The Trumpening Accelerates: ObamaCare to Stay (and get worse), NAFTA Remains (and gets worse) and Wars, Wars, Wars for the MIC

by Scott Creighton

Repeal fascist ObamaCare on Day One. Remember that?

Use an executive order to end NAFTA right off the bat and bring jobs back to our desperate middle class workers.

End the stupid wars in the Middle East and spend that money by “Making America Great Again” instead.

This is what got the Duke of Orange elected in a surprise victory in November: a solidly populist message that appealed to the working class Americans who have been getting screwed by the “centrists” and the “free marketeers” in Washington for decades.

Here we are, still less than 100 days into the new administration and the populist Trump campaign platform is long gone… in it’s place is a brutally establishment agenda fit for the most neoliberal of neocons.

When they tried to pass a “repeal and replace” plan for ObamaCare (a right-wing fascist mandated insurance scheme created by Republicans and the insurance industry) it failed because it was designed to fail. It was made to look like they were trying something so they could build a “crisis” moment which they have in place today. Now they have their “crisis” they are busily cobbling together what they really wanted all along: a plan to “fix” ObamaCare by pandering to the Rand Paul faction of the party which promises even more profits for the insurance companies and more cost out of pocket for you.

The latest proposal, drafted by Representative Tom MacArthur, a moderate Republican of New Jersey, would allow states to obtain waivers from federal mandates that insurers cover certain “essential health benefits,” like emergency services, maternity care, and mental health and substance abuse services, which many Republicans argue have driven up premiums.

It would also permit states to get waivers allowing insurers to charge higher premiums based on a person’s “health status,” if a state had a program to help pay the largest claims or had a high-risk pool where sick people could purchase health insurance.

To qualify for a waiver, a state would have to explain how it would advance at least one of five purposes: reducing average premiums for consumers; increasing the number of people with coverage; stabilizing the insurance market; increasing the choice of health plans; or stabilizing premiums for people with pre-existing conditions.” New York Times

It’ll cut Medicaid to the states and force another 23 million or so to live without healthcare and yep, to qualify for the waiver which would be the biggest boon to insurance companies since ObamaCare, all a state has to do is show how the Donald’s gift would “stabilize” the local insurance market.

Let me explain how hard that will be: simply say “it”ll be VASTLY more profitable for the insurance companies because MANDATED customers will pay more and get less… thus, the market will be stabilized.” And that’s it.

It’s hard too say how this will end up. Likely to pass the House, the Senate will be a tougher sell but odds are Big Insurance is going to want them to pass something that makes ObamaCare worse and this may just be the solution they have been looking for.

Dennis Kucinich once said (before taking a ride with ObamaGod and selling out) that ObamaCare was “worse than doing nothing” and he was absolutely right. I wrote back then that as bad as it was, it wasn’t a “stepping stone to single payer healthcare” like so many fake leftists said, but rather, it was a huge leap toward a totally fascist mandated insurance coverage scheme which would end up costing more and more every year while providing people with less and less.

The Duke of Orange’s plan is leading us right down that path laid out by Big Insurance.

The neoliberal NAFTA “free trade” agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada has done more harm to livelihoods of the workers of the nations involved than any other single piece of legislation every concocted thus far. And it wasn’t just me or a bunch of anti-globalization “conspiracy theorists” who say that, the Duke himself said it over and over again on the campaign trail.

But now…

“President Donald Trump has been consistent in calling the North American Free Trade Agreement “a disaster.” But he also said at one point in February that it might need mere “tweaking,” and his administration, in a letter to Congress in March, suggested it might seek only modest changes.

White House officials now say all options are on the table.” WSJ

As recently as yesterday his administration was saying they were going to use an executive order to end NAFTA. Turns out, that was just vapid bargaining on their part.

After talking with leaders in the other two nations, The Donald now says he want’s to “renegotiate” certain parts of the deal and if ObamaCare is any indication… it’ll just get worse.

“it is my privilege to bring NAFTA up to date through renegotiation,” Trump said in a statement. “It is an honor to deal with both [Mexican] President [Enrique] Peña Nieto and [Canadian] Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau, and I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better.”

The White House added that Trump “agreed not to terminate NAFTA at this time” and that all three leaders “”agreed to proceed swiftly, according to their required internal procedures, to enable the renegotiation” of the trade deal to “the benefit of all three countries.” Fox News

Notice he says his efforts will be to benefit “countries” not “workers of those countries” and that is a big distinction. To someone like Trump countries are made up of a conglomeration of the various corporations that reside in them and his “tweaks” to NAFTA, like his “tweaks” to ObamaCare, will certainly reflect that ideology of his. After all, his newest tax plan is nothing more than Ronnie Raygun’s “trickle down” scheme on steroids ergo he believes… you help Big Business and the money will dribble out all over the people who voted for him. And as we all know, that never happens.

Trump has already opened up pipeline deals for Canada at the expense of Americans on two different occasions, feeling free to use executive orders then to help Canadian businesses at our expense, yet he wont use one to keep his promise and put an end to the most “disastrous” trade deal in our history?

Yesterday The Donald used U.S. Senators for a little bargaining street theater when he bused them over to the White House to attend a briefing on North Korea that informed them all of nothing but served as a stupid side-show to supposedly make him look like he was taking a tougher stance on North Korea. This coming just a week after his beloved generals lied to him about the current mission of a U.S. carrier group that was playing games with the Aussies in the Indian Ocean. That was preceded by still more lies about “intelligence” sources saying North Korea was about to run another nuclear test underground, which never happened, and a supposed “failed” rocket launch, which also never happened.

Regime change in North Korea is a big deal to the globalist neocons who apparently own the Donald at this point. They would love to get their technocrats into that country to chop it up and sell it off to the lowest bidder and that’s saying nothing about their salivating at the prospect of getting another central bank added to their privatized collection.

The Donald’s Maddog asshole of a Sec. of Defense just visited Afghanistan where it is being reported he is likely to send more troops to make sure we don’t lose what the neocons won after the Mother of All False Flags.  There is still a pipeline to consider and all that heroin for example. If the Taliban takes over, they both go bye-bye and it looks like the Trumpster wont let that happen on his watch.

In Syria, a country where candidate Trump said we should get the heck out and let Assad and Russia destroy the CIA’s “ISIS”, President Trump has handed over authority to his mad dog to up troop levels and attack at will to help either remove Assad or bust off a piece of the nation for Israel and the glorious Kurds.

Trump has attacked the Syrian military in response to a CIA false flag attack and his step-son’s buddies in Israel just bombed a civilian airport for Christ’s sake. I guess the Jewish state really wants that oil and LNG under the Golan Heights in the worst kind of way.

Keeping ObamaCare, NAFTA and wars, wars, wars. This is the populist agenda playing out under the new “CHANGE” administration of President Trump. Goldman Sachs calls the shots. Israel can do no wrong. Looks like Trump is going to crack down on the internet and start locking up whistle-blowers that helped expose the criminality of Killary.

Not since Barack Obama have I witnesses such a betrayal of a candidate’s promises to his supporters. The only difference is the Trumpening is happening at a greatly accelerated rate by comparison.

Toss in his attacks on government agencies, his refusal to make appointments because he wants the government to essentially dry up and blow away and you couple that with his tax plan that will give away trillions to Big Business and the super wealthy (like the Trump family for instance) and what you are looking at is essentially a TV personality version of Augusto Pinochet dropping the free market brick on the people of America just as fast as he possibly can before his approval rating gets as low as that of the worms in congress.

And as soon as that happens… BOOM… a war with somebody on that 7 nations in 5 years list to keep the people distracted and silenced til some other manufactured “CHANGE” agent takes office.

I know it’s sad and depressing but there it is.

15 Responses

  1. You are entirely right and I see no one nor any party that can or will turn this around. What do you think of the Sander’s single payer proposal?

    • his old one or does he have a new one? Single payer Medicare for all is the best solution and the only way we can afford to provide health care to everyone. at the core of it is the foundational principle that health care is a right. If he has changed that to some kind of Israeli type insurance scam of a “single payer” fraud, I would not be surprised.

    • ah. he is going to submit a Medicare for All plan in response to TrumpCare. Well good. Of course, the House and Senate are run by republicans and the dems for the most part are in the pocket of Big Insurance, but at least it’s a dog and pony show of an effort.

    • “A recent survey from the Economist/YouGov found that a majority of Americans support “expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American.” Similarly, a poll from Morning Consult/Politico showed that a plurality of voters support “a single payer health care system, where all Americans would get their health insurance from one government plan.”

      • Thank you, do you see any merit to his proposal other than being a ploy to make the Dems look like the care?

        • I think that is how they are using him and he knows he’s being used in that way… but I know he believes all of this stuff. This non-interventionist, raise up the working class, end the disasterous trade deals, Medicare for all stuff. You know, socialism stuff. I know for a FACT he believes it… all of it. And I know because A) he’s been pushing for this stuff for 20+ years in congress and B) because I can tell someone “acting” for the camera verses saying what they believe with passion.
          so he believes it.
          Is there merit in him continuing to say it?
          Even if he knows he is being used as the honey in the trap to bring real lefties and “progressives” back into the fold, yes, there is merit in him saying it still.
          How do I mean that?
          It goes beyond not letting the ideas die on the vine. Fact is, and it is becoming painfully obvious at this point, these ideas are WINNING in the informational warfare campaign we are seeing across the country. That’s WHY Bernie is the most popular political figure in the country today and that is WHY they want him to stay with the party and keep saying these things.
          Is Bernie a sellout? I don’t know what they threatened him with… I guess, yes, that is possible, even probable. But by keeping the ideas alive in the public discourse he still serves them… in some ways, he still serves those of us who know they are the better way.
          We are well beyond entering a new dark ages. That’s a given. In my opinion, what Sanders is doing is keeping a spark of the enlightenment still burning like an ember of hope so we don’t forget. Of course, he may not see it that way and I may be giving him far more credit than he deserves, but that is still the effect… and for us right now clinging to the remnants of human decency, that’s something.
          You ever see that film, The Book of Eli? Keeping a discussion of religion out of it, the idea was a blind guy moves through the wasteland so he can live just long enough to dictate the text of the bible to a scribe before he dies so that the ideas contained in the text about how to treat one another better will endure even in a post apocalyptic wasteland.
          If he’s doing nothing more than that, keeping his political career alive long enough to scribble the Book of Bernie into our new reality in the hope that someone down the line picks it up and uses it to fix the damage being done today… what is that worth? Does it have merit even if it’s put on a shelf and locked away for a generation or two? I kinda think it is.

  2. I guess the Duke’s “war” on the Company got called off?

  3. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You peons just don’t realize that a billion dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to!

    Do you realize that we have to pay a salary to those butlers, maids, security, chauffeurs, chefs, and for lawn care at ALL our mansions, from Connecticut to Aspen, to that private island and that NYC penthouse.

    Do yo realize that good wine can’t be had for less than $20,000 a bottle. And you should see what caviar costs now that the Russian sanctions are hitting that market!

    Do you know what it costs to maintain a fleet of limos and personal jets?

    That’s what I thought. We billionaires are hurting and need just a little of your money, chump.. I mean friend…..

    All kidding aside, NO ONE will help us overcome this bankster tyranny. Only we can help us.

    If we’re not ready to fight for our freedom, then soon, these will be looked back fondly on as the ‘good ‘ol days.’

  4. The only thing I’m surprised by in all of this is that people are surprised….

    • I think people were hopeful he would maintain the illusion a little while longer like Obama did.

      • The only thing I’m having a little trouble sussing out is whether Trump really was naive enough to think he would be able to implement all these “plans” or whether he was just told to stand before us and babble incoherently because WE are naive enough to believe him. I opt for the latter….

        • the funny thing is that many of his supporters STILL believe him, in spite of his having reversed his stated positions.

        • hard too say. how naive and self absorbed is he? Honestly, I think that guy with the 18 guns going missing while Trump did his 180 deg turn had something to do with it. Someone let him know just how easy it is to manufacture a crisis if they want one. Probably showed him entire Fox News episodes, prerecorded, of the day of his assassination. might have even shown him the new Zapruter film for all we know. They can do all kinds of shit we cant even dream of. Either that or they showed him how easy it would be to flash crash Trump stock and make his family penniless in a matter of minutes with their high volume trading software. Whatever it was, whether he was onboard to start with or not, he’s going for a ride now. I mean imagine his choice: either he can have a Trump Global(ist) Initiative after he leaves office worth a couple trillion and his daughter promised to be a Senator in 6 years… or… his family is bankrupt and he goes to state prison for some manufactured outrage. You threaten someone like me with prison and aside from my dog, I’m living better than I am right now. But Trump? That’s a lot to give up for sticking to his guns.

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