Colombia Violence Spirals on Despite Peace: Yet Another Social Leader Killed in Cauca

from TeleSur

The victim’s body was found with stab wounds. The case is just the latest in a string of dozens of attacks and murders of human rights defenders.

Yet another Colombian human rights defender was found murdered Thursday in the southwestern department of Cauca, one of the regions hardest hit by the country’s more than half century-long civil war and ongoing violence against rural social leaders.

Diego Fernando Rodriguez, a legal representative for a local community council in the Gana Plata area in Cauca’s Mercaderes municipality, was found dead Thursday morning with stab wounds.

The coordinator of the Human Rights Network of Southwestern Colombia, Deivi Hurtado, stated that Rodriguez was found dead with “signs of violence that indicate it was an assassination,” Colombia’s W Radio reported.

According to Caracol radio, authorities have already launched investigations into the Rodriguez’ case…

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  1. U.S. client states such as Colombia, Honduras and Mexico aren’t doing too hot, but yeah, everything bad in Latin America is due to the eevul laftizts. The worst part is that the professional classes in LatAm tend to share this vision, unconsciously functioning as a fifth column against their own countries.

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