Emmanuel Macron is the Hand Crafted Tool of the Neoliberal Globalist Elites

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: “Macron is more Obama than Obama. More Blair than Blair. A creation, groomed and glossed for this “spontaneous” bid for power by the banking class he unashamedly represents.” Off Guardian

The word is out, the votes are in and it looks like the French presidential election is following the trend in Westernized nations: it will pit continued neoliberal globalization verses breaking away toward a nationalistic populist turn. The Greeks saw it first. And then they were betrayed. The British voted to exit the EU and everyday someone over there is doing their level best to see that decision is overruled. And here in the states, the people begrudgingly elected the Duke of Orange because his globalist, lying war-monger of a “progressive” of an opponent was just too sickening to elect. But his populist facade is melting away quickly like the Wicked Witch of the West after a cold shower.

Across the neoliberalized globe, support for faux-socialist Emmanuel Macron is coming in from the elite puppet-class.

A German MP and Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, stated that the result shows that “France and Europe can jointly win!”

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert‏ also tweeted his support for Macron’s pro-EU and social market economy platform, wishing him “All the best for the next 2 weeks.”..

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, went as far as calling Macron “the hope and future of our generation.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also “congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his result in the first round and wished him all the best for the next round,” Juncker’s spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, said on Twitter. RT

Unlike his opposition, Macron will not pull France out of the EU. He will not get them off the euro. He does not support lessening sanctions on Russia. He believes Russia “invaded” Crimea. These are key policy positions that makes him the European globalist elite favor his election over his competition.

But his real appeal to them lies in his willingness to serve at home in the neoliberal restructuring of France’s economic and social structure. That’s what makes him their golden boy because, frankly, that’s what he was made for. Kind of like Obama in that regard.

Emmanuel Macron was born to upper middle class parents. He was sent to an elite school that manufactured future political Manchurian Candidates who’s future jobs would be to infiltrate the economic sectors of government and do all they could to turn them neoliberal. Here is a brief timeline of his life from Financial Times

1995 Attends a prestigious high school in Paris. Studies philosophy at Nanterre university and public affairs at Sciences Po before moving to the École nationale d’administration (ENA) — an elite school preparing top candidates for France’s senior civil service

2004 Graduates from ENA to become an “Inspector of Finances” at the economy ministry

2008 Works as investment banker at Rothschild, where he earns about €2.9m, notably for his role in advising Nestlé on the acquisition of a Pfizer unit

2010 Begins work as economic adviser to François Hollande, the Socialist presidential candidate

2012 Serves as deputy secretary-general at the Elysée Palace

2014 Becomes economy minister in the Hollande government

2015 Introduces a business reform package that prime minister Manuel Valls forces through parliament despite protest from the public as well as within the Socialist party

It took him only 20 years to go from an elite high school to implementing a business reform package in government. No election needed. Stuck in that position by Hollande who also attended that neoliberal finishing school for future government officials.

Like corrupt politicians do here in the states, he went through the revolving door, in and out, from government to a stint with the Rothschild globalist elite banking system then back to government again with fresh ideas and instructions from his globalist masters.

And he learned his lessons well.

When finally held to giving an answer on his economic strategy for France if elected, Emmanuel Macron said he would implement a 60 billion euro austerity measure plan which is about a 20% increase from what has been happening under the leadership of the fake socialist Hollande. The current president’s neoliberal policies have made him the most unpopular president in France’s history with an approval rating somewhere near that of a day-old urine-soaked baguette.

When there were major protests taking place in France within the transportation and sanitation industries, protests against the neoliberal labor reforms supported by Macron, he flippantly told a reporter “the best way to afford a suit is to work” in response to angry protesters talking about his expensive suits. The image of some wealthy spoiled elitist telling a homeless persons to “get a job!” is unavoidable. Totally out of touch with the people in his country. The video of that went viral and his poll numbers dropped slightly.

Macron’s only “success” in government, aside from selling off a major French national asset to GE (more below), was getting his neoliberal pro-business reform package decimated in parliament and then imposed on the people of the nation by presidential decree.

“One of Macron’s biggest accomplishments as a minister under Hollande is his eponymous pro-business “Loi Macron.” He wrote it to steer the socialist government towards more business-friendly policies, and wrote it with Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

This was the first law he tried to pass as economy minister and it was extremely unpopular with the French population as well as Parliament. Many believed that it went against the socialist values of France.

The law was actually so unpopular with both the National Assembly and Senate that it had to be passed by invoking article 49, which made it a question of confidence in Parliament.” Business Insider

“Loi Macron” was a boon for French business owners and therefore showed Macron’s willingness to serve their interests above all else.

“The draft law is the brainchild of Mr Macron and Manuel Valls, the centre-left prime minister. Both want to steer the Socialist government towards more business-friendly policies. The bill, which will go to parliament in late January, is a mixed bag of measures. They include loosening Sunday-trading rules; selling between €5 billion and €10 billion of state shareholdings; liberalising the country’s inter-city coach industry to boost competition with trains; and deregulating certain professions, such as notaries.” Economist

Macron has a history of using his positions in government to help sell off French national assets to international businesses which is the core of neoliberal globalization. His big business backers put him in place and he repays them by selling off the country and turning his back on the French people. This is the exact same thing the neoliberals do in nations across the world after we regime change them. Find a stooge, put him in power and he gets wealthy by selling off his country to our elites one piece at a time.

What’s also certain is that by being such a staunch proponent of globalization, Macron is going to preside over the selling-off and de-nationalization of French industries and businesses.

That’s exactly what he did with Alstom, the huge, legendary French industrial firm, shortly after being plucked from obscurity to be Francois Hollande’s Minister of Economy and Industry.

Macron sold it off to America’s General Electric, in a huge betrayal of the national French interest and a major victory for America’s capitalists. Of course, selling off industrial jewels to the Americans is what “globalization” means most of the time.” Ramin Mazaheri

This is why Macron’s supporters come from the elite of the elite in French business circles.

“A list of Macron’s supporters reads like an extract from the “who’s who” of the French ruling class. Henry Hermand, a millionaire with investments in retail and real estate who has funded a number of think tanks close to the PS’s right wing, was Macron’s main sponsor. Pierre Bergé, the rich co-owner of Le Monde; Alain Minc, a finance inspector who set up his own consultancy and served as a key unofficial adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy; Jacques Attali, Mitterand’s adviser and prominent financier; Serge Weiberg, the chairman of the pharmaceuticals giant Sanofi and prominent Parisian banker; and Pascal Lamy fill out the ranks of Macron’s boosters.

Christian Dargnat, the former executive director of BNP-Paribas’s asset-management business, is doing the fundraising and Bernard Mourad, the former investment banker and CEO of Altice Media Group, is responsible for business relations and economic policy.” Jacobin Magazine

Keep in mind, while many MSM outlets put on a show about how they say this election is different because the two main parties in France are out of the running in this, the final round of presidential elections, both major parties stepped aside for Macron’s rise

“Beyond the campaign’s many twists and turns — from François Hollande’s decision not to stand for reelection to the collapse of the mainstream right’s candidate, François Fillon” Jacobin Magazine

The candidates from both the socialist party as well as the one from the Republicans have endorsed the globalist Macron. They did so immediately as if that were the plan all along. Fillon was a flawed candidate from the start being under investigation for all sorts of fraud issues and the socialist candidate never stood a chance with the deep seated hatred of Hollande and the real socialist, Melenchon, serving as a reminder of what real socialism looks like.

The ruling class, the Business Class, in France welcome his anointing as the great change they have been looking for to fully neoliberalize their country once and for all.

“The ruling class supports Macron because he can help transform the Fifth Republic’s political-institutional system and preserve its capacity to dictate government policy in the years ahead. Macron’s election would radically realign French politics, clearing the way for a reform agenda that has faced numerous obstacles over the past twenty years.” Jacobin Magazine

Understandably, Emmanuel Macron’s popularity seems odd to some French writers in light of all that neoliberal globalization has done to France as of late.

As a longtime daily news correspondent in France I have ignored Macron as long as I could. I thought he could never be taken seriously, given such a damning list of faults:

He is only 39 years old; has never held elected office; was a Rothschild investment banker; designed the “Macron Law”, a right-wing labor code roll back which sparked months of anti-government protests and repression last year; he is a multi-millionaire, although he declared his net worth to be €63,000; he actually has 7 grandkids; he is pro-EU in a country which wants a “Frexit” referendum; he is pro-austerity in a country which hates austerity because it hasn’t worked anywhere, ever; claimed to be a target of Russian hacking, without providing proof; claimed to be a target of Russian propaganda, apparently because RT dared to quote a French parliamentarian who opposes his ties to US high finance.” Ramin Mazaheri

Like they did in Britain prior to Brexit and here in the states in support of Hillary Clinton, the corporatist media is acting as a press agency for Macron. He even received a staged call from globalist former president Barack Obama to help boost his popularity in France where apparently Barack enjoys a measure of support

This website published only one article on the French presidential election thus far and in that I supported the candidacy of the only real socialist in the running. Where I stand now is with anyone but this globalist technocrat who’s lifelong ambition is to destroy the French state as it was in order to replace it with something akin to Chile under Augusto Pinochet.

This too is a redo of the US presidential election where as a real socialist and liberal-leaning American, I found the mere thought of casting a vote for our globalist elite candidate was a detestable proposition one from which I might never fully recover.

Back then, though the only real option was … the Duke of Orange… that was still preferable to succumbing to Killary.

In this case, La Pen’s neo-Nazi father and her rantings about “Islamists” taking over France aside, it looks like the voters have a similar decision to make. Continued neoliberal globalization verses a candidate who at least promises a nationalist populist turn away from the path leading toward a New World Order. Whether she upholds her promises or instead pulls a “Trump” on her voters if elected, only time will tell.

This is what Macron was made for. Like Obama’s manufactured rise to power, Macron has been as well. The oligarchs, the elites, the Republican party, the fake socialists of Hollande, the complicit media and everyone else who serves the interests of the New World Order will do everything they can in the next few weeks to push him over the top so he can fulfill his lifelong quest to do their bidding and hand over France to the technocrats once and for all.

I certainly hope the French people don’t give him the chance.

14 Responses

  1. My first thought when I saw it was Macron vs. LePen was, “looks like France is in for a rerun of the American election, only the genders are reversed.”

    • I wonder if they will start saying she is a sexist like they did with Trump. Macron has already started the “Russia stole the election” thing. never to early to spin I guess.

      • I’m scared for France. I think the Masters of the Universe are also sending their message to those in the know that they should never expect elections to be any more real than soap opera drama, by saturating us with only bad candidates. Also, the press is now slandering Melenchon as the “French Chavez” and “a danger to Europe”. When will true believers in neoliberalism realize their positions are essentially economic and political reign of terror?

  2. I’d be very interested to know what Monsanto (Bayer) is doing to break up the (awful) EU where one of the only good things is the prohibition on GMOs?

  3. The neo-liberal onslaught will continue, but close to 44% of entire electorate has rejected these policies. This is a very sizable number. The French people will be crushed if they do not exit the EU and leave the Euro. If I were a French citizen, I would vote for LePen during the runoff due to her plan to exit NATO and the EU. Getting out of the EU is not easy, btw., but it can be done by invoking article 50.

    Nobody can be sure if LePen would actually do this, but in terms of voting, it is the only chance. Labor rights are being eviscerated throughout Western Europe and privatization of public services continues. My guess is that Macron will win, but as economic conditions then continue to deteriorate, the resistance from the population will grow. French political culture is vastly different from the US, very active, and will eventually have to be crushed by force. One of the reasons why the emergency measures (still in place after the ‘terror attacks’ and then again renewed) are still in place.

    The globalists will double down immensely, because without France, the EU is finished. As it should be. The EU is a deeply undemocratic entity and the Lisbon Treaty cemented this into place which turned it into neo-liberalism on steroids. It’s good to remember that when the financial elites and powerful mega-corporations come under pressure, the best way out for them (and very lucrative) is to start another war, which they hope, won’t go thermo-nuclear, but anything short of this is perfectly fine with them.

  4. You’ve probably painted him more favourably than he deserves to be honest. Not that Le Pen can be trusted either.

  5. […] Emmanuel Macron is the Hand Crafted Tool of the Neoliberal Globalist Elites […]

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