise the United Nations, to the point of appointing this woman to represent the United States in the Chamber.

  3. I’ve read plenty of your sponsored “posts”. You aren’t sitting at a computer all day typing this stuff on your own. You’re being PAID by someone. Your BLOG is meant to engage in a variety of ways. Pretending your a Jew hater, gets other Jew haters to chime in and reveal themselves. You are another subversive asshole stirring the pot with a kernel of a fact that then gets twisted. OR sometimes, you’re right on the money, But ALL the categories on the right hand side of this page & the WIDE variety of sketchy subjects you’ve delved into, help to purposely discredit you as a crack-pot. Hey, brilliant stuff. Let your government “handlers” know, LOTS of radical idiots are falling for your “disinformation” shit. You’re FULL of it, Einstein……

    • If that were true, the experiment is easy. Your comment would disappear rather quickly. Why not just wait and see if it disappears or stays for everyone to see?

    • “Jew hater”? really? Posting a link to a Black Agenda Report article about Obama being a sellout makes me a “Jew hater”? lol. hahahahaha… ah God that’s funny. Who do you think sponsors my posts by the way? I’m just curious because if you have any good ideas, I would be glad to contact em. Hate to think I’m doing something for free… lol.

      Man, I guess posting stuff about ObamaGod really triggers a segment of the internet community out there.

      and for the record, this is a very different tone you take today than the one you had the only other time you posted, that time as Herbert’s Wife


    • Victoria LOCKE? Nice handle, Are you related to the famous English thinker, philosopher and political theorist, John Locke? Too bad you didn’t inherit his genes for empirical thought, widely embracing a variety of views to increase his knowledge of how and why humans think.


      • Mr. Bacon, I clicked on your link…. THIS is your self description?
        “Enjoy picking navel lint and retying my shoe laces.”
        Yes, Greg…. I was married to John. He taught me to embrace a wide variety of views – which led me to my understanding – of how humans “think” – especially, wanna-be’s like you. Get off the “Tonto” side-kick thing, or you’ll never get a government paycheck (not from Social Security – Disability) and a “BLOG” of your own….

  4. Yeah, I was nicer in February when I posted as Herbert’s Wife…. I was new to your blog & believed your convoluted shit. Your record keeping skills, impressive. I’ve had time to read a whole lot more of your material & have since come to a different opinion, Mr. Defensive Willyloman…. you’re a paid government PLANT. Maybe you’d have been better utilized as a REAL spy, or double spy. Maybe your amazing array of skills aren’t being fully “utilized” & you haven’t made the most of your manufactured “opportunity”.Just keep doing what they tell you to do and just write the “copy” & you’ll end up in a CA beach house with a hedge fund advisor, yet. Of course, you’ll leave this post up, that’s an indicator of nothing. Cash that government check & be sure to spew the correct disinformation, or you’ll be back sitting in Starbucks all day, trying to be “discovered” again and working fake angles with your crony connected friends. You’ve got TOO much to say, manic boy – about everything, every man. Why don’t you clean your crony owned apartment – or are you sill living in Mom & Dad’s basement? My spotting skills are as good or better than yours now – not so much for Herbert’s Wife back in February. You deserve yourself & your stupid little role in this screwed up world. No WAY a person like you just takes up writing a convoluted manic BLOG like this. Maybe you’ve got a “non”-profit. You are being compensated for your writing – and aren’t doing any of this for “free” – no WAY!. So, keep checking everyone’s IP addresses, and being a defensive smart-ass – you’ll have a lot less time for spreading government lies. Where’s the tab about UFO’s, crypto-Jew?

    • hahaha — you’re cute.

    • I don’t write about UFOs, “crypto-Jews”, mini-nukes, alien pyramids, lizard people or satanic deathcults using pizza shops as fronts for baby-raping businesses. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a journalist and if you have any doubts about that, read this. And I didn’t check your IP address, it’s posted right there under your handle and email address on my comment page (that’s how the admin’s system is set up by WordPress. I recognized your name because you used the same name, victoria locke, in your email address before and I remembered it (I had a Professor Locke in high school teach Poly Sci) and because of the obvious connections. So my record keeping skills are not impressive. Every comment ever left on this blog is still here, published for all too see and WP makes keeps records of them, not me.

      Just curious… what specific “disinformation” led you to believe I am not doing this on my own?

  5. Your nasty “friends” who post here in your defense…. are they real people, or just other arms of your alter-ego? Gimme a break, you hideous “intellectuals”. Why can’t you stinking, speed typing fuckers find REAL jobs if you’re SO intelligent, huh? They’ll take away your “bonus” and some of the convoluted “perks” if you get too many more posts like mine….

    • You are mentally ill….. go get help….. and also learn how to comprehend what you read….
      Is ‘Liz’ your alto ego?

      • I think you’re right, Jan. Her rants sound like a cry for help.

        If she doesn’t get it, we might be reading about her in the Newspapers

      • All you smart guys here, keep sucking each others spongy dicks and pretending you’re brilliant. This guy’s a REAL journalist? No, he was “created” by someone higher up the food chain – who gave him an “opportunity” and liked his “shtick”. He’s being paid to write this convoluted shit. What a pathetic waste of enormous time, engaging with anyone on this bogus “forum”.- about ANYTHING. What a disturbed bunch of wounded, wannabe’s. If any of you were really THAT intelligent, you’d all be MUCH further along in life & your “careers” and wouldn’t be spending copious amounts of time on some manufactured blog forum, Get a REAL job. Get off Mama’s couch and tit & get a life – before it’s over – bookworm boys.. You deserve your dead-end, empty-suit, intellectual displays. Keep in mind, time’s running out to be “amazing”. Might want to start engaging with REAL people, instead of blowup dolls with vibrating hands. What a pack of Napoleon-sized jerks. You deserve yourselves. Might want to take up video games and show up for flash mobs with picket signs, too – you morons. Don’t worry. I could care LESS about your grungy replies….. This whole website – is a crock of steaming shit. One big vote for cleaning up your crusty bathrooms. Make yourselves useful..I’ll bet most of you “wonders” can’t “fix” a fucking thing – most especially – yourselves. There ya go…. NOW, I’m OUT and taking all my CAPITAL fucking LETTERS – you disgusting pack of PUKES.

        • Vicky baby, I do want to “start engaging with REAL people”. REAL people like you. Let’s get together sometime (I’ll even clean the crusty bathroom and Mama’s couch beforehand). I really dig your filthy dirty naughty talk, even in lower case fucking LETTERS. Love your foxy style.

        • wow — “spongy dicks”? “bookworm boys”? i knew i liked you!

          p.s. — where can i get a blowup doll with vibrating hands? and do they make any that look like jessica rabbit? i’m feeling the need to play patty-cake.

        • that really isn’t very specific. A guy working part-time at Burger King or a sign-spinner is higher up the food chain than I am. I mean, that could literally be about 320 million Americans.

          As far as wasting your time goes, let me make it easier for you to make better choices…

          aaaaaaaaand, BANNED. (you can take those caps with your as a parting gift, you triggered whack-job)

          • Miss Locke was PO about something, what that was, not really sure or maybe she is like GW Bush, she takes delight in torturing small animals and people?

            Or maybe she just needs a good uhh, can’t type what needs to be said, but it has to do with sex.

    • Vic, I think your “pitch” would be more “effective” if you cut back on the “sarcastic quotations” and ALL CAPS emphasis just a little bit. It comes across as “redundant” and uninspired.

    • Careful, ma’am. It looks like you’re foaming from the mouth.

  6. Wow, you may want to block her for a few months, she seems to have an ax to grind.

  7. No, wait. She obviously has some serious disputes with the facts in this article or why else would she be posting here? She hasn’t actually disputed any facts or shown why we should disbelieve yet, though I’m sure she was just about to come to that part. Let’s await her actually disputing something specific by providing her examples and counter-facts. Otherwise we’ll all know she’s a lame troll.

  8. Israel bombed Syria, Russia was oh so quiet about it.
    As usual the job of this filthy site is to ignore important news and talk about other far less relevant stuff. You people are fucking pigs.

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